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    Why should we reveal our identities to you for your own gain? Serriously. Install Win-Rar, and watch some youtube tutorials. Pretty much every mod is installed the same way.
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    Make Bedrock! Screw up and NEVER REMOVE IT.
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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    A suggestion. Have horses made of clay dyeable, so as to add team allegiance to them.
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    Use either gimp or paint.net. I would recommend using paint.net (NOT microsoft paint, paint.net, look it up,) because, quite frankly, I personally find gimp hard to use, and paint.net has some more stuff at your disposal.
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    You all remember crying obsidian, right? Well, it's original use was replaced by something... sort of lame. Beds. No wonder it's crying. Anyway, crying obsidian would form in strange crystalline pylon-formations in the End, Dark Abyss, (a dimension that should be added,) and rarely floating around in the minecraftian atmosphere. Collect them, and build a portal with 'em, and make a teleportal. Because why not? Jump in, a gui showing a map of minecraft, and all other warp points built will appear. just click one, and Zap! you're there. ~Neuroticpig
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    So, I had an idea for minecraft, being craftable spell gauntlets, or whatever you choose to call them, that would grant steve some powerful magic abilities. they would be crafted similarly to boots, except with an ender pearl, eye, or other better, more specialized items that don't yet exist, on top, and the base material (also giving way to more specialized items for more advanced gaunlets, who says we have to stop at diamond?) on the bottom. With each advancing tier of glove, more, and better spells would be unlocked when worn, and of course, previous level spells could still be selected from the gloves gui, for whatever reason you may still wish to use them. Now, before you all rant about how: Minecraft is not WoW, under Jeb's development, minecraft is going through a huge time of change, and with the apparent goal of slaying an antimatter dragon for reasons that are in no way explained, I think a bit (or a ton, rather,) of magic would fit right in. (also, who WOULDN'T want to cast those annoying, conspiring chicken bastards into a dark oblivion?)
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    posted a message on Anyone know any really Bad graphics games?
    Quote from mackky

    Well does anyone know of any games that have very bad graphics but are still a good game? I dont mean retro styled games, I mean Games that take up next to none processing power.
    Any Ideas? :GoldBar:

    Ace of Spades is fun. Try it at ace-spades.com. sort of a minecrafty shooter.
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    Quote from destroyallhumans

    And also people using WASD (Like me) won't accidentally tap it while walking sideways.

    totally true. this happens to me alot
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Endermen or Farlanders?
    farlander sounds cool. having been to the farlands myself (a distorted realm at the edge of the map) it sounds as if they lived there and caused the distortion and moved on, continuing to move blocks around and distort the innermost segments of the world.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] The Caelum 0.5 (RENAMED!)
    Quote from calred

    You have just changed the colour of a couple of the Aether blocks. That Inzinite Ore looks a lot like the Zanite Gem. I wouldn't even bother downloading it as it is probably a virus. If you have pics to show that it is a completely new dimension then I will believe you.

    alright, then, ****head. this mod is not a virus, as i have used it myself a bit, it's not a sky dimension,as well as the fact that the inzinite ore looks nothing like a zanite gem, and more like abrosium, but it doesnt even look like that much. so, you have nothing on this mod, your post fails, like your mom. (burn....) The mod is in its early stages and, contrary to many others beliefs, is not a copy and retexture of aether. these mods are in no way related except by name, and even then only slightly.
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