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    I'm a bit confused. Will the actual Gulliver server still exist??

    Edit: Please don't discontinue it D:

    I have been looking to join this server for a while, I have just never had the nerve to apply until recently D:

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    1) IGN: NepPlayz_

    2) would love to join this server because it seems to be very well developed, and because I have seen no other server like this. I would also love to make some new friends!

    3) My talents can help contribute to this server by helping other players feel welcomed and have a good time. (Yes, I know I will probably be the newest person for a while, but I hope to welcome newer players as they come! I am also very nice (so I've been told). :)

    4) Some random facts about me:

    I am a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I have been participating in it for about five years.

    I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!! (Even though I haven't watched it lately..)

    I enjoy drawing and practicing calligraphy (basically, fancy writing with a special pen or marker).

    I love math! (Everyone else hates my math teacher..)

    I'm also about the only one in my class who actually likes the new computer teacher. Even one of my friends who usually likes everyone doesn't like her!

    5) "You have the right to post on said forum" (I think that's what it said. Last time I opened it, it opened in the tab that I was doing my application in, and I was scared because I thought it deleted what I wrote. Now I'm a little scared to open it for too long XD)

    6) Cheese (Eats all of it) XP

    Thanks! Another fact about me: I have an average words per minute in typing of about 54.

    Thanks again!


    I may not be able to join super often because of school and my dad not wanting me on screens for too long, but I promise that if this application is accepted I will join as much as I can.

    Wait.. Quick question!!

    Does the Gulliver mod have to be installed before I can join? If so, I am having a few issues with that, so I will try to figure it out asap. Thank you!!

    The words per minute was supposed to be 54, not 5 XD. I changed it.

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    IGN: neptasur

    I just literally joined a few minutes ago, and already I was accepted and welcomed! Awesome server!

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    IGN: neptasur

    Name: Jenny


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