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    posted a message on Bridges, get rid of those floating wood blocks over large caves or lakes :)
    I think wooden planks would suffice for you.
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    posted a message on Honestly Middle schoolers need to mature
    Quote from mrrandoom

    Maybe they are jealous?

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    posted a message on What happened when you first got attacked by a mob?
    Quote from ThisisCACTUS

    I didnt read the wiki and got attacked by a skelly. I was standing at a tree thinking 'How do I knock it down?' when an arrow hit me from behind and I was like 'NOOOO!! GOD!!! WHY U DO THAT BRO?? I THOUGHT WE WERE SWEET!!!'

    Now tell me what your first reactions to mob attacks were when you were a total noob.

    Believe it or not, the first mob I saw was a jockey. I knew about skellys and spiders and all the enemies, but not jockeys. I was like, "Oh how cute, they're making friends :3", and then they started chasing me and I screamed awfully.
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    posted a message on Flyingfish' texture pack [painterly pack]
    Quote from flyvefisk

    Embed Removed
    Some photos of my texture pack

    Then, i hope you like it :SSSS:

    Are you stupid? You can't put links to YOUR computers files... noobs these days...
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    posted a message on idea for 1.8
    So a bed.. with meat in the sheets? genius.
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    posted a message on Timber Mod?
    Quote from livedandletdie

    no and it would be worthless amounts of code to do it.
    I'm no modder but in laymans language it would be like this.
    If bottom "log" is removed; leaves destroyed,no drop, rest of logs laying on the ground.
    In computer language that would be so much harder to do because trees aren't an entity.
    So in fact i believe it's impossible. The only entity that is about trees at all is Sapling. if sapling planted on dirt then in time of 3 cycles Xlogs will go in z axis and Yleaves would spawn around the top Log of Xlogs.

    You're completely wrong, i know of two mods that do these, and they don't even interrupt the original .class files. Go research before you act like you know everything.
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    posted a message on SmoothCraft - 64x64 - 1.8 Compitable - V2 - Loved by many! - Version 2 finally out!
    Quote from Kris Eike

    Was bored this evening, and decided to do some quick textur'in of minecraft.. I think it turned out a bit cool, but i am not sure if i should continue to work on it. I've currently only done stone, dirt and grass, still, what do you think of this texture pack?

    Please reply informative, not just "it sucks". Try something like "I don't like the grass, too weird looking".. or something like that. Positive feedback is awesome though ^^

    I think it looks pretty cool :biggrin.gif:
    The main problem I think with your style, would be to re-texture the nether.... And mobs.. So far it looks good, I would love to see how far it could be taken!
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