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    Hello, I've made my edit just wanted too let you know.

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    -OOC Information—

    Minecraft IGN: negidarkstar

    Prior Roleplay Experience: I don't have a lot of experience but I'm willing to do more and get better.

    Define Power-gaming in your own words: when you make your character do more than what your character is able to do.

    Define Meta-gaming in your own words: making your character do things they shouldn't know but you yourself do

    Define Role-Playing in your own words: Being free from the shackles of your own being by becoming another.

    --IC Information—

    Character name: Aelwin

    Race:half orc


    Gender: Male

    Character Description:

    Aelwin has a wide muscular frame since he’s a half orc he is on the slender side. He has a collection of scars scattered around his body but has a prominent scar above his left eyebrow, sitting on two brown eyes. He’s a towering six feet tall, having tanned skin, enough to probably blend in with humans if it weren't for his his ashen hair, and small tusks. His hair up in a tribal mohawk ponytail.

    (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s physical appearance, including height, eye color, and skin tone.)

    Character Occupation: (Optional)hunter

    (For us to understand your characters starting skill set, your character still will need to contact the Kingdom to purchase any property)

    Character Personality/Traits:

    He's a quiet guy who's quite meticulous when doing a job, likes to follow the rules. tends to have a bad habit of popping his knuckles frequently. As loyal as a military dog as long as one does right by him he'll be one you can trust. He has a calm demeanor about him, learned not to take things personally due to being a half orc.

    (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.)

    Character Biography:

    Aelwyn’s father was always a naive person thinking things could be different, even though orcs and humans always hated each other he somehow admired them and their strength. One day he saw this orcish girl in the woods who was being tortured by a small group of four soldiers. They were not in full gear anymore now that they got their orc chained up. Aelwin’s father Eadwin didn't like what he was seeing so he decided to take them out and save the girl. They somehow strung her up on what looks like a crucifix. As it turns out it looks like they had their way with her and were in the middle of mutilating her.. He snuck up behind them while they took turns cutting at her arms, with his skills as a hunter he used his bow to get two of soldiers using orcish arrows to scare them. He kept circling them so they wouldn't know where he is. They saw the arrows coming at them and ran off into the city to get some back up. He got her down before the soldiers could come back, she could at least stand and tried attacking him but she was too weak to do anything and took her to his camp where they should be safe. She was against his help for a long time but she grew to like him over time. Aelwin isn't Eadwin’s child by blood but decided to raise him as his own. The stayed in the forests far from Barkamsted is where Aelwin called home. Their family lived in tents and makeshift homes, moving ever so often to stay away from the Pact soldiers.

    In the forest he learned how to hunt from his father, who himself was a hunter now retired. being a half orc had its perks; Unlike his father, he was able to use his strength to slice wolves in half in just two good swings. with him learning the basics of hunting he learned how to hide his presence and is quite good with a bow.

    Aelwin also learned to blend in with the humans by having himself fully covered from head to toe, since he would get discriminated against for just being a half orc.

    Once he became of age he left his fathers side and left to go explore the cities, hoping to better hone his skills by hunting down beasts for coins. They managed to avoid the plague due to living outside of the city, though they did almost get infected by a few wandering carriers.

    (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences, you must reference server lore)

    Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)


    Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

    A small riot breaks out in Barkhamsted between Humans and Pact races.

    They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates.

    Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?

    If it begins to get violent I'll pull up my mask to hide my tusks looking around to make sure no one saw me. I look for ways to make my escape. I look up above the food stalls and see a building I can get to. With my agility I climb my way up the stalls and onto the buildings next to it stand above the crowd for sec then book it before anyone sees.

    For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage.

    From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something.

    It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do? I look up seeing the shambling mound drop down in front of him and it screeches so loud it vibrates this ancient tomb. I begin to run to the side and roll before it can slam its arm down at me.

    I grab an arrow that has a rope attached to it and try to get it to hook onto the top of the doorway.

    It hits and misses and I try again while also dodging his attacks, I get it to stick onto the wall above the door and I begin to scale the walls to make for my escape but the mound grabs me by its vines pulling me in.

    I take my dagger out and cut myself loose and make for my escape leaving all the goodies.

    --Magic Application--

    (Optional, this form must be filled out if you want your character to have magic at all.)

    Magic Biography:

    (At least three paragraphs about your character's relationship to magic, and how they may discover their potential.)

    Please describe the magic system, including its limitations in your own words:

    (Two Paragraphs, please mention how one would cast, the limitations to casting and specific races, and the consequences of overuse)

    Please describe how you would use a weak trinket with your characters first/only aspect:

    (Try to be creative, while acknowledging its limitations and utility uses)

    -Please note that some aspects are set when a character is born, while others are up to practice. The number of aspects you have is limited by your character's race, but they may have less than the max should you so choose, but they will not be able to regain that lost aspect naturally-

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