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    posted a message on powered carts- the solution
    as we all know, the powered carts are currently quite useless. the thread, however, will solve this problem.

    1. the powered cart will have this crafting template from now:
    [] :|: []
    [] :Furnace: []
    [] :Iron: []

    :|: means lever
    :Furnace: means furnace
    :Iron: means minecart.

    2. the powered cart will have 3 intractable parts:
    lever: hit it once to change its direction. the powered cart will head the way the lever heads to.
    furnace: hit it once to turn the powered cart on/off.
    cart: hit it once to open the interface where you store the fuel in the powered cart.

    3. another new item:
    its crafting template is: :Iron: :Iron: :Iron: , makes 4 couplings.
    use a coupling on a side on a cart to attach it to. if theres another cart near it, hit the coupling once in the side that is near the other cart to attach it to it. hit it again to deattach. if you deattach it from both sides, it turns back into the dropped state.

    4. two (obvious) small suggestions:
    A.the powered cart will be stronger and faster, its speed will be 2x the walking speed on flat surface, 3x on downward slope and 1.5x on upward slope. for each cart that the powered cart pulls/pushes the speed slows down by 10%. adding another powered cart will increase the speed by 50%, but not over 100%.

    B. the powered cart will be able to use over fuel sources like wood.

    please comment on my idea, even its a simple "support". thanks.

    more stuff:

    Quote from necrodoom »
    the third item attaches carts to each other, basically. also i dont think it would be complicated to get the speed, as it only calculates the number of carts attached and slows down the powered cart by that amount. thankfully there arent much physics involved in carts on tracks, so it wont be hard to do.

    EDIT:this is what i meant with the new item:

    :|: the item
    :Iron: cart

    so we have a cart: :Iron:
    i attach the item to it: :Iron: :Green: :|:
    green cloth means attached.
    i move another cart near: :Iron: :Green: :|: :Red: :Iron:
    red means unattached.
    i hit the item on the side that is closer to the unattached cart, and it causes it to attach: :Iron: :Green: :|: :Green: :Iron:
    now i want the item back, so i hit the item on both sides, causing it to deattach from both carts: :Iron: :Red: :|: :Red: :Iron: . since nothing is attached to the item, the item goes to his dropped state.

    Quote from Mystify »
    If an issue with the interface is having multiple carts in a train, what if attaching them together links them? I mean, you open the interface on one and turn it off, they all turn off. You put it into reverse, they all go into reverse.

    Alternatively, instead of requiring multiple engines for more carts, it could just burn coal faster.
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    posted a message on Galaxy Mode - Exploring multiple planets
    do you really think its a needed idea? i mean, the current "infinite" world is 15mx15m size. i dont think youll need to have another world in even 5 years.
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    posted a message on More cow breeds [And selective breeding?]
    considering that mobs disappear when you leave them for too long, this wont work.
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    posted a message on SMP doesn't need OPs.
    Quote from Bearodactyl »
    Quote from Trippledot »

    Am i meant to try?

    any you did not destroy that idea, even if they trap one person at a spawn, it is griefing, and if they have enough players they could have a few people out to get them more resources for better grief tools

    That sounds like an awesome tactic for ruling at the game actually. Not even letting people escape the spawn means you have the server to yourself, no one can get a good advantage, and when someone does escape they have passionate vengeance and become a very fun and awesome challenge. That's not griefing at all, I might even try it sometime.

    Of course, if an OP comes on and gets killed by them, and if they can ban them, they would, instead of playing the game. That's stupid and they shouldn't even have that ability.

    If you can't kill the jerk trying to kill you hide or go get better. If you can't keep him from wrecking your fort and stealing your stuff hide it or get better at building it. I would love the challenge of trying to escape spawn guards, and would probably round up some friends to swarm them. I recognize that it's not griefing and that they just have a very awesome and smart way of dominating their territory.

    There are those that get spawn killed and blame it on the unfairness of the person that killed them or the game. Then, there are those that spawn, kick total butt, get an airstrike and a helicopter than run into a claymore and laugh at their hilarious success followed by failure. The latter was the good non-whiny intelligent player.

    people who dont follow the server rules (for example: raiding bases when it is disallowed) that is griefing.
    people who use hacks in attempt to ruin the server (for example, flooding all spawn points with lava) that is griefing.

    Rules? more like, taking the survival out of survival. If you can't raid bases, it's just stupid creative mode and everything's protected and nice and happy and crowded and gay and boring.

    And Notch has "Thwart Hacking!" as his top priority in his checklist. I'm not worried about people hacking in SMP.

    1. spawn killing IS griefing. what are you doing here is basically preventing a player to be able to play at all. your opinion about it states that you never got spawn killed yourself. being spawn killed is being hopeless, since you cant do anything but watch your character being killed over and over again. hopefully spawns will be randomized.

    2. no matter how encrypted and and secure a game is, there is ALWAYS a way to bypass it. take for example runescape, it has a whole team of developers trying to stop the hackers, yet there are still hundreds of bots stealing resources from legal players.

    3. rules? more like, letting the server owner decide how he wants the game to be played on their server. you cant force your opinion on them, and not being able to ban is basically nullifying these servers.
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    posted a message on SMP doesn't need OPs.
    Quote from Henrz »
    You've got to remember that only people who pay for the game can play /game/ unlike classic which is free.

    doesnt matter. any multiplier game has griefing if its possible in it. no matter if you need to pay or not.
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    posted a message on SMP doesn't need OPs.
    people who dont follow the server rules (for example: raiding bases when it is disallowed) that is griefing.
    people who use hacks in attempt to ruin the server (for example, flooding all spawn points with lava) that is griefing.
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    posted a message on Server Questions
    owner is a little different from uberop as it can also shut down and bring up the server and make people uberop and deop them (though youll have to do this by deleting their name from the uberop txt file and reset the server.

    using mcsharp is pretty easy, you only need .net framework 3.5 (NOT 4.0) to run it (by simply running the mcsharp exe) and the commands can be found on minepedia.
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    posted a message on recipes?
    gah. if you dont like not being able to do everything from the start, dont complain that SMP sucks. not both.
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    posted a message on alphaMC- the place to build!
    server online: yes!

    server link: http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=bad2c40beaa594416c8dd6e9981dbef7

    welcome to alphaMC! here you can build anything you ever dreamed of without the fear of them being deleted! if you have any questions or you need help, just ask one of our wonderful operators team! enjoy building!


    1. Dont destroy whats not yours
    2. No insulting people
    3. report bad users to an admin
    4. no nagging for op or admin

    rank list:

    Super Operators:


    Advanced Builders:


    for more information visit http://www.alphamc.net
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    posted a message on Cats like minecraft, too!
    the problem is that the cat will try to eat the mouse.

    not fun.
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    posted a message on Crafting Tech Tree
    Quote from qlmmb2086 »
    It's better to bump an old topic than to create a new one from scratch. This keeps ideas organized.

    this and:
    Do not bump your own threads to get more replies or older threads that have dropped off unless there is significant new information to add.

    and thanks viros.
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    posted a message on Crafting Tech Tree
    since mithril and adamantite are rare metals, maybe turn them into enchanters instead?

    adamantite is no longer refined from mithril, is mineable instead

    mithril is a super strong material, though only as durable as iron
    adamantite is a super durable material, though only as strong as iron

    these could be used to enchant other metal and gem items, and also have an item set (pickaxe, shovel, etc) of their own. maybe you could even fusion these into a metal as strong as gems!

    more notes:

    here i think how i think this needs to work:

    leather, wool, stone, dirt and other commonly found materials dont have an item set

    lesser metals dont have an item set, but they have special uses

    normal metals are used mainly for item sets, no special uses

    greater metals could be made into item sets, but are better when used for something else (high-end enchanting, alchemy, etc)

    gems could be also made into item sets, but it is very difficult but is very rewarding and each gem will maybe present a different element (sapphire- water, emerald- earth, ruby- fire, diamond-air) which will be used to enchant players.

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    posted a message on PC Halo
    is this CE server or normal server? im on CE only, i like making custom maps
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    posted a message on pixels could not be accelerated...
    windows xp professional

    firefox portable

    lastest java version

    video driver card vmware, inc

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