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    posted a message on [WIP] Cacti Farm! 25,000+
    if you want to convert your lawn into turf your gonna need a lot of green wool and cacti :smile.gif:

    keeps your lawn green and quite to step on and helps control passive mob spawn :Sheep:
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    posted a message on The reason why you don't have rain/snow
    well i do hope they find a fix for the weather as there needs to be more of it. Beds make it too easy for night time to be the primary and only time monsters spawn. Weather making it darker on random times and days adds to the survival aspect and can be set to not happen on your first couple days of play so that your not overwhelmed when you start. I seem to only get snow when i come up from mining so ive gone a day or two without heading to bed.

    It be nice if everyone once in the while the weather would be a huge storm lowering visibility and having a high monster spawn rate once weather becomes more mainstream than it is now.
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    posted a message on ◄Suggested Achievements - Faithful to the Words of Notch►
    Quote from jackachu »
    Quote from AdventureIslands »

    1. Impossibly hard (like survive a minecraft year on hard without taking any damage.)

    Only Sky is the Limit - Reach the highest point of the map.

    The map is huge so this is impossibly hard, unless your lucky or spend months searching.

    But it is not as hard as surviving a year though.

    he means reaching up past the clouds in-till you cant go any higher
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    posted a message on ◄Suggested Achievements - Faithful to the Words of Notch►
    Achievements- what felt like you achieved something when you did it the first time?
    * means it has been mentioned before, my vote to see it added- ill try not to repeat to many and some i might
    have forgotten to add a * next to

    Candle Light: Create your first torch
    Fuel to burn: Create your first charcoal
    *Dungeon Master: loot a chest found in a dungeon (im sure many dont want to destroy a spawner for achievement)
    Red Delight: Find a Red apple
    Golden Delight: Find a Gold apple
    Automatic Door: Open a door using a pressure plate
    Sugary goodness: Find sugarcane
    Careful its sharp: Find cacti
    Iron Cup: Create a Bucket
    Feel the power: Obtain lava in a bucket
    *Nothing beyond my Grasp: Make a Diamond Pickax
    Isn't this actually fragile?: Harvest an obsidian block
    *Nether going back: travel to the nether (someone elses idea for the name not mine but loved the name lol)
    Distant land: Reach a block x distance away from spawn (x is far but not a decided distance)
    A Dynamite personality: prime a tnt block
    Monster under the bed: Awake to find a monster (and live?)
    Iron fist: defeat a monster unarmed
    I see you: Make glass for the first time
    This little piggy: Make a brick block
    Explorer: Create a compass
    Father Time: Make a watch
    Defeat the Horror: Kill a ghast
    Throw away the trash: Throw an item into lava
    Sign in: Place a sign
    The Iron Square: Create an Iron Block
    The Gold Square: Create a Gold Block
    The Diamond Square: Create a Diamond Block
    *Watch Dog: Kill a hostile mob with a wolf
    Survived Your First Night: self explanatory
    Alarm System: Wire a note block to play a note more than once
    *Got Milk?: Obtain a cookie
    Nether Bottom: Reach the bottom bedrock layer in the nether
    Nether Top: Reach the top bedrock layer in the nether
    Harvester: Obtain 12 hostile mob drops in one day
    Full Wardrobe: Craft a complete set of leather, iron, gold, and diamond armor
    All Set: Craft a complete set of Wood, Iron, Gold, and diamond tools
    Snowball Fight: Hit a mob with a snowball
    King of The Hill: Kill a mob with a bow that is 9+ blocks below you
    Sharp Shooter: Kill a mob with a bow that is 9+ blocks above you
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves (Now With Improved Desecration) Total Conversion! [V4.A8 Milks A Tossing upd: Feb 19th]
    Quote from FlowerChild »

    The main thing I was ticked off at, at first, were the bugs, and how underpowered the boosters are for freight, but with the bugs largely taken care of, I can bring myself to accept the 2nd part :smile.gif:

    Yup gotta love beta. but really i dont mind the bugs and i liked how updates come along at a fair rate (with a quick bug fix right after). If notch were to say that "this is it the is the final version no more updates sry guys" id be okay with it. Considering what this game alreadys has and the fact that this game only cost me $20 means that ive gotten my money worth out of the game- and i would be hard pressed to find any game out there for a flat one time $20 to provide as much fun as this game has.

    Every update with bugs or not are filed as 'BONUS' for me :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves (Now With Improved Desecration) Total Conversion! [V4.A8 Milks A Tossing upd: Feb 19th]
    if your looking to phase out your soul boosters with the new minecraft boosters cant you just add an update to your next version of mod that simply converts every version of your old booster with the new one?

    also they sped up water and improved monster spawning ^-^ that and the achievement thing once expanded will be great for new players (without having to watch a bunch of tutorials just to figure out how to last one night) as well
    as the older players looking for a couple of challenges to complete
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves (Now With Improved Desecration) Total Conversion! [V4.A8 Milks A Tossing upd: Feb 19th]
    okay first im skipping to the end of this thread- ive read 'Notch: Wolves are a bad idea' and too many ppl didnt read op on that one not interested in reading another repeat on THAT XD so forgive me if i re-mention something someone already brought up

    2 concepts always tug at me that id love to see implemented. first is im big on water- my home basically has plumbing and tunnels (that are a pain to rip open to find out why its not flowing right >-< but="" thats="" off="" my="" topic)="" and="" these="" water="" tunnels="" are="" used="" to="" send="" things="" from="" far="" outside="" my="" base="" back="" to="" my="" home="" from="" multiple="" points="" to="" a="" centralized="" collection="" area.="" my="" first="" problem="" is="" not="" that="" water="" pushes="" players="" harder="" now="" (well="" yea="" its="" a="" problem="" but="" forget="" that)="" rather="" the="" fact="" that="" some="" of="" my="" areas="" are="" so="" far="" from="" home="" that="" by="" the="" time="" the="" water="" flows="" the="" items="" to="" my="" base="" the="" items="" reach="" there="" timer="" limit="" and="" disappear="" before="" i="" can="" recollect="" them="" (my="" home="" is="" naturally="" sunken="" and="" my="" collection="" point="" is="" in="" my="" basement="" of="" my="" basement(ive="" got="" several="" below="" ground="" floors="" so="" yea="" the="" water="" travels="" rather="">

    To get to my point id like to see a way to control water currents to speed up the flow/push of the water to send items on their way faster or at least find a way to stop an item's timer count down to disappear while an item is in motion. My second thing would be a type of chest that sucks in items next to the box so i could send things down stream and they wouldn't need me to go pick them up before they disappear.

    Why in the world do I even have this setup? I have a mob grinder, a cactus auto farm, and a separate passive mob grinder(dont ask why) all linked up to send auto generated items back to a centralized collection point.

    A :Diamond: for your thoughts?
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    posted a message on [TOOL] TectonicusGUI [v0.3]
    thank you so much for the GUI it made it so simple. finally generated my map- the map took 2hrs to render and is 4gb in size but it turned out great. guess i do have a large map to build.
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    Quote from Tyqer »

    Also; a point which has been slightly touched on in this thread is the fact that the code used to create smarter pathing for the wolves can (in the future) be used on other mobs that require the same type of advanced pathing.

    this is why i want more time spent on wolves or at least more pacifically- path finding. there are many features that can be borrowed from the development of wolves that can be used in other aspects like advanced mobs either friend or foe. taking single player into account it does get to be a bit to solitary for its own good and SMP is a bit buggy and laggy for my taste and there is still so much potential to be incorporated not simply into survival mode but any and all forms of minecraft game play.

    Had wolves not been incorporated ppl would have complained that no form of pet had been coded in yet so either way someone isnt going to be happy. I think the development of wolves is simply a first step in developing more complex content for this game.

    There is only so much time that they will have to develop for some they dont see wolves as a core development aspect of this game and i know some dont like the argument that its simply because its beta but yea it is beta- the game hasnt been fully defined yet so to declare parts of it less important or core to the concept of minecraft is a bit quick on the draw as minecraft is still in a major developmental stage that has yet to fully define itself and its gameplay.
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