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    Hey Carinae,

    I've sent you a PM regarding this.

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    The Overhaul Project for Minecraft
    Massively enriching the Minecraft Experience

    The Overhaul Project plans to create the nostalgic feeling of a fresh game for Minecraft.
    In every update of Minecraft, the base gameplay doesn't alter much. No matter how many new mechanics are added, the original game just doesn't feel updated. The Overhaul Project plans to add in masses of new and unique content to the already-existing mechanics, giving so much more player customization and ways to play the game.

    Version 1: The Uncertainty Update
    The Uncertainty Update is the first release of The Overhaul Project. There's no real focus to this version, other than extending the base mechanics of the game to make it more advanced and heavily develop player choice.

    These are a few of the additions in The Uncertainty Update:

    Updated Attack and Defense Mechanics - The player's maximum defense is no longer 20 points. To allow more armour sets and more creativity with armour and equipment, this value has been massively increased. Damage calculations have also been overhauled, to prepare for tougher enemies and extra game progression.

    Armour Effects - Certain higher-rarity armour pieces will grant you special effects when equipped. Wearing a full set of Mining Gear (which is looted from Undead Miners) will grant a haste effect, whereas a full set of powerful Chromium Armour will grant immunity against all negative effects. Of course, these armour effects are balanced with their protection and durability to ensure nothing is too powerful.

    New Crafting Systems - Some materials are too complex to be worked on by average tools. The player must use an Upgraded Furnace, a Weapons Workbench, and an Armour Workbench to create higher-level equipment.

    There are many other additions being added to The Uncertainty Update, so follow TOP's Twitter page for information and updates about the mod!

    The Uncertainty Update should be coming soon, so make sure to keep a look out for the first release!

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    I like this idea. I used to play like this a while ago, where I had to reach certain milestones before I could make a new teir of item or whatever. Made the game much more fulfilling in my opinion.

    I feel like you could implement it into the new recipe book system quite well, too.

    I just took a look at the events in Forge, and this is definitely possible. I might look into making it, cause it'd be fun to play.

    If I do anything on it, I'll be sure to link it here. :)

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