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    posted a message on Is there a fully automatic (no player kills required) copper farm design out there?

    I know it's possible to farm Ender Pearls without killing the mobs (Mumbo Jumbo's design) but I can't find any copper farms that don't require killing the mob by player action. I know the rates won't be as good but I'd rather not need to use an autoclicker etc to run the farm while away from the PC.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Seed Index
    I just found the most insane mountain range with lots of exposed caves and a swag village of swagness right next to the spawn point. Use this as the world seed without quotes.

    "BadassSeedOfBadassness! :D"

    Latest version of minecraft + Amplified for the biome setting for best results. :)

    A screenie of the village is attatched to the post ^+^
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    posted a message on Naru's Mob Talker Script Shack

    Go on a long ten day romp to get to know a creeper who isn't actually a creeper.
    Coming Soon! :>
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Seed with EVERY 1.7.2 biome within 1900 blocks
    typed 111111 as a world seed, I actually got a pretty interesting result...
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    posted a message on 1.7 Horrid World Generation
    I don't know if I support this idea exactly....it sounds a bit like whining about OCD-ish things in the world creation.
    What I WOULD support, the ability to start with a blank map, create different shapes and sizes and climates and it would randomly generate the surfaces like normal.

    What I'm talking about is a very basic world editor/creator, instead of randomly generated nonsense. Granted most of the biomes are still randomly generated and whatnot, but you can at least select the size, shape, and how far apart they are. You could even select 'mountain' "plane" 'canyon' and 'plateau' as additional options. again, very basic shapes but the sizes and other options would make world building more interesting, especially for creating a server.
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    posted a message on Expanded Food recipes
    Okay, so we have Mushrooms, Apples, Melons, pumpkins, fish, wheat, pork, beef, milk, eggs, cookies (somehow...) and chicken. Why not add more food ingredients? And expand the recapies a bit more?


    Sandwitch: Two Bread plus one meat, cheese, and lettuce or tomato.
    Effect: six hunger, can be broken into smaller halves that give three hunger.

    Chicken Parts: Freeze a raw chicken, place it on the ground and break the chicken block to get one breast, two legs, and two wings.

    Chocolate: Smelt coco beans to create one chocolate square, six squares of chocolate = one chocolate bar.
    Effects: Only fills two health, but makes you sprint faster for a short time.

    Also, why not make the foods that you can cook relative to the country you're playing in?

    Playing in Italy? Expect lots of pasta dishes and soups!
    Playing In Japan? Sushi for cooked fish and other assorted dishes.
    Playing in America? A mix of all the other countries since that's what we are :D

    I know people have suggested add X food item before for Y reason, but this is based more on expanding food resources in general and the different results are endless. I should also note that you could cook meat to different temperatures by putting them in the smelter and taking them out at diffterent times.
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    posted a message on Music Disk: C418-11(Discussion/Theory/Mind ­?)
    I meant more along the lines as WTF was going on when they made this?
    I mean yeah 'hey guys there's a new mob in minecraft" *brief pause* "hey guys, learn about the new mob with this creepy music disk"
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    posted a message on Music Disk: C418-11(Discussion/Theory/Mind ­?)
    Okay a few things wrong with this.....just what in the actual ­? Really?
    First let's look at the other music disks...they're all pretty normal....
    and then THIS THING.......no music, just......sound....not only that, it tells a story....with sound...then the disk itself is all banged up and has no label....
    I swear......there has to be a creepy pasta about this CD somewhere.
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    posted a message on Mineral Monument
    My first project in minecraft was to build a landmark that I could see just about anywhere (from the surface at least) in my world. My answer to that is mineral monument. I started with an 8X8 square house of quarts, on each floor I added two more squares in all directions. It is nearly complete, the structure anyway, I will post either a video or screenshots (or both) of the completed framework once it's done.

    I don't know if I will bother furnishing it, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to build next.
    I'm going to take my time furnishing Mineral Monument because I want it to be a museum of sorts.
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