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    posted a message on Sound Physics (realistic sound reverberation, occlusion, and attenuation)

    Very impressive how well you've managed to make this work with a sandbox voxel game, I'm stunned! Would you ever consider releasing the source to this? As an aspiring game developer, I'd love to study what's going on under the hood!

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    posted a message on I have Minecraft Realms. Post your IGN for invite!
    nano1000, thank you!
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    posted a message on [1.6] 1.6... Without the 1.6!
    At first I thought this was another person complaining about another Minecraft update, and I was like

    But if you really want to go back just use the default launcher to go back (or digiex launcher, or magic launcher)
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    posted a message on Texturing Misadventures
    Hello all! Nano1000 here, previously I made some human villager textures for a personal pack, and other than their lack of arms beyond their elbows It seemed to work out pretty good

    In fact, I thought I might even make a similar texture for the iron golem
    So, first the head from the villager model... god... scary already...

    And then to do the arm...

    Oops! Thats the leg...
    Okay, take two.... damn thats a long arm...

    And the Other...

    And... wow... thats actually a pretty large leg...

    And the other...

    Yeah... I see why they call it a golem...

    Oh look, a mossy iron diaper thing!
    Hmm... lets just make it blue!

    So... um... right...
    That it actually quite horrifying...
    Back to the default then!
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 cape
    Please, purchasing a ticket for a cape is kind of a jerk move as it prevents one more person who would have actually gone to a convention. Please don't.
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    posted a message on Mojang to Cease and Desist...Putt Putt?
    Companies need to understand these three things:
    1•Attempting to sue or whatever Mojang just gives you a bad reputation among the eleven million two hundred forty one thousand five
    hundred four-teen and counting people that play minecraft and some people who don't
    2•You will not succed in your attemps
    3•If you do succeed both you and your company will be shunned for the rest of your lives by the eleven million two hundred forty one
    thousand five hundred four-teen and counting people that play minecraft and some people who don't

    Oh, and by the way,

    Good day Sir.
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    posted a message on Taking skin requests! None of that ugly monotone stuff either.
    Hi I'm making a scripted series kind of like legend of hobo and I need a lot of skins for it so tell me if this is to much thanks though if you do it I green arrowed up your post :D
    I need a skin that looks kind of like steve with brown cloths a beard and steve's color of skin and is kind of dirty but not visible dirt on him and brown hair, I need two solders (not modern) with the same uniform but different faces, I need six nights with Iron looking armor but not just the Iron armor pasted over the skin and for the six different ones you can just change the faces, I need two archers, and I need a bandit. Thank you ALOT if you complete all these and I may have more requests in the future, the video is series is called
    Legend of the Evil Chicken :D
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    posted a message on My first pack: Tileometry Pack
    Hello, this is my first texture pack that I am actually realeasing, it's theme is tiles and simplicity, I plan to keep updating it.

    And now for some images:

    And the download link:


    Thank you for downloading my pack :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on My first pack: Tileometry Pack
    Quote from Yamnasm


    (As suggested)

    Omg :biggrin.gif:
    you downloaded it?
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    posted a message on I know what crying obsidian was going to be!
    Hey guys, everybody has wondered what crying obsidian was supposed to do, and at minecon I got to ask jeb!
    It was actully supposed to be a way to reset your spawn where you place it and spawn on it, but then he eventully decided on beds :biggrin.gif:
    now you know :smile.gif:
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