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    posted a message on Epilepsy Pack[1.5.1]
    Terrible. Awful. No...those are the words...OH


    Seriously man, I get it's a joke...but..my eyes. ;_;
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    posted a message on Dude's Simple Pack [WIP]
    It's fine, and I really don't mean to put you down; but, there are a ton of simple packs, so you're going to have to compete if this is the style you want to make. Add some shading, just because it's simple doesn't mean it needs to look flat; you know? Keep going, it is the only way one gets better (practice makes perfect).
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    posted a message on [64x64] UPDATED 4/27: Ockniel's Realism Pack (Contest still running!)
    Amazing texture pack. I'll be keeping my eye on this one; keep it up! Seems everything tiles well, although the Emerald Ore could use a bit more shine.
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    posted a message on 1.4.7 bug?
    I don't know man; doesn't seem to be happening to me.

    However, may I recommend, buying Minecraft? I have a feeling this 'bug' is a result of you having a cracked version (not hating; just stating).

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    posted a message on [64x][v0.7] YunderCraft [WIP][DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]
    Welcome to the Official Forum Topic of



    Optifine/HD Patcher is Required

    YunderCraft is a 64 X 64 texture pack, of which is inspired by the JohnSmith and Soartex Fanver texturepacks. I have always wanted to make a texture pack, and finally got the guts to try it. I personally am liking the way it is going so far, but I would love feedback.

    Progress (8%)
    Green (Finished), Yellow (In progress), Red (Not started)

    Terrain.png (Getting there)





    Tool Pictures:



    Please ignore the white block torch...Photoshop messed it up. I am fixing it.

    Terrain Pictures:



    Began working on some mobs (cow.) Still very rudimentary. Changed texture of iron (made it darker, and less like the gold.) Added furnaces. Made the Diamond 'shine' a bit more. Looking to add some block animations to the diamond etc. Working on breaking animation.

    Added birch log texture. Added Lapis Lazuli ore, added Wooden Sword texture, added Wooden Shovel texture (these textures are still a work in progress.) Added flower textures. Added grass and fern textures. Added leaves texture. Added bedrock texture.

    Alpha download released.

    Biggest update yet! Added a new top of log texture. Added Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore, and Redstone Ore. Change cobblestone texture, now it matches. Added glass texture. I also am using some 'filler' custom font.

    Added Oak Log texture (side texture not top texture yet.) Also tweaked smooth stone texture.

    Changed texture of Oak Planks to better fit the style of the other textures. Working on cobblestone now...Aiming for a v0.7 release which will include a download. It will be one of the biggest updates.


    Added ores! I also re-textured the Oak Planks so they look a bit more natural with the other textures. I am working on the logs as of now, and debating if I should change the cobblestone texture.


    Darkened the cobblestone, fixed some tiling with the planks; line no longer between the blocks. Added grass texture. Began some ore design, nothing official on that yet. Added a different "Mojang" logo at intro, and changed the texture pack picture in the texture pack selection screen. Still no download available; working hard to get it out.


    Initial version released. Nothing special. No download available.

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    posted a message on How to make Hardcore mode server?
    Quote from webrosc

    change the line
    in the server.properties file

    Oh...well that was obvious enough haha. And thus why I need reading glasses.

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    posted a message on Mojang Should Sell Minecraft In Stores
    No, I don't mean in fancy boxes, or discs. What I am saying is they should release code cards, each one with a gift code. The prices would be the same as Minecraft online, but you could pay cash for them. In my opinion, this would be great, not only would it provide kids whose parents don't want to use their credit cards a way to experience Minecraft, but it would lessen the ammount of pirated copies (because some people crack it because their parents won't buy it.)

    How it would work: Exactly like a MS Poitns or PSN card. There would be a scratch off area on the back of the card, and on the front of the card it would have some cool looking art. And, of course, the code would not be good until activated at the register. One could then buy the card (for $27) take it home, and put the code onto their account.

    I don't know, just my input. Considering how big Minecraft is, and how successful Mojang has become, I think it is a reasonable suggestion.
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    posted a message on Mushroom Biomes Too Rare
    I don't know if it's just me, but the Mushroom Biomes seem much too rare. In all my time playing Minecraft (since this biome was originally added) I have not seen one Mushroom Biome. I realize they are rare, but I would like to atleast be able to find one every once in a while.

    What do you think?

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    posted a message on [MineRavers] Let's Play Minecraft Series! *NEW*
    Hey! So, my friends and I (Faust_Canary and ThatOtherGamer) have collaborated to make a Let's Play series! Please watch, and leave constructive criticism and comments either on the videos or here on this forum post.

    NOTE: Our episodes get better as we go on. The first is not our best, but our newest (Ep. 7) is much better. I have made all the intros, including the new one introduced in Ep. 7. Please watch, enjoy, and comment.

    Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Letsplaymineravers?feature=mhee
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    posted a message on What's the saddest thing that happened to you on minecraft?
    When I bought it.

    Haha, just joking.

    OT: When I lost my home...the first time I lost it anyway, that was horrible.
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