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    Why can nobody see the long term benefits of this? It will be so much easier for Mojang to optimise, introduce new content or code and so on that the game will end up faster anyway.. Sure the faults of both versions are going to be thrown together and deposited at what you assume is the bottom of Mojang's priorities (SSP) but in any event it could hardly be of any help to rush to the forums and beat the rest of the internet to an agonising, torturous death with your faux-sensationalist spin on what is really quite a short term issue..
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    Sheep.. There's a very interesting back story to that, but I've forgotten it
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    /spawn creeper 500

    With damage on..
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    Quote from Flamiffer

    I'll give it a go if you like

    Nice signature. Jerk

    I'll give it a try if I get around to it (that's nalfz speak for 'if I don't fail so hard I rage quit')
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    posted a message on Tired of shoveling my house...

    Breaking wheat can "trample" between 2 and 5 adjacent farmland blocks, this is being addressed
    Placing a block next to double-doors (wooden) can cause them to force open
    Sugar cane can be placed underwater

    1. Places snow block
    2. Opens door
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    30 seconds. From there it got a bit boring. That's why I don't use INVedit anymore
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    posted a message on The Practical Redstone Test
    Awesome isn't it? It can be used to do virtually everything from opening two doors at the same time to computing complex calculations (alliteration win) but only a select few consider it's applications in a survival mode world

    Abstract rules/info/instructions

    Generate a survival mode* world. Your first challenge is psychological. Set your difficulty to hard. This is most challenging for those of you who play on peaceful...
    You play on hard to give the hunger system more relevance and put a greater necessity to farming food. That and protecting your contraptions from marauding endermen is part of this challenge.

    *(gaining resources is part of the challenge too)

    The reason I say practical redstone is because building a 64 bit computer with a hex display may be very challenging, even very rewarding in the end, but it's completely useless (other than for bragging rights) in survival. The redstone contraptions you are to build (some may or may not be trick questions) are as follows, albeit not necessarily in that order (for once in history the spoiler tags ARE spoilers, use only if you have no idea what I'm talking about). Check periodically for more challenges, and ask me to put one there if you think it's needed.

    Contraptions to build

    1. Semi-automatic sugar cane farm
    By semi-automatic I mean pull a lever to harvest. You should NOT have to replant the sugar cane. Try to make it at least 95% efficient (for every 100 canes the machine cuts, you should get at least 95). The image below should help you (but only) if you can't figure it out (it's sort-of deliberately cryptic).

    (Just to make it sort of difficult from here, that's not 95% efficient)

    2. A red giant mushroom house
    The 'stalk' should be 3*3 and the 'head' of the mushroom should be to the same basic proportions of the natural red giant mushroom. Try to use clever ways to manipulate the mushroom blocks. Don't try to use endermen, you'll be waiting for years. Open the spoiler below ONLY if you still cant figure out the challenge

    P.S. Post a screenshot of yours, I'd love to see what people come up with.

    3. Semi-automatic mushroom farm
    Same pull-lever-to-harvest principle as the sugar cane farm. You should have both types of mushrooms growing in equal proportions and at such a rate to allow you to make a bowl of mushroom stew for each daily harvest.

    Plant mushrooms on a ridge, allow them to grow into a ditch and have the ditch washed out with water on a lever pull. (sorry, no image yet)

    4. Piston-based transport
    Build a one-way piston based transport system between two mountains. This one's quite advanced so look at the spoiler if you aren't a redstone genius

    Sticky in front, normal at back

    5. Piston elevator
    Much like the piston based transport system, but vertical. You'll have to come up with a new way to wire it though...

    6. Snowgolem-based automatic snowball farm
    Snowgolems place snow at their feet when they walk. Design a mechanism that can automatically harvest it.

    This is the trick one. As far as I know, the only way to harvest snow is with a shovel, making automatic snow harvesting impossible.

    7. Semi-automatic wheat farm
    Build another lever-pull-harvest farm, this time for wheat. You should have to re-plant unless there's something I don't know about

    Can be built like the sugar cane farm but with the piston lower, or like the mushroom farm using water to wash the wheat out

    8. Semi-automatic fried chicken machine
    Design a machine whereby chickens are turned into cooked chicken on lever-pull and drops washed (<- hint) to a collection point

    When chickens die from fire, they drop cooked chicken, make them drop into a fire where the only way to escape is into your collection channels

    Finally, the golden rules:

    Play the game in survival mode, play it with the difficulty set to hard, do not use INVedit or any other map/inventory editor/mod and if you think there is a redstone machine this challeng is missing, please post a request
    (if that is difficult to read, highlight it)

    P.S. This was in another section, but that's because I was too stupid to see the 'Redstone' forum
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    Holy bleep bleeping bleep bleeping bleep bleep
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