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    People who argue that it is "bad for you" or "destroys your life" are brainwashed into thinking that since they were children. Society pounds it into children that "Marijuana is just as bad as any other drug". When in reality, it was actually made illegal by a small group of people with a lot of power who were convinced that crimes were being committed because of it. In fact, the plant has been legal throughout all of human history except for very recently. If it were to cause people to commit crimes, wouldn't it have been outlawed much sooner? You would think that the connection would have been made hundreds of years ago, but it wasn't because one does not exist. Marijuana is not bad, people are.
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    Quote from dmkjak1

    Age:10 but I request you do not judge me by age. I am very intelligent and mature.
    From(i'm Italian):USA
    Admin/Moderators/Builder/P.Expert(choose only 1):Moderator
    Experience:administrator on 3 or 4 servers, operator on 2, moderator on 1, builder on 1.

    Quote from dmkjak1

    Y U NO REPLY!!!!!!

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    Quote from Hexus_One

    So I'm trying to power a large floor (12x12) of sticky pistons, all facing upwards, from the bottom, with a lever. They should power on and off all at The same time, but what's the smallest delay I can make with redstone (with a lever)?

    What's the fastest way to power a floor of up-facing sticky pistons with a lever?

    Just like this :smile.gif:
    They turn on in a wave, as far as I know, there is no way to make them all turn on at once.

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    Quote from LThadeu


    I'm running 1.9 pre 3

    I'm not sure it is related to this patch but, now that you said it, perhaps it is.
    I'm only sure it is not "lag" related. Because i kept building a tower for 1 hour, and between that time i saw others players do other stuff, i fought 2 creepers and 1 spider, and stored their loot. Then I logged out, and in, and...caboom, half my tower was gone... omg.
    It's not about lag.
    Like I said, I can build a wall, log out and then log in right after, and the wall might be gone!! It's like the server is having trouble saving...

    before you stop the server do you /save-all ?
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    posted a message on World of Tomorrow 1.8.1 [Hardcore Survival] [50 slots]
    Quote from Minecraft_Lov3r

    Pls Make It Cracked Online-Mode= False Pls

    I do not condone hacked versions. Pay the money for the game.
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    Quote from Bonboneater

    I guess I could add glasses if you guys really want. You know what, I will add a poll, and if 5 people want glasses I'll add them.

    Ok im going to install this as soon as i get my server problem out of the way so i can relax and watch consuela in SMP lol
    ohh ohohoho If she sees a dog she should be like "no no doggy go outside"
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    no, think of it this way. Ports are like lanes on a highway. They are just the channel through which the information flows ( that's the best way i can think to describe it ).
    For instance, most web sites use port 80 for the website. Now YogCast has its server on another port either because the hosting company assigned them that port as only one server can be run per port OR they gave themselves that port for ease of memory or something. But I would recomend leaving it on port 25565 as it is the most convenient and changing it will have no performance gain or loss.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    umm if it is a glowstone portal that means you need to go to the nether first. so you need to go to hell to go to heaven? that doesn't make much sense *downloads* :smile.gif:
    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:
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    posted a message on Small Free Build server! [Bukkit-Permissions]24/7 LagFree*
    About Donations:
    $.99 you get a infinite stack of 1 item and a supporter tag (+)
    $5.00 you get BUILDER status and supporter tag (so you can spawn stuff)
    $15.00 you get MODERATOR status and supporter tag (more permissions than builder)
    $25.00 you get ADMINISTRATOR status and supporter tag (full access to commands)
    $50.00 and over you get CO-OWNER status and supporter tag (you are in charge of every1 except me :ohmy.gif: and you also get access to server files upon request, plus other stuff i cant think of at the moment!)
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