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    How to make a Hobbit's Hole
    A cheap and cool starting house

    Hello everybody! I'm Neon and i'll try to show you how to make a cheap and interesting starting house. The house is weak against Creepers, but, if you act carefully, the house will least a lot. The most cool thing about the house is that you don't need a lot of resources, and is fast to build.
    This is my first tutorial in English, so I rope I won't make any big mistakes. Feedback is welcome, about the tutorial/formatting of the topic and about the house itself.

    This is the base of the house, made of Dirt and Wooden Slabs, 1 block deeper than the ground level.
    Features: invisible (Easy to hide), cheap, fast

    6 Wood
    1 Crafting Table
    1* Shovel (Optional)

    *1 Stone Shovel or 2 Wooden Shovels

    0. Before starting, transform all the Wood in Wooden Planks. Now transform all the 24 Wooden Planks in 48 Wooden Slabs. Ok, now we can start, You should have 48 Wooden Slabs and... Just this. Cheap don't you think?

    1. Good, now dig a 6x7x1 hole in the area you will build you Hole.

    2. Now make a "roof" 1 block above the ground level.

    3. Dig 1 block down again, and place the wooden slabs in the ground.

    4. Use the Dirt you got digging and fill the "holes" between the roof and the ground level.

    5. Dig an entrance and dig one block in front of it.

    6. Fill the entrance with a double slab and a slab.

    7. FINISH! Now let's go to the second part...

    Great, you can survive your first night! But if Minecraft was only about surviving, we could kill a lot of cows and make a 3x3x3 house and... we will survive forever! No. Minecraft is about survive and thrive. So, let's make our base a good place to live in!
    But before, let's make a few basic changes...

    1. Make your hole look natural. Use dirt arround and make it look like it wasn't made by you.

    2. Put a door on your base. LOL

    Ok, now let's go. I made a few decorations... so you will be able to choose the one that more adequate to your situation.


    For this one you will need:
    6/5 Torches
    1 Bed
    3 Chests
    8 Wooden Slabs
    2 Furnaces
    1 Crafting Table
    5 Fences

    1. Add torches to illuminate. I'm like everything symmetrical so i just put the torches in the middle of the walls (to the 6 blocks long i put 2 torches)

    2. On the right wall (the one next to the door, in my house), I placed a Crafting Table, 2 Furnaces and a Chest, and under them, I placed Slabs, so they won't float

    3. On the wall oposing to the door I placed a Bed, and a Large Chest (With slabs under it).

    4. On the left and right walls I placed fences, so they look like they are holding the house, like pillars.

    5. On the door wall, I placed a window, and that's it.

    Here will be the extras, like how to add more rooms, etc.

    Adding Rooms
    This will show you how to add more rooms to your Holes. It's the same logic as building the hole.

    1. Define what will be the size and the purpose of the new room. Now dig a corridor to the place where you room will be. Remember that the corridor must be at the same level of the house (or no).

    2. Now, from outisde, cover the corridor.

    3. Dig again and place the wooden slab floor.

    4. Now do the same thing to the room.


    6 (Optional) From outside, try to maek it look a little more natural. Yes in mine there is too much tall grass and flowers.

    Secret Base
    These modifications will give you hints in how to make your hole... SECRET. Yes, with a secret entrance.

    1. Ok, your base is ready, now let's make the modifications. Start by closing every window or door in your base.

    2. Now dig a role inside your base and press f3. Pick up the X and Z coordinates, and get out of your base (close once you're out!)

    3. In this part I can't help you. Search for some place to hide the entrance. A lake, a cave or a hill are excellent places... Here are some ideas.

    4. Now dig a tunnel to the coordinates that you picked.

    5. HAHAHA! Now you have a secret base with a secret entrance... but wait... there is more! Disguise your base, and now that we don't need to worry about windows and doors, do your best!

    6. Now put some vegetation. Remember, the bone meal is your friend, grow some trees, or some tall grass/flowers.
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