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    OK all, I do love what Spritecraft has done and I am sure you do too but I think I have an alternate program to use and it does seem to be way more up to date. I am yet to use it but it does look promising. I'm not sure if I am allowed to mention another program on a similar program's thread so I might avoid that but I just wanted to let you guys know there is something for those who did want more options with your creations

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    Quote from Atantuo»

    Hi everyone.

    As the most recent official version (1.1.5) does not include the latest blocks (andesite, prismarine, red sand, etc.) I tried modifying the files manually to include them--and it actually ended up working.

    The modification was really only intended for my personal use, but I figured, why not provide it here until an updated, official release comes along (if ever). If the author of the tool disapproves or this is somehow against forum rules, obviously feel free to remove the following link:

    What I did was:

      • replaced outdated texture folder with the one from the latest Minecraft version (1.8.6)
      • manually added information on the missing blocks to Materials.txt
      • new blocks added:
        • coarse dirt
        • andesite, diorite, granite (regular/smooth)
        • podzol
        • red sand
        • red sandstone (regular, smooth, carved)
        • prismarine (rough, dark, bricks)
        • acacia, dark oak (log/planks)
        • stained glass


    Edit2: Stained glass added as per request under "Special" category.

    any chance you can put your skills to the test for the new blocks and colours?
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