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    I play creative since I'm a real builder, but I dislike ghasts!

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    Hey guys the title pretty much simply staes it, it would be awesome to have glass stairs and even stained glass stairs. Some might say "Who would want glass stairs?" but think about. Builders like myself wouldn't nessessarily use it for a staircase (Though for futuristic builds it would be nice) but you could use it for like maps in halo, etc, make glass roffes with it, give your Helicoppers a sleeker build, etc.

    Come help us make this a reality on twitter :)

    #GlassStairs <--- Retweet @glass_stairs < https://twitter.com/Glass_Stairs >

    Posted on PMC! Check it out, and comment and diamond! ----> < http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/glass-stairs/ >

    Official Sponser Server: BioFun [biofun.mcph.co]

    Suggestion: Glass slabs aswell!

    Thanks for all your support!

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    Hey guys, I would love thi, and so I suggest this: Different signs and/or coloring signs (not the words, but the signs). Why would this be helpful? It would help builders, and make your places in survival more fancy. Do you see those highway signs? if they implemented it, you could do that! Or yellow signs for construction signs, or even patterns like banners (problem with banners: you can't write on it.) Immagine a sign withany color dye!.

    Now for the most important- different shaped signs. This sign is getting boring (the vanilla one) and we need new ones! It might fit medieval builds, but sci-fi builds.. It just looks bad. What if there were metal signs? or bill board size signs? maybe a different texture sign like logs or emeral color? I really can't explain much, so please imagine in your daily life, like stop signs, signs on the high way, bill boards, construction signs, etc. before complaining about this taking to much coding space, support this if you like it. If you liked this, please check out my glass stair suggestion! Also, this isnt really neccessary, but just to throw it in, Iron fences as sign holders, etc!

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    @swaglord i misunderstood you i thought you meant that you hate this idea.

    Everyone who hates this a)probably hasnt been building 2+ years. b)doesn't have an extremely high imagination level :D

    I'd like to post an example build that needs glass stairs (better stained green stairs/slabs)

    at the moment I can't figure out how! :P

    Let me say this again for those who don't want to read the whole thread.. Please don't say you hate this idea if you don't have a good reason (don't say it's useless...)

    @CriticalPrime9 Thanks for the support.

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    posted a message on Would anyone need a special map build?
    I will now you said that: estimated time: 4 months- 1 year. I have about 1 hour a day during week days and 3 hours on the weekend. Main landmarks to look at so far on the list:

    SF Giants Park

    Bay Bridge

    SF Marine park

    Mongolian Festival Grounds

    The Beautiful City


    Ferry Area

    SF Shipping & Unloading area

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    ok! Great! Now just remeber this: the better work, More money and People! If you could get on now that'd be great!
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    posted a message on Need a plugin Partner For Harry Potter/D&D server
    I just need 1 or more People That Could Help me Build this Server. I can be the main builder, But I need a guy who'd know all this complicated plugin config. If you want to have a hybrid of Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, And MMORPG,You should help. I have quite a few people who want to play but none can config, so that's what I'm looking for. There is a high chance you will be paid but I can't guarentee. I will pm you the IP.


    Rating at Config'ing files:


    Amount Of time you can be online:


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