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    Meh I feel like getting back into GFX, saw that you were looking for some so heres my app
    Gfx Designer Application
    Minecraft Username: mwtrevi
    Age: 17
    Country: USA
    Skype Name: michael.trevithick
    Examples of previous work: http://www.youtube.com/inzanityGFX - my youtube channel. you will find links to both my website, and my portfolio as well as several videos containing my work.
    About my Imageand Graphics Designing skills: Been doing GFX paying customers for about a year now. I have experience with Photoshop, Cinema4D, Boujave, and After Effects. Some of the videos on my channel are outdated and really dont shot the level of skill. Look at some of my later videos (April onward) to see. Thanks for reviewing.
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