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    posted a message on 7950 GPU detected, but says disabled by windows
    I fixed the problem! For anyone else having the same issue, unplug your GPU from the PCIE slot and replug it in.
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    posted a message on 7950 GPU detected, but says disabled by windows
    Recently my power went out, and up until that point my computer was working great. However, after power coming back on, windows refuses to display through my 7950. It's not overheated, or anything like that. It tells me that "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" under the device manager tab. Anybody have any thoughts on what I can do to resolve this issue? I tried restarting, unplugging, pulling out the power cords from the GPU. I'm basically lost.
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    posted a message on Why is 1.6 so slow?
    Quote from ayleein

    I have a dedicated GPU, and even with Minecraft using only half the default 1G allocated to it, it lags and chunks load slowly. It never made sense to me why it would get choppy if it was using half the memory it had available, but upping to 2 completely cured the problem and upped my FPS from about 15 or 20 to 60.

    Think of RAM like cake. If you can only eat half of a cake, then giving you another 50 cakes won't make you eat more cake.
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    posted a message on Are spawn chunks loaded always?
    Quote from Jonthe445

    Upon connecting to a game/server the spawn chunk will always be loaded first so you have a surface in which to land on upon joining, the spawn chunk is not "Always" "loaded" but the way that it happens is it the player is in its proximity it will be loaded.

    No, you appear to be misguided. Spawn chunks are, according to many sources, always loaded. You can emulate chunk loaders by placing hoppers that transport 1 item between them on the boarder of chunks so that one hopper is in each chunk. Since hoppers force the chunks they are in to be loaded if they are running, you can make a line of loaded chunks from spawn.
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    posted a message on How did mojang annoy you?
    Quote from BrokenEye

    As I said before. Textures are not the same thing as mods. They should not be lumped together. This just makes things more difficult for all involved.

    I honestly believe that your brain is filled with rocks if you fail to grasp the simple concept that resource packs let you have custom textures, sounds, and languages. They have nothing to do with the mod API, other than the fact that they will make implementing custom textures and sounds a hell of a lot easier for modders.
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    posted a message on The next 404-style seed
    One does not simply replace the 404 seed.
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    posted a message on Need A modder/coder (will pay if necessary)
    Quote from Rprrr

    Obviously you aren't a coder, since adding a new item to a Minecraft server without everyone using clientside mods isn't even possible. Renaming is the limit if you're using server side mods (usually Bukkit plugins). If you actually need a plugin maker I'd recommend going to the Bukkit forums.

    He explicitly said mod maker. Stop saying crap if you don't bother to read first. And yes, making an item is about the easiest thing you can do.
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    posted a message on Forge mods
    Mods require forge for a reason. If the word require means nothing to you, I suggest taking an elementary level course in language. Forge is an API, and mods that use that API require the API to be present in order to function.
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    posted a message on My Opinion On These Two New Consoles
    Quote from Frog81

    RIGHT NOW. Ask again next year when the consoles are released. Also it will be cheaper over time due to steam sales and stuff.

    First of all, the console will be released in 5 months. While many things change in the computer hardware world in a few months time, the consoles are highly optimized. Programmers don't have to take into account variation in the hardware, so they can essentially write the game to run much faster on the specific console taking advantage of specific architecture of the hardware in that console. It will be a very long time before PC's can catch up in the same price range.
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    posted a message on Sarcophagus (for saving your items upon death)
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Your hotbar, mind you. Not just any old inventory slot, and I think this is important. I'm always running out of space on my hotbar, and I'm very careful with what I put on it. If I had the option of a sarcophagus, I'd only put it on when I felt like the situation was dire. It's like funeral planning. I'm 31 years old and healthy, so I don't need to think about planning for my funeral, but if I was old or sick, or took up a risky hobby or profession, it would become a priority.

    That is not at all a good comparison to make. The sarcophagus would be like buying insurance, like house or car or medical. That way if something does happen, you're prepared. If you don't buy insurance, well that's your own loss, but the majority of us prefer to prepare for things that could happen, rather than wait until they happen and then act. What you are saying is like saying that you won't buy medical insurance until you're sick with cancer. It doesn't work like that.
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    posted a message on Is this a good monitor that will run 1080p?
    The original monitor you posted is actually not 1080p, it's 1600x900. Not 1080p.
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    posted a message on Minecraft SLI to Remedy Heat Problem
    Quote from aulanclalb

    No, it's not the airflow at all. I have 7 case fans
    (three 120mm intake, two positioned directly at the graphics card)
    (one 250mm side fan right next to both video cards)
    (one rear 120mm out fan)
    (two 140mm out at the top)

    It's the EVGA card. They have horrible cooling.

    So Minecraft can't use SLI?

    By the way Corsair 500R and Asus Z77-Pro

    Another question I have is why are you running 660 Ti's in SLI?
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    posted a message on Beginner, help!
    Look at http://minecraftforge.net. Their website is currently running really slow, but usually it is fine. Go into the wiki then go into tutorials.
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    posted a message on [MCP] How to mod minecraft [No ModLoader]
    Quote from pwnedmanmob

    Minecraft basically is it's own API. Please, if you do not know much don't say anything. I am telling how to use the functions and no how to code.

    They are not finished yet.

    Sorry, but you're the one who doesn't know much. You're trying to tell me that editing a language file with Notepad++ is the correct way to give mod items/blocks names? Your entire approach to modding is going at it from the completely wrong angle. Try downloading MCForge and using that API and its set of tools in order to make your mod. Also, Notepad++ is the worst IDE that you can be using to develop mods. Try using something such as Eclipse. There is a reason that every notable modder uses the Forge API and a proper IDE, because it allows for easy distributing and conflict resolutions.
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    posted a message on RECRUITING FOR NEW MOD TEAM
    Quote from dark3304

    LOL WUT?!
    NO? hahaha im going to be creating textures, help code, creating banners, leading the forum, modeling, testing...sooooo whut? haha

    And what do you have to show for any of your work? A small forum thread with one response
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