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    I am a staff member from a Technic modpack Assassin's Nature. Our modpack is a PVP style pack where you can fight Players and NPCs. The map is currently still being worked on but alot of it is complete. There are boses you can fight as well. You can get coins in game to buy new guns and armor, and Using in game currency you can rank-up. There are 10 ranks that you can get and each one gives you more commands. We would appreciate if you came on and tried out the modpack!

    Website: http://etn.enjin.com/forum

    List of Mods:

    Flans Mod
    Flans Mod - Modern Warfare Content Pack
    Flans Mod - Simple Parts Content Pack
    Flans Mod - WW2 Content Pack
    Flans Mod - Zombie Content Pack
    Damage Indicators Mod
    Backpacks Mod
    Biomes o' Plenty
    Carpenters Mod
    CodeChicken Core Universal
    CoFH Core
    CustomNPCs - Written Permission Given[/i]
    Custom Spawner
    Dynamic Transportation Mod
    Gliby's Voice Chat Mod
    Hide Names Mod (WIP) - Written Permission Given[/i]
    Inventory Tweaks
    Lots o' Mobs
    Lycanites Mobs
    MapleCrafted - Written Permission Given[/i]
    Mine Blade BattleGear Mod
    Mo' Creatures Mod
    Not Enough Items
    Player API
    Redstone Paste Mod
    Ropes Plus
    Slime Void Library
    Smart Moving Mod
    Smart Render Mod
    Sword Craft Online Mod - Written Permission Given[/i]

    Sorry i posted 2 threads!

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