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    Daniel, you were accepted. Join us on Discord - link is on our website & at the start of the thread

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    Polar Galaxy—the next generation realistic Minecraft server

    Website Blog

    ————— ★ —————


    Polar Galaxy is a next-generation realistic Minecraft server. Not only do we seek to provide a, friendly, and warm place for our community—but we also strive to showcase what Minecraft has to offer, by raising the bar: building a full-fledged country, adding modded client features like backpacks into vanilla, pets, real estate, working chairs, and a competitive player-driven economy.

    You can find us on Discord, YouTube Twitch, Beam, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on GitHub.

    Sidon City

    The real gem of Polar Galaxy is Sidon City. It’s a city we’ve been building for a little more than a month or two, but the results are already amazing.

    » Old screenshots

    » Newest screenshots


    With your help, we can truly make Polar an amazing server.

    We're currently looking for beta testers, builders, developers, and other staff. Not accepting mods, only admins at this time.

    We’ve intentionally made the application short so that we only get the most important details about our candidates first and then get in touch with them to talk to them and see what they’re actually like.

    Whichever position you are applying for, please mention these few things:

    • Your name
    • Your age
    • Your location
    • Your gender
    • Your Minecraft IGN
    • Your occupation
    • Your availability
    • Your time zone [?]
    • If you are comfortable with using voice chat
    • And anything else you think might be important

    And of course the rank you are applying for.

    Next, take care of all these other points for the rank you are applying for.

    For beta testers

    • What do you like & dislike about Polar Galaxy?

    For builders

    • Show some screenshots of your previous work
    • What kind of improvements would you make to our community & builds?

    For moderators & administrators

    • What kind of experiences or work can you offer for us?
    • Have you had any previous experience in this field?
    • Why are you seeking this position?

    For developers, streamers & YouTubers

    Please get in touch with us and we will personally talk to you about your opportunities with the Polar Galaxy Network.


    How we are planning to make money.

    The word “monetization” might be new to some of you, but the gist is pretty simple. The thing is, we need to make money. Minecraft servers run on computers, and computers need power to stay on. The world revolves around money… and we really can’t do much about that. But what we can change is how we attain that money. In one way or another, we need your support to keep the server going (and not necessarily with donations).

    Here are just a few ways of how we can earn revenue:

    • Advertising. Although many of you are familiar with ads on websites, the same cannot be said for Minecraft—you don’t really see ads on servers. Many of you are familiar with how painful ads can be on sites and we do not want to bring that experience to Minecraft. Instead, we’ll use billboards and subtle messages for advertisements. Just like how it was a few years back.
    • Sponsorships. Simply put, another individual or group will give us the resources we need to progress the server, and generally speaking, we’ll give them something in return. The specifics can vary a lot, but it can be a build, an ad, some sort of event or cause—stuff like that.
    • Donations. You’re already aware of how this works—the only thing differentiating Polar Galaxy from other servers is that we use Patreon instead of Buycraft. You’ll also get Discord & forum privileges when donating, adding on features like the midnight theme.

    But that’s just a little glimpse of what we’re cooking up. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a sponsorship, get in touch. We’ll post more details about our Patreon campaign next week.


    This is how our philosophy and how we run this project.

    1. We give you the freedom that you deserve. Minecraft is a game, and we play it because we enjoy the game.
      1. No more Skype. Skype is insecure, slow, and slows down your PC when you’re gaming. We use Discord: a fast, completely free and high-quality text and voice chat available on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS). Discord also gives us flexibility Skype doesn’t like cross-chat support—you can chat to other people
      2. Break free from the chains! This is a game and we should enjoy it! And if you’re not in the mood to play, you can always take a break and we’ll be there when you get back.
      3. It’s the action that matters. We don’t put strict age limits on things (unless we’re legally required to do so). What matters is if we get things done and how we do them—not if it takes that bit longer…
    2. We have an amazing community. There’s nothing more important than the community.
      1. Quality over quantity! Only the best people are on our team. Everything is taken into account. We work to make sure that the final product, the server quality, stays high at all times.
      2. We have a lot of experience on our hands. After countless months of work, we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to efficiently run the server.
      3. We’re available whenever you are. Our team is scattered and based all over the world, so you know there’ll always be someone you can talk to.
    3. You’re going to love the server. We take pride in providing a fun and friendly environment for all. Again, the community is most important—so you better treat it well!
      1. We listen to your feedback. Nothing is perfect, and there’s always room for improvement. If you don’t like something, or want something added or changed, then speak up!
      2. Updating the server is our priority. If it’s not possible to update the server, we’ll allow people who use newer versions of Minecraft to login and play (but without all the new features).
      3. We’re not a “pay to win” kind of server. Polar Galaxy follows the EULA (End User License Agreement), which details that servers shouldn’t give unfair advantages to those who don’t donate. (If you want more details on this subject, take a look at the “Monetization” section of this post.)
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    Quote from Mr5lime»

    • Active memer

    I can be an active memer! I can make at least 9000 memes a day!

    I'm kidding, but seriously, you should probably fix that typo.
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    posted a message on your first build? what was it?
    Everyone's first build was a workbench.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else pissed off at how they nerfed Enchanting?
    I hate how you can't keep items forever. Now you can only keep them for like 20 repairs, etc.

    However ,because enchanting is easy & repairing is 'cheap' (I'm saying this in quetes ,because it's a actually a little more expensive now), they had to balance it out. And ,yes renaming items is useless now, apart from telling what theyre ment for, and looking cool. Which is very sad. But it's ment to be: you go enchant for 10 minutes, done! Then after a month (or something) of repairing you enchant for 1 hour. But it's just better I guess, because it gives a sense of progression. So, it's been buffed, but it's been nerfed at the same time. Sad stuff. And good stuff...

    The 1.8 release in itself changed almost the entire game, so I don't know what to say. It's fun, but alot more different.
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