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    I have gone and revised the Biography and the entire concept of the character. I think you'll find this new take better.

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    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: munchie0003

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): samuelgillis24

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?
    I have played D&D and Star Without Numbers many times. I am currently in a TTRPG Group, but I am new to Minecraft Roleplay and hope for this to be my first experience
    -Define Power-gaming in your own words: Power-gaming is when you make your character too OP. It could be when a player makes their character dodge every attack, even though most of them should have hit. Or it could be when a character with broken legs begins running.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Meta-gaming is where you use external information to affect the game or you go beyond the limits or the environment set by the game.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words: Role-Playing is where you pretend to be a character of your own creation, though sometimes it could be a character assigned to you.

    ----IC Info----
    -Character name: Aaron O'Ryan

    -Character race: Human

    -Character gender: Male

    -Character age: 29

    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. This more or less helps us to better understand your characters starting skill set): Ranger (Cross breed between a Hunter and a Rogue.)

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.): Aaron is a Caucasian Male standing at about 6'1" and is well toned. He has light brown eyes and messy dirty blonde hair that runs down just above his ear. He also has a large scar on his left eye that has rendered it useless. Even though he has a scar, he is quite handsome.

    His armor is nearly identical to my profile picture (or the picture that is attached). He wears a black hood that connects to the cape on his back and a mask that leaves his eyes visible. He has donned black chest armor with gold accents that has shoulder guards attached to it. Under his armor he wears padded cloth which adds even more protection. He wears forearm guards that stop at his elbow and he has small golden knuckle protectors. He carries a quiver on his back and a short sword on his side, as well as a dagger on his leg. Even though his armor looks heavy it has been designed to be light, allowing Aaron to move quickly. Even though it is light armor, it is still quite durable but can still be pierced by certain swords and arrows. He carries a gold and black bow (picture below) that blends in quite well with his armor.
    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.): Childhood events molded Aaron into what he is today. He is very cocky and he will do mostly anything for money but does have limits. Because of his career he tends to push people away but will develop bonds with people depending on if he enjoys their company or not. If he does develop bonds with people he will go to extreme lengths to protect them, even if it leaves him on the verge of death. He quite enjoys the company of Elves. He loves to drink and can be found at a variety of bars, though he will never accept or do anything while drunk. He can get extremely angry at times and can even be a danger to even innocent people and usually requires people to knock him unconscious to calm him down.
    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Aaron was born to a wealthy family in the city of Falkvard. He was a tad smaller that most other kids but it was hardly noticeable. Growing up he had a bit of trouble making friends. He acted less than stellar for a child of his class and would often be caught attempting to steal, start a fight, or go out on his own. Many of the kids that he spent his time with didn't like his attitude wither. He would bash on the other kids and attempt to start fights with them because he wanted to see who was stronger. He believed, and knew, that he was able to beat every single one of them in a fight and would use that to his advantage. As he began to get older (age 12) his parents revealed their true colors. They began to force him to study and learn things that he didn't want to so that when he was older he would be able to marry into another rich family and keep make his parents "proud", but he knew that they only wanted to increase their place in society. After about three years of putting up with being locked in his room all day, being forced to study, only being able to leave the house on the weekends, and being checked in on every 10 minutes to make sure he was doing what he was supposed to be doing, Aaron had enough. He stood beside the door with a bat, and waited for the family servant to come and make sure he was doing his work as usual. Upon hearing the door open Aaron took a wild swing and hit the family servant right in the head, knocking him unconscious. He knew prior to this that the servant carried a key which could be used to unlock his window and allow him to escape so he shut his door, locked it, grabbed a bag, and left through the window.

    He ran for a good 20 minutes until he finally got to the end of the upper class area. Looking around he knew vaguely where he was but was still a bit lost. He continued walking for about half an hour when a man, clearly drunk, approached him. He muttered some nonsensical words then lunged at Aaron, presumably attempting to mug him as he was wearing nicer clothes. Aaron sidestepped the attack and the drunk man fell on the floor, and then passed out. Aaron, realizing his clothes may make him a bigger target for thieves and kidnappers, sought after some new clothes. Unfortunately the only money he had to spend was for something else. Fortunately he was good at stealing things. He approached the nearby clothing shop and entered. It had about 5 other people inside and while pretending to look at clothes slipped a white shirt into his bag and he did the same with a pair of pants. Nobody had noticed him and the only person working at the store was distracted with another customer so he left. He put on his new clothes which made him blend in with the crowd more, and made his way towards the outskirts of town. He needed to get out of the city for he knew his parents would send guards out to find him upon discovering his disappearance. He had been planning this whole event for a month prior to today and his goal was to get out of the city, then catch a caravan to the next town. From there he would get a job, and live on with his life the way he deemed fit.

    Aaron was nearing the outskirts of town upon drawing near and he noticed one caravan that was just about to leave. He ran over and asked if he could get a ride, which to his pleasure was followed by a "sure kid, fee is 20 silver". Aaron paid up and hopped onto the caravan.

    About a day went by and Aaron has made friends with most of the people that were travelling with him. There was a Dwarf which was highly unusual, two Humans, and a Half-Elf. He never caught their ages but the Half-Elf looked to be a bit older than him, and the rest we're adults for their respected race. On the second day while they were stopping to eat, their caravan was attacked by bandits. They lit the caravan on fire and quickly disposed of the guards hired to protect the it. Aaron didn't know what was going on but he ran and somehow, was able to escape. Or that's what he thought. As he was running one of the bandits jumped out from behind a tree and slashed at him with his sword. The bandit caught Aaron in the eye and he Aaron fell to the ground. He was unable to see and the blood had made it so that he couldn't see out of his other eye either. He could sense the bandit raising his sword to finish him off and braced for the hit, but it never came. Aaron looked up to see the bandit standing over him, with an arrow going through his right eye. Aaron wiped the blood off of his face, took off his shirt, and tied it around his head to try and stop the bleeding to some extent. Looking around he couldn't see anything until he heard a soft whoosh come from behind him. He tuned around to see a figure with a bow and arrow standing there looking at him. He soon realized that it was another Human wearing a hood and a mask but didn't say anything. He bent down to pick up the sword the Bandit had dropped only to have it shot out of his hand almost instantly. A feminine voice came from the figure and asked him if that's how he thanked his saviors. Aaron not knowing how to reply stood there dumbfounded and moments later passed out due to the excessive bleeding.

    Upon awakening Aaron noticed he was no longer in the forest, but in some cabin. He sat up and found his head bandaged and he was unable to see out of his left eye. He remembered what happened and quickly stood up. He looked around and noticed someone standing by a fire in the room opposite of his, making something. He looked around for a weapon of some sort but found nothing. He decided that violence may not be the best way to resolve the situation and began approaching the doorway. At 15 Aaron was about 5'7" and was about the same size as the Elven woman who was standing by the fire. As he entered the room he heard a voice come from her that said "Be calm, I have no intent to hurt you. If you would like I am making tea, please have a seat and I will serve you some". Aaron recognized the voice as the same voice he had heard in the forest before he passed out. A minute or two passed and the Elven woman came over and poured him and herself a cup of tea and sat down across from him. "I suppose you will have many questions to ask so go ahead and ask them" she commented. After about 20 minutes Aaron had everything figured out and was saddened to hear that he was the only survivor of the raid, due to him fleeing. He finished his tea out of respect, thanked her, and prepared to leave. As he approached the door she told him to stop. He turned around quite puzzled and she explained to him that he would not be able to make it through the forest alone due to the sheer amount of bandits and hostile creatures and that he would most likely die. He sighed and asked her how he was supposed to get to Barkamsted now and she told him to sit down. She explained to him that if he were to make it he would have to learn to fight and that she would teach him, though it would take some time due to his lack of experience in the way of hunting it might take awhile. Aaron thought about it for a bit and seeing as that was the only other option, other than living in that cabin forever, he decided to accept. The woman disappeared for a minute and when she came back she had a Bow and Arrow, and a dagger. She handed them to him and he took them. He took them and looked them over. The appeared to be quite worn, it seemed as if someone had used them before as well. She explained that those were her Husbands, and that she was going to give them to him to use. He thanked her and she stood up and walked for the door. She asked him if he was coming and he promptly followed still looking at the Bow and Dagger she had given to him.


    *Three Years Later*

    Three years had passed since Aaron has been attacked by Bandits. He was 18 now and stood about 6'0". During the past three years the Elven woman (who he had learned was named Amrynn) had taught him everything she knew about hunting and even believed he had surpassed her in sheer talent. For the last week Amrynn sent him out by himself, to see if he could survive in the woods. After 7 days of either hiding or fighting off bandits and wild animals he returned. Clothes torn, cuts everywhere, but alive. Aaron was able to tell she was glad to see he was alive and then she motioned for him to come inside. Upon entering Amrynn told him that he was ready to make the venture to the Barkamsted and handed him a large bag. It was relatively heavy but he was easily able to manage due to his strength. He asked if he could stay one more night to rest and Amrynn told him he could. Next morning he handed Amrynn back her husbands Bow and Dagger (that he had been using) and began to set out. As he was leaving she caught his attention and handed him back the Bow and Dagger asking him to keep them. He thanked her, and left.

    After two weeks he finally made it out of the forest to Barkamsted. Upon arrival he found the nearest Inn and slept for three days straight. Upon waking he used some money he has scavenged off of bandits he had killed and left. Over the next few years he went on many adventures and also heard of a group that was around over 100 years ago, but all he knew of it was it was "wiped out". During his adventures he found the armor he wears today and was even able to get the Bow and Arrow and the Dagger he had gotten from Amrynn repaired to an almost new condition. He still uses them both to this day. Instead of becoming a hunter, Aaron has decided to put his skills together and become a Rogue.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    Running through the crowd of people after the child as swift as ever, Aaron would catch up to him in no time. Before the kid even know what was going on Aaron would already have the coin purse back. Standing over the kid wondering what to do with him Aaron remembers his teenage years and early adulthood and how he was struggling to survive, and he was able to fight. Heaven knows how difficult it must be for a child. He would the take out a fair amount of money and hand it to the child but tell him sternly to watch who he's stealing from in the future. Other may not be so generous.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population. Surveying the scene before him Aaron knows there are only two reasonable outcomes to all of this. Either he frees the mother and she is barely able to survive while the pups die, or he ends their suffering now, makes a bit of cash, and helps the farmers with their jobs. Choosing the way that benefits him the most (even to his despair) he ends the animals lives quickly and takes their pelts. He gives them a small burial, and continues on his way.

    Extra notes (Optional, could include theme songs, pictures, etc.):
    Armor more resembles my profile picture. Larger picture below.

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    Here Try Doing This create a new folder in youre .minecraft folder named mods put the custom npc's mod in it then install forge in the .jar and delete the meta.inf that should work if not ill try and provide more indepth info worked for me
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    where is the mediafire mirror
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    Ok so i was out looking for wood (at night time but i had full set of diamond armour) because i choped down all my trees in the area so these 4 zombies come after me i kill 1 i get iron ingot i kill the 2nd i get bow i kill 3rd zombie and he drops another iron ingot and i kill the 4th zombie and he drops a iron sword is this a glitch or is it just luck IDK
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    havent seen any pillars but im still in 1.2.5 but i am looking forward to the writable books and if there are pillars then OMFG
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