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    Never mind on this application, just saw your most recent video about going through and cleaning your whitelist and getting back to the way you intend dozacraft to be and being that i do not record well..... but i truly agree with you on this you should not sway away from your vision of how you want this server to run you definitely need to stick to your guns. As always keep on recording and I'll keep on watching.

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    Iam looking for a mature person to start a server with. I have very little knowledge of running a server so this particular person would be my right hand man. You do not have to have a degree in setting up or running a server for the right person we could put our heads together and figure it out. Iam not wanting the sever to big if anybodymaybe two more people once we get it up and going. Also this server will not have any plug ins this will be straight up vanilla minecraft. Iam willing to pay for the server.

    What iam looking for :
    Someone older as iam in my thirties

    Preferably someone who has everyday life stuff to deal with. Work, wife, family etc...
    Someone who lives in the usa
    Someone who is not gonna play for few months then get bored of minecraft.
    Preferably someone who has not been playing minecraft since it was released (it seems like everyone I have played with always same reason for quiting I've been playing since the game came out)
    Someone laid back that likes to cut up
    Someone who enjoys minecraft a lot
    Someone with skype

    A little about me :
    Iam 38 year old male
    Live in indiana
    No kids
    Fulltime job mon thru fri.
    If not doing stuff around the house usally watching something minecraft related
    Love minecraft
    Been playing since aug2012
    Played some ftb also.

    Side note:
    This server can be set up for vanilla or ftb or something else that is something we will decide together.
    Also hopefully if minecon comes to the usa this year we could maybe meet up there as
    as well

    So if your interested please respond. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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