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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    Extreme lakes aren't as nice as oceans, In all honesty they probably should've just bumped up the frequency of continents instead of outright doing away with oceans. Would've solved the endless sea problem while still allowing people to build their beloved raptures in the middle of nowhere.
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    posted a message on FBI: Juggalos Considered a Gang
    whoa nelly...


    honk. ;o)
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    posted a message on Suspendable signs (with pictures)
    Why not just make it so normal signs can do that instead of wasting 2 string?

    As logical as the crafting recipe may seem I think it a tad unnessicary.
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    posted a message on Rotten Flesh
    Quote from ThePatriarch

    It's a great idea, but no support solely based on how I don't want to wear a suit of human flesh. Ick!
    Pfft, Wimps.
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    posted a message on Should Creepers Get Chased By Endermen Holding Ocelots?
    Quote from Prince_Deity

    Sounds funny, and I guess I support, but I do have to ask: Why would the enderman be chasing the creeper just because it's holding an ocelot?

    Because endermen are jerks and trolls?
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    posted a message on Do you like the new way bonemeal works?
    People have been wanting bonemeal to be nerfed since it was first added, I say kudos to mojang for listening to the community!

    ...Instant tree was op as hell, When you can plant a forest in five minutes you know something was wrong, Same with immediately having a pile of bread at your disposal.
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    posted a message on Carp, Terror of the deep!
    Carp are massive, Carp are foul... Carp are also kinda tasty with a side of ketchup. <3

    Where do they live?

    Anywhere wet and dark and huge you run the risk of running into a carp, Mostly at the bottom of the sea during the day and closer to the surface at night, So don't go swimming without your sword and BE CAUTIOUS when you're stupid enough to go boating at night. :U

    What makes carp so terrifying, Other than the fact that they're the reason dwarves are extinct?

    They're massive, Not only are they massive but they're mean as ­.

    The damn things will beat you to death with their fins then swallow you whole if you give them the chance,

    What possible reason would you have to fight these things then?

    The meat of course, Killing a carp can give you 5-8 chunks of carp meat ASWELL as 2/5 carp SCALES.

    What possible reason could you have for wanting carp scales? Water breathing potions numbnuts. :U

    What about the meat? Well... Carp meat's effing delicious and you'd be out of your mind not to risk your life for it.

    Because the sea's too safe.

    The people who're obsessed with exact numbers version!


    Health: 50. (25 hearts.)

    Spawns in: Ocean biome in low lighting. (Such as that of the sea bed or closer to the surface at night)

    Attack: Ram. (10 damge+knockback, 30% chance to destroy wooden boats.)

    Drops: Carp scales and carp meat.

    Carp meat stats: Heals 3.5 muttons when uncoomed and 7 when fully cooked.

    Frequency of spawning: Uncommon.

    Targets: Everything that looks killable.

    Size: 3 blocks wide and 6 blocks long, With a 3.5 block thickness.

    ...I hate numbers.
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    posted a message on Overheal.
    Yes, Overheal.

    Consuming a health potion may allow you to heal up to 150% your normal health, Overheal would slowly decay after being applied meaning you won't be able to run around with an extra 5 hearts forever like a jackass.

    And yes, I've been playing too much medic recently. >.>
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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XVI: Survivors of the Apocalypse Edition
    Quote from Dextrous

    Who exactly are you referring to?
    Let's see...

    In the recent updates discussion you usually have avout 50 or so threads on the front page titled "WAAAAAH!!!1! I HATE *feature here*"

    Then there's suggestions, Where the same ideas that 90% of everyone hates are being thrown around. Usually with 3 of the same suggestion on the same page... The occasional gem of an idea is usually drowned out by the stupid.

    Don't forget the servers section, Where every survival server is xXxXx_GRIEF CRAFT_xXxXx [FACTIONS][PAY2WIN][MCMMO][DOUCHEBAGADMINS]

    ...Then there's off topic, Which is actually a nice place.
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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XVI: Survivors of the Apocalypse Edition
    Quote from Trippledot

    *gasp* wurmy~
    I miss you~!

    Also i do, somewhat n.n
    You'd see me alot more if this forum wasn't 87% braindead sods who post crap that gives me seizures. :U

    Quote from Dextrous

    I'm pretty sure it is when you become a higher ranking officer in the military.
    It's also a cause of raging in Call of Duty.
    Oh, Cawladooty.

    Never played so I wouldn't know, I try to stay away from generic shooty games.
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