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    posted a message on I'm looking to start a minecraft modding team.

    Quote from Zomb3Arts»

    Alright, this is nothing personal man, but no1 on earth is going to be willing to do a job for free

    Its nothing personal, but how old are you. have you ever heard of internship. Plus its not abut getting paid to do it. Its about getting your work out there.

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    posted a message on ||MCManic|| Looking to recruit for a mod team.

    I am looking for some people that would like to join me in creating a "Magic" Medieval era based mod with lore. The main goal will to have about 7 "Kingdoms" (lore wise) with 2-3 gods each. Each Kingdom will have their own mod. The gods will be used as a way to give certain buffs and debuffs to the player/s. The players have a choice to follow one god and gain a higher amount of the buff depending on how much they please them or they can be polytheistic and follow multiple but face having defects or debuffs. Each Kingdom(or race) will have their own skill set. For instance, the dwarfs will have a buff that gives them a possibility to drop more gold and iron when mining their ores. This will be a "Skill" that they can Level up over time. There will be one of these ore "Buffs/Skills" for each Kingdom. Each kingdom will also replace villagers and make the "mobs of the kingdom" the villagers. Basically rewriting the ai. The goal in the villager overwrite is to make it into a RPG like NPC, where they have jobs you can watch them do.

    NOTE:This mod will not be having its own kingdoms and worlds. It is just like a village, small and out of the way. The only difference is it would be more immersive.

    The goal for this "Test" mod is bellow.


    The first "Chapter" will be based around the Dwarfs.

    This Dwarvish "land" will contain of many ores. They will prosper in Gold, Iron, and Steel with a close "Steampunk" feel.
    Basically when you choose to be a part of the dwarven covenant you get up to a x3 drop when you mine one of those ores.
    They will have to learn over time and gain skill and get use to a new tool. For every "new" tool you use, you have to get use
    to it again(unless your at least an _Expert level miner). Its kind of like driving a new car. Not every car has the same type of breaks.
    Other ores will be Tin, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Nickel, Zinc, <Dark Iron and Dark Steel>.

    Ores: (*= the amount of Multiplier the can get depending on the level of skill)
    -Bronze |3 X Tin + 1 X Tin|
    -Dark Iron |Double Smelt but not in furnace|
    -Dark Steel |Double Smelt but not in furnace|




    Replace Villagers with Dwarfs.
    Replace sheep model and add rams.
    Replace cow model and add bulls, deer, antelope.
    Replace normal tool crafting.
    Replace zombies and skeletons with better versions.
    Add "Giants" and Goblins.
    Add More Nature.
    Add skill tree

    Add spiritual tree

    Add Books

    Add Jobs

    And some more


    I would like to expand of this mod but i know i will need help. If you are interested in joining the team or if you'd just like to watch the progress join this discord.


    Please dm me if you join.


    Looking for::




    -sound designer


    I am open for any ideas and suggestions. If you think you have a skill that i have not listed and would like to join. just dm me and we can talk.

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