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    posted a message on After updating today I cant login to my own private server...
    Probably, but the world will change to Anvil, a new map generation thing, it involves the height limit, the world should be find though.
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    posted a message on Feature Leak for Upcoming Snapshot
    Finally!! Upside down stairs!!!
    For his we need to add a Jeb emoticon!
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    posted a message on Ant Farm Survival
    Looks amazing! Going to try it right away :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Tour of my old Single Player world.
    That was amazing! Diamonds for you! :Diamond::Diamond: :Diamond::Diamond::Diamond::Diamond::Diamond:
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    posted a message on Hardcore Survival
    Quote from skiffman7080

    haha this is cool.........we should port this world into a server and play together?

    As I said, i'm a noob and don't know how to make a server, plus i wanted to see how long i could last alone, so srry, but thx :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Hardcore Survival
    Hey, I had a cool idea.

    Now, I pretty much always play on peaceful, hate dying, and mainly suck at minecraft. So i thought, "I wonder how long I could last in a Hardcore World?" At first i thought "Not long"

    SO, I tried doing a hardcore world.

    [justfornarwhals]DAY ONE[/justfornarwhals]

    This is the view from my base when i just started

    :biggrin.gif: Wolf in pond.

    Later on I built a door and replaced some of the wall with cobblestone

    Yeah not much of an improvement.

    The inside of my base, not the best but good enough to start in.

    While making the roof higher, i found some coal :biggrin.gif:

    After mining it away, i have more space to work with in my base.

    Started a pumpkin farm (that isn't doing well) since i had a pumpkin.

    Night Falls

    Scared of mobs, just watching the fullish moon.

    [justfornarwhals] DAY TWO [/justfornarwhals]

    Went to get sand, really nervous.

    Getting wood and saplings, still nervous.

    Improved the front door to see outside better.

    Outside of my cooler base.

    Tree farm

    Half moon (anyone else notice moon phases?)

    Even cooler base door (if i'm gunna survive, might as well make it look cool)

    [justfornarwhals] DAY THREE [/justfornarwhals]
    The hunt for food.

    Well, i decided to hunt for food as i'm starving in minecraft. So i explored on top of the mountain my base is built into. What i found was pretty amazing.



    Surroundings of my spawn (like it matters, this is hardcore.)

    Sheep? Or a mean of sleeping?

    My new bed :biggrin.gif:

    I stopped taking pictures here because there was a risk of dying of starvation. I just wanted to know more about hunger, so i'm going to the wiki now. Thx for reading this post!

    Here, it was inevitible i was going to die, so i decided to use up my resources
    Here is a (failed) creeper face

    I watch the last moon i'll ever see (in that world)

    And now i go to bed.

    [justfornarwhals] DAY FOUR [/justfornarwhals]
    The end :sad.gif:

    Well, when i woke up, i had half a drumstick left, not good. I knew i was going to die and there was nothing i could do... so i went up to that mountain range one last time.

    Took a cool picture of the sun in the middle of the day while starving.

    I looked back to the mountain range with half a heart left. And then i jumped and fell to my death yelling "TAKE THIS HUNGER!!!"


    A noob can last around 4 days or so.

    I've also learned to respect the hunger bar... and hate it.

    Sorry about the rendering, i have had to take pictures fast or somethings gunna get me. Just my luck :Spider: :Zombie: :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Sheep:
    Anyways, I'll post newer pictures in replies, Hope you liked this :biggrin.gif:
    Actually i can just edit the post, so nvm about replying.

    I died D:
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    posted a message on Nooby Question
    Hey, this will probably make me sound like a noob, (which i am) but how do you post pictures in forum posts? Please help me D: Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on OMG HELP
    How to Uncrash your minecraft in 7 easy steps.

    1:Just click on start at the bottom left of computer screen.
    2:In search, type in run and press enter.
    3:Type in %appdata%
    4:Look for .minecraft and open it.
    5:Delete Bin
    6:Open minecraft.
    7:Accept the new update.
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