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    Welcome! MCSmashBros is a uniquely custom coded server featuring some of the most erratic PvP gamemodes ever! MCSmashBros features 5 main gamemodes, 1 of which makes the server stand out. SmashWars!

    SmashWars is one of the most rarest gamemodes across all servers, handsdown. The entire premises of this gamemode is to get as many KOs before 5 minutes runs out! You start out on a floating map, players spawn on platforms and begin to battle using their kit abilities, boosting around and back onto the map with their rocket-boost, and grab map powerups to solidify more KOs on the scoreboard!

    This is summarizing the gamemode itself into but a few sentences, but for you visual learners, here's how the game actually works:

    This specific gamemode is also built upon nearly 10,000 lines of code. It took me 2-3 months to finalize the project, fixing 99% of all bugs, adding new kits and abilities, adjusting the knockback mechanics, creating new maps, creating player interacting maps (DreamLand & Planet-Z), and structuring the overall performance of the codes to work harmonically together.

    Here's a video of me showing how many lines this gamemode actually uses.

    SmashWars can be very competitive. With the combination of boosting and getting aerial KOs or dealing aerial damage creates a different type of PvP skill, I call this skill Aerial Competence. The ability to predict your enemies movements and boost accordingly to KO them makes this gamemode very unique!

    SmashWars Competitive (Future): Once this server gains a community of at least 10-20 people per day, I'm going to host live-streamed, 1v1 brackets, whereas the winners of the final 3 will get money payouts!

    The server features other amazing gamemodes like ExplosionWars, RaceToTheFinish, AerialWars, & DeadOrAlive!

    YOUTUBER NOTICE: I'm looking for YouTubers who get over 10k views per video on their channel, I will accept 5k over but the views have to be persistent. I'm willing to offer $500 for a partnership between the YouTuber and the server! I also have tons of other perks I'm going to include for this YouTuber as well, not just relating to the server.

    Interested in the server? Come try it with a friend! It's super unique and it's going to blast off super soon!

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    DESC & HISTORY: StoneKits is one of few servers to be custom coded with SoupPvP! StoneKits had been shutdown for 2 years and is finally coming back! StoneKits was inspired by McPVP's very own KitPvP, eventually involving kits overtime, more and more was added to the StoneKits server, following crates, economy, and missions! The server has went through many different titles, such as GreenPvP, GreenCraft, and XeneonPvP! The same coding that has been put into this server is the coding that's become a project for more than 4 years of carrying on!

    Features: StoneKits features a variety of kits, abilities, and economy! There is also a gambling system, in which you can gamble credits... Credits are essential to the economy of StoneKits... For each time you kill a player, their "worth" is added to your balance, increasing your worth and ELO for every kill! Credits can be used to purchase different style kits on the server! When gambling credits, a pot starts at the first value put in, then from there on more players may join in. Each player is given a win chance for every deposit. If 2 players deposit 50 credits... there is a 50-50 chance they'll both win. If a player deposits 10 credits and another deposits 90 credits... one player has a 10-90 chance and the other has a 90-10 chance! Crates are another big feature! There are currently 3 types of crates. Primary, Premium, and Ability! Primary crates contain chances of getting between 100-5000 credits! You're able to obtain them by killing players, but it's a 1% chance per kill. Missions... well they're self explanatory... You first select what type of mission you wish to perform, then from there on you work on your mission, after completed, you're awarded either credits or crates!

    Staff: Considering this is a new server, there are chances for staff... HOWEVER... I'm not accepting any staff at the moment. This is due mainly to, well, many of the players that join and ask for staff.... usually end up griefing... That's just a common issue... So, to fix this, players will be eligible to apply for staff based on time spent on the server... if they've been a consistent player, then they're eligible to apply for staff.. Considering staff need to be on the servers as much as possible, too! I'm currently developing a application form that will be available to many during the future!

    Kits> The server is mainly comprised of it's variety of kits... there are several different kits purchasable with credits, that range in abilities! There are obviously ranked kits for those who wish to become more "powerful" than others and would like a wider range of kits, more credits per kill, and special features.

    Ranks> There are 3 types of ranks that are purchasable... VIP, MVP, and PRO... Each rank will be in described as soon as the website is up! Hint: VIP, MVP, and PRO get a larger amount of kits rather than default personnel.

    So if you're open to honing your PvP skills... with or without soup... this server is one of the best places to practice! You get a wide range of kits and also things to do! Give it a try? Why not :)?


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    More Missions

    Bigger Jackpot


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    Big Update:

    Added new Spawn

    Working on SurvivalGames

    More Missions

    More ways to earn EXP!

    EXP Rankup>

    - Get crates [Regular/Premium/Ultra]

    - Get expensive in-game items

    - More!

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    Welcome to XeneonPvP!

    XeneonPvP is a faction based server that evolves around a Custom Coded Economy! Unlike any other Faction server, we specialize in unique coding into our servers. We also take community requests (post what you think should be coded/added into the server).

    What are the current plugins:
    (Custom Coded plugin)
    [Login and type: /plugins to view our/u] plugins!]

    What are the main functions of the server:
    Custom Coded SurvivalGames:
    SurvivalGames but custom coded, we're adding kits and more stuff into it!
    Custom Coded Economy: Economy, coins, which allow you to buy items in the shop GUI /shop and soon to be more.
    Custom Coded Groups:
    Unique custom coded group system, along with default, donor and staff ranks!
    Custom Coded Crates:
    The crate system has 3 crates. Regular, Premium and Ultra. Each crate contains expensive, economy worth, items. The premium crates have a chance of winning ranks! The ultra crates have a chance of winning a special item in-game that is priceless and very useful :).
    Custom Coded Missions:
    Missions are goals that allow players to earn EXP faster so they can rankup and get goodies. (The EXP Ranking system will be below). There are a variety of missions each week, and each mission can gain you EXP depending on the difficulty/name.
    Custom Coded EXP Rankup System:
    The EXP Rankup System is a system that challenges players to complete goals (missions) and get awards from ranking up. Those awards can be, 1. Expensive in-game items, or 2. Crates, Ranks, and a super rare item that is useful in-game. This system is great for those who want to challenge themselves ingame and get awards after ranking up!

    So what are you waiting for? The fun awaits you! Weather you want to chill and survive, or have fun with friends. This is the server for you!

    Join now :D! IP: XeneonPvP.Tk

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    Obviously every game will not live forever. Look at Nintendo games, they are not a HUGE success anymore, people don't buy as much systems and games, but there is no Mojang company to affiliate with Minecraft anymore. Minecraft now belongs to Microsoft, which gives Minecraft a WHILE before it ever goes out of business. Things might have been slow when the EULA came out long ago, but now Minecraft has a huge opportunity with Microsoft, considering that Microsoft is world leading in electronics.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion on how I look at things, I've quit MC long ago, retired developer with mods and servers, but MC still has a chance at makin' the long run with Microsoft.

    ~Greeny | Cheers

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    posted a message on [EULA] Does it still exist? Or void?
    Thanks for the reply, sunperp!

    Thanks for giving me some detail about my question. Another question, I might ask, is:

    If Mojang was getting several reports about the money issue from parents, then can't Microsoft say otherwise?
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    Hello good people of the Minecraft Forums!

    I am here just to clarify if the Minecraft EULA is void or still instate since Mojang has been purchased by Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars. If this is true, then anyone please leave some information in the comments to help me understand? I have, practically, quit Minecraft and began working at the age of 14 and I am having a good life. But since Minecraft was the beginning of my first job, learning Java and selling products on my server, I have to at least learn the updates and keep track of it.

    One thing I did realize is that Mojang never instated that they were gonna enforce the EULA back in 2014. But never did since Microsoft bought Mojang.

    Another question: Does this mean that since Mojang has been purchased by Microsoft, that the Bukkit community will still live on? Including any other Java related server executors?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post and my question :D!

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    Finally for 1.7.10!
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    Everything you just said in there is compared to life. Do you not see the words I have said? Or did you drink to much Dr.Pepper :3?
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    Quote from Deonyi»
    So how do these trees and crops work? Do they grow, get harvested, and planted again? Or are they perrenial? How do the trees work? How does one obtain the seeds? Do they randomly generate in the world? How much hunger do they sate?


    It's just a general idea. If I was to create something specific for all the plants, the post would be a bore.
    Quote from BaxterNickolai»
    would these plants come form bushes or the trees themselves and will you get nothing off harvesting the bushes or trees?

    Some Support

    I think some of them would be, like raspberries. So yes, some of them would be like that. Thanks for the support!
    Quote from Kingpin6969»
    Add a lot more detail; would you harvest them in a certain way? Are some more rare than others? Which biomes would they be found in? If you added more then I would have full support but right now it is very vague but if it was implemented with more detail and ideas I could see this becoming a great addition. Partial Support.

    Again, adding to much additional information to this would make it really really long. I mean, you would obviously have to have the plants and trees generate into the world somehow. Like into a certain biome or on a certain spot in the hill.
    Quote from creeper_8888»
    Support <3 I like fruit and vegtables crops/tree <3 Yes i like new food items fruit/vegtables

    Thanks for the support!
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    If the poster of this Topic thinks this should be in MC. Why doesn't he just get a MC mod maker to make a mod for him doing what the Topic says? I mean, if it's not gonna be loved by people, then it should be into a Mod if it means this much to him.

    ~mrgreen33gamer | Josh
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    Quote from Arsenous»
    That is where you're wrong Badprenup, the most fun element of Minecraft is micromanaging things like farms and grinders, so having to maintain another bar should be just as fun.

    Dude, you should just make a poll seeing if any extra bars or current bars are likable in MC. Like if people like it or not.

    ~mrgreen33gamer | Josh
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    Again, Mojang's goal is to make MC look a little more realistic. Now maybe a heat-signature device would be more proper. After all, Mojang wants a little more redstone in their game.

    ~mrgreen33gamer | Josh
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