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    I have a Name-tag. I want a Paint Can before I name something, though.
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    Make them move about as fast as a zombie and make a loud noise while moving. Also, make them rare. About as rare as clay.
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    One day you wonder why the heck you're playing another FPS.

    Nintendo doesn't set that price in Britain. They have a base price that stores edit. Remember, the screen resolution has double the pixels on the top screen and there's the bottom screen. So instead of there being a bunch of maps and HUDS on the top screen they're all on the lower one.
    The iPhone 4 does NOT slaughter it. We don't even have the specs on it, but whatever they are, I'm SURE that it's more powerful than a simple phone.
    And about seeing the shape shift, that will somehow be implemented. You'll have to see what developers do to the system.
    I'm not going to forget about them. It's impossible to. Nintendo outsold Sony and Microsoft this gen. And one QUICK, TINY, THING:

    Nintendo jumped aboard the casual market to grab more gamers, they lured Sony an M-soft into a trap that's the casual market. They spent money working on technology that is not going to outreach towards hardcore gamers. Which means Nintendo made everybody gobble up the Wii, then they made a 180 and started appealing to the hardcore market again, while Sony and Microsoft are on the OTHER boat, the hardcore jumps onto the Nintendo boat because of the lack of games on the other consoles.
    Nintendo played a trump card.
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    Quote from Skillkills »
    Ditto. That pink ****er is badass and can turn into any of yall.

    And it can mate with anything. The perfect pokemon for perverts.
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