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    posted a message on ROBLOX review
    ROBLOX isn't even focused as a game anymore. It's focused as a hat-simulator... That's a million times worse then TF2.
    Not to mention we don't even know what the heck the devs are doing up in their building. I have a strange feeling that they're making ROBLOX 2.0 that fixes all of the problems of the first one, as there's no way that all the people there are working on HAAAAAAAAAATSSS
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    posted a message on US Politics
    Kick China's current government out of power. Get their money. Stop the people there from being screwed up anymore.

    Because you can't own money to yourself.

    Quote from Nakiato »
    Step up taxes, especially on the rich
    End military aggression
    Vastly reduce the military budget
    Create a single-payer healthcare system
    Renegotiate NAFTA so as to bring jobs back to America
    End corporate welfare and corporate crime
    End the personhood of corporations
    Allow the people to force a national vote
    Support solar energy, restrict disastrous pollution
    Support college students in order to allow more people to become educated
    Raise the minimum wage to $8 an hour, and then in another 2 years after, $10 an hour
    Current undocumented immigrants who are workers or children should be granted equal rights
    Open a guest worker system that would allow people from other countries to easily come work in the US with a guaranteed protection of rights

    1. How about we just change the tax system itself to something called the Fair Tax? Win-win.
    2. I think our current position is fine, thank you very much. We should probably put up a fight to people attacking us.
    3. Because we need to be taken over by China or something, amirite? No.
    4. Oh look, more things that I have to pay for other people. No.
    5. Because the government's purpose is to create jobs, amirite?
    6. Agree with you here. I think. I'll just leave it at no comment, as I'm too lazy to look it up.
    7. No.
    8. Wow, a point I agree with you on. I do think that there should be an 80% national vote to throw a president out of office.
    9. Solar energy would be nice if it didn't take up all the space in deserts. Let's stick with gas for now, it seems to be working fine... And don't say that the middle east controls our gas supply. We have so much in Alaska that we are just letting sit there it's sad.
    10. You know, people in college don't want to learn. Why do I know this? My dad works at one. I've read his papers with him sometimes, it's sad how stupid people are. Maybe we should just change the fact that we need college for a lot of jobs.
    11. Let's see... 2006, minimum wage raised. Economy goes down the toilet later. And wasn't the world a horrible place without minimum wage!? I mean, how DID we survive for 200 years without it!? The pay must have been dirt cheap! ...Oh, wait.
    12. Second point I agree with you on. First... They came in illegally, they go back to their own country.
    13. Sounds good. Let's test it on a smaller scale first. I mean, that IS what states are about, right?
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    posted a message on Minecraft overtakes Obama
    Obama would play minecraft and whine about how capitalism sucks for a world.
    Oh. Wait. I believe Minecraft is doing fine, without prices becoming overly inflated.
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    posted a message on New Map Generator - The Golden Tunnels
    To anybody who wants to get on the roof or escape the tunnels:
    1. Download MineEdit
    2. Load your world
    3. Replace all Adminium with Air.
    4. Have fun!

    I haven't tried this yet, but I will next chance I get. Looks awesome.
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    posted a message on You're in a zombie apocalypse..
    All of the above.

    A knife and crowbar aren't that hard to carry. The portal gun might be heavy, but it still wouldn't be heavy enough that you couldn't carry one of the 2 melee weapons.
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    posted a message on Your Life Plans.
    Graduate from college in programming. Depending on the state of the world will be what I do. If the world has decided to not be what it's starting to turn into now, I'd have a normal life. If not... I'd get a group of people and escape into the mountains and live a life of freedom. And then I'd get rid of the crap then.

    I want both. But that's not going to happen. I feel like I'm meant to do something. I dunno what, but I know I'm going to do SOMETHING important.
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    posted a message on Extending the license for Future updates free! Read Please.
    Notch isn't going to charge us for every update. He only removed this line so major expansions (like 10x the size of the halloween update) don't get given to most people for free.
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    posted a message on QuestCraft - The Only SSP Beta RPG
    More please!
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    posted a message on I would like to clear something up
    Exactly. This community thinks they already bought the game. You only pre-ordered it. Now test the darn thing and send in bugs so Notch can fix them!
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    posted a message on 818181 people...
    Christmas '09. Indev didn't even exist then.
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    posted a message on The Internet Censorship Has Begun: We Need to Stop This!
    The last thing they want to do is to get rid of 4chan and similar things like that.
    Why? Because if they do... Bad things happen. Real bad things. Perverted people who have been hiding on the internet will have nowhere to go to. Not even an army could stand up to them.
    Just why internet censorship will never work on a grand scale.

    And the second reason... Is me. I'm not letting this happen. No. Never. No way. 4chan gets shutdown? I'm going to lead the darn revolution. You don't take down my internet. Not ever.
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    posted a message on got any paranormal or alien stories? share them!
    Me and my friend heard a train... In a town that hasn't had any trains for a long time. And no tracks for miles.
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    posted a message on [REQ] I HAVE THE BEST MOD IDEA
    This would be hard to do. And it isn't the best mod ever.
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    posted a message on Pokecraft: Pokemon World and Bidoof_King's Playhouse
    I'd come back to work on Sinnoh, but Creative is so horrible compared to Alpha (soon to be Beta) that I can't put up with it. If the server was in Alpha I'd definitely go back to it. Heck, if I did, I'd want to completely remake the entire thing with bigger elevation difference.
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    posted a message on Dutch commercials beat Japanese commercials anyday
    I had nightmares because of this.
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