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    posted a message on Trouble start a indie company
    I have all ways had great video game ideas and my friends all tell be that i should make one in to a game.
    But i have try to make one in the past but never really works so i was wondering if there is a place where people can find people to make a game thoughter :D
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    posted a message on Aleda part 1
    http://www.mediafire.com/?mrbdz55babpk9au the map dose not have much but it is some thing play it and respawn on this page i am working on it more and makeing it way bigger keep a eye out for
    update's :Flint and Steel:
    use the http://www.retributiongames.com/quandary/ for best map expereence
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    posted a message on I need help setting up a mapping team.
    i would like to help i have all of those skills exepat redstone i have a you tube channel so we could get pablisady :rolleyes:
    what is the minecraft ip
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    posted a message on HARDCORE MINECRAFT lp
    I would be awesome to come and see my new let's play people :rolleyes: :biggrin.gif:

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    posted a message on Web site
    I was woundering if any of you are programers that can help me program a website. I have a good idea and if anyone could help out with programing that would be great. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Making mods easyer to install
    I was woundering if anyone out there could tell me where good modding tutorails are and if there is a simpler way to install mods like in the minecraft pre relases if you can just replace you jar file in stead of useing 7 zip of win rar
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    posted a message on Recruiting for a Skyrim Custom Map!
    Quote from MinersUndead

    I am planning on creating a Skyrim custom map, but I would need some help!
    If you would like to help me, and get your name in the credits, fill out this form and private message it to me.

    *Experience with creating/playing custom maps:
    *Experience with redstone:
    *Experience with Skyrim/Elder Scrolls:
    *Email Address:
    Experience with Games:

    * required

    How this will work: You will give me your email in the form above, I will email you if you are accepted. I will work on the map a little, then email the save to you (You are
    responsible for keeping back-ups of every emailed save!!!) you will work on whatever I asked you to work on then email your save to me, I may then email it to another worker.

    Work times: You will be given 1-2 days to do your part, 3 failures and you will be fired. There will be no specific hours.

    Why I will not have a server: Lag and greifing. End of conversation.

    Why I want you to join: Skyrim is a game with up to 300 hours of gameplay, one person cannot create a replica of Skyrim by him/herself in a short amount of time.

    Not everyone will be accepted. Those will exceptional spelling, grammar, and experience will be accepted.

    i am working on one my self and i play ones like skyrim and i know so me good elements i have been playing minecraft for over a year now and i am ok with red stone i can teach and have a good amout of knoledge i just got a fourms acount i have a youtube channel so i could advertise it that way. i am 13 in a half [email protected]
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