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    Hey. Can I speak to you in discord about the server, Kraken#0055


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    posted a message on Beyond Horizon [Mature] Looking for staff & Players [Relaunch of 250+ daily player server]

    1.) Real Name? (not required) Jaxon

    2.) Age? 13

    3.) Skype? csgomaster9. Discord is Kraken#0055

    4.) IGN? BlockBuster6m

    5.) *What are you applying for as a developer? (Plugins, Web Development?) Plugin Configurator / Developer

    6.) *Is your code clean? Yes

    7.) Do you have experience with Git, Jenkins, or Maven? Git and Jenkins
    (Or if you're a web developer, do you use a certain Stack? What languages?_

    Git and Jenkins. I also know how to code in C#, JS, C++, HTML, Java and CSS

    8.) *How long have you been developing/coding? 2 years

    9.) *Links to sourcecode/past projects (Websites, plugins, software, games) I dont really want to share my source code. Message me on discord for it. Kraken#0055.

    10.) Anything else you can bring to the table? I can also create quality discord bots and configure discords that look good.

    11.) *Describe your personality to us? I am in grade 8 and am kind, careful and commit to jobs.

    12.) Have you visited us on the discord in the link at the top of the post?: Yes.


    I hope you enjoy. -Jaxon

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    posted a message on 💎TigerHiveMC💎 - 🔸Staff And Players Needed


    You spend almost half an hour to find that ‘perfect server.’ You come across something that is just average. You join, and you see it replicate the hundreds of other servers. Why?
    Here at TigerHiveMC, your hunt is over. We deliver the most premium Faction Server experience that any other server, big or small, could NOT compete.

    What Makes us Different?
    With the combination of numerous amount of plugins, our dedicated and premium Staff, and our unique and infinite ideas bring a new platform to the Minecraft community.

    Want to Join the Fun?

    We need individuals like YOU to join our server! We host giveaways, offer referral rewards (even real-life gift cards!), and try to do some wacky games in-chat! Enjoy yourself!

    Join Here!

    Age of 14 or Above
    Access to a Working Microphone
    A Flexible Working Schedule
    Cannot be Staff on other Servers

    Please Note the Following:
    Exceptions can be made based on the situation.
    Other requirements may need to be met.
    Even if you meet all the requirements, you are not guaranteed to be accepted.

    Trial Moderator
    Trial Moderator are essential to our network. While they do have the opportunity for promotions, it requires an immense amount of time, work, and dedication. Because these individuals are often the face of the network, they must go through a few more steps than the other positions. All Trial Moderator must be able to: have a sense of maturity and fun, have a personality and character, help players in hundreds of scenarios, and be able to report and execute punishments effectively.

    1) Join The Discord Server: https://discord.gg/w4bKWHX

    2) Email [email protected] Why You Would Like To Be Staff.

    *It is beneficial if you make the app easy to read.

    We appreciate your interest for our server!

    Feel free to direct any questions to me: Kraken#0055

    The current server Manager.
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