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    posted a message on *~~~~Elysium~~~~* ~ 18+ ~ Extremely Active!!!
    IGN: mrbananacheeks
    Age: 26
    Country: USA
    Motivation to join: After a few years of single-player, I'd like to get back into multiplayer, and join a small, tight-knit community.
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    posted a message on NEW SERVER! SpiderPvE | Mature 18+ Only | Whitelist | 100% Vanilla Server | Opening Soon!
    1. mrbananacheeks (looking forward to the IGN changing feature)
    2. 25
    3. I've been playing for 2.5 years now. I'm a strong miner/resource finder and almost always find ways to survive, even when in the nether with leather armor. I'm still weak with using redstone.
    4. I'd like to join because the servers I've been playing on recently closed due to server member activity dropping drastically. Servers simply can't thrive when you're one of two people that sign on in a 3 month period.

    5. Yup, yup, yup! These rules make for a great server.
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    posted a message on New Vanilla SMP Whitelist Server 18+ [5 People Max]
    IGN: mrbananacheeks

    Hey, I'm Tylerr. I'm 24, and looking for the same kind of server. I like to build simple, larger castles, but within proximity to others if possible, so I would very up to building a small community with a small group of people. I play a wide variety of videogames, but mostly indie games recently. My play-time varies a lot as well due to an almost full time schedule at work, but I do play often, and like to pop in for 30 minutes here and there, with around one or more multi-hour visits.

    Oh, and I very rarely Skype due to an aging laptop.
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    posted a message on A whitelisted, friendly, vanilla minecraft server!
    Minecraft account name: mrbananacheeks

    Age (optional): 24

    Maturity out of 10: 10

    Country (for time zones, also optional): USA (EST)

    If your first language wasn't English, are you fluent in it? (1-10):

    What are you especially good at in minecraft?: Mining

    Describe yourself: I'm simply a gamer looking for a fresh, new, friendly vanilla Minecraft community/server to become a part of.

    Why do you want to join?: It's a newer server, and so it's less likely to have had time to develop cliques and raiding/griefing enemies.

    Have you ever been banned? If so, what for?: No

    Would you like to do a let's play on this server? (not required, just curious): Potentially, but I don't generally do many LPs.

    Do you watch let's plays? If so, who are some of your favorite let's players?: Yes, Zack Scott mostly, the rest are just personal friends or randoms I find.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Around 1.2

    How long would you want to stay on this server?: As long as the community stays friendly, really.

    How often would you be able to come on the server?: A few times per week. Once a week I play a little longer, but the rest of the time, I like playing in short 30-40 minute bursts here and there.

    What are you looking for in a server?: A friendly community without PVP and griefing, where we trade items, help each other out, and do everything to better the server and community.

    Anything else you would like to add: Thanks for your consideration!
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    posted a message on [Closed]LowCraft - Friendly, Survival, Mature, Whitelist, CommunitDedicaded, Lag-Free, Smally, No-PvP, Anti-Grief, and Weekly E
    1. How long have you played Minecraft?
    A: Since Minecraft went out of Beta

    2. Location
    A: USA

    3. Age
    A: 24

    4. Amount of time you spend playing weekly?
    A: Some weeks it's 4 hours, others it's 10+

    5. Have you ever been banned or kicked from a server?
    A: Nope

    6. Pictures(if any) of your greatest builds and/or any other info about yourself you feel like sharing!
    A: I'm a big fan of strong communities. I play to mine and build castles, and I like to help out others.

    7. How did you find/hear about LowCraft?
    A: Minecraft Forum I believe. I am looking for a friendly PVP-free server, and this one caught my eye.

    8. Finally your IGN(In Game Name)
    A: mrbananacheeks
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    posted a message on *NEW* 1.4.6 Survival Server - Gamr's Vanilla
    My IGN is mrbananacheeks, I'm 23 and have been playing Minecraft for close to a year already. I am primarily a frequent Minecraft-er due to my love of building small redstone creations, castles and pagodas. I am also a mining addict :P I would love to join this mostly-vanilla server, and after reading this thread, I'm very excited to potentially join a server that enforces their no-grief policies. Thank you very much for your time.
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    posted a message on SkyblockME :) ~BRAND NEW 1.5.1 ~ [FREE RANK :)] {Apply Now} [Website] [Anti-Grief] [24/7] [No Lag] "The Way Skyblock Should Be P
    *Application Deleted*

    Sorry about the post, seconds after applying, I was sent an invitation to a private server with close friends. Thanks anyways!
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