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    Quote from NoMoreFelonies

    As ethically justified as your complaints are, I'm still compelled to challenge you to find me a single instance in which a court determined that this kind of behavior - stealing or misappropriating modifications to computer games - was illegal and someone was successfully prosecuted for it, in civil or criminal court. (Meaning, where the plaintiff won.) A case where such a dispute was settled out of court would also suffice.

    This just illustrates your misunderstanding of the situation. Mods are either derived or original works. All such works are protected by copyright. Literally EVERY copyright claim ever is such an example case.

    I'm absolutely positive that if China gave more than two craps about copyright, 300 heroes (Clone of LOL) and H.A.V.E and Final Combat (Korean and Chinese clones of TF2) would have been sued into oblivion.
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    Quote from shanemiller89

    So as it stands now, I see it as very beneficial to only use Logisitics pipes for my storage network. At this point I'd only want redpower for the wiring, frames, and aesthetic additions. However, is there any advantages a redpower2 based sorting system could have that a logistics pipes system would not?

    Redpower is built around the philosphy of "No magic blocks" which logistics really, REALLY isn't. Logistic pipes are great, and the equivalent set up in RP2-6 will be managers and sorting machines. They just feel far more "Real" than a special pipe that's smart enough to do what it does. The overlap of chassis pipes with the original Logistics Pipes makes it feel kind of clunky, and personally the only really awesome feature it has over RP2 is the crafting pipes that communicate with an auto-crafting table, which is far harder than RP2 can do it currently.

    Hopefully one of the hidden bonuses or next projects that gets added to RP2 is an autocrafting solution in some form. Project tables new plans seem like the Tier1 version of something awesome that will be coming soon.

    Now, to the tosspots telling people that RP2 should be open source, the answer, as a dev, is a resounding "God no, please god no".


    From here:
    "Good software arises when one or more very good programmers work closely full time together over a period of time developing, maintaining and improving it."

    You open up a gargantuan number of problems by doing so, not the least of which involves taking something you've worked on extensively over a long period of time and basically giving it away for free to whoever feels like taking it. That is only one part of a large number of issues.
    • Elo would end up having to be a source code manager as opposed to a developer, making it harder to steer the project, add features she feels necessary and keep control.
    • MASSIVE amounts of time end up being dedicated to management and control instead of ideas and development. Given that time is already her biggest (And arguably, only) issue, this is a problem.
    • The Minecraft community is filled with a huge number of idiots who all think they know better than everyone how something should be done, filling the code base with pointless forks, commits and pull requests.
    • The gains are almost non-existant. What we would have now would be a version of 1.2.5 that has been ported up. Any other features would be user-requests, and implementing them would almost certainly be against the ideas that Elo has for the mod as a whole.
    To be honest, it would not surprise me in the least if she HAS been sharing code with the Forgecraft people.

    If you would push for RP2 to be OSS, then you should also push TC3 as well. And every other mod. And it simply won't happen. Becoming OSS is not a shortcut to quicker update times, and I would argue that it would in fact generally slow them down.

    Yes, you might (very big might) have a ported copy of 1.2.5 RP in your 1.4 world. But it would have a large number of bugs still, and would not have any of the new features. And then, when Elo DOES want to add a feature, she has to work around the hacks, coding conventions, mistakes, thought processes and more of the people who rushed through to get a non-crashing version out ASAP after an update.

    Not. Worth. It.

    I would also like to remind people that Elo is, in a way, responsible for nearly EVERY mod in existence working well together, as she is a core contributor (or at the very least, was) to the Forge project. It's her Ore Dictionary in there, and I'm sure other people could list many more things that she has added. In the 1.3 update, she helped with that BEFORE even beginning working on her own mods, which most other authors didn't need to do, so when they all got going, she had to start updating from scratch.
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    I'm trying to work out how I can make a fully 6 degrees of freedom mining box. I think the smallest I can make is 11x11x9 or so. The problem is that at least two axes must be able to extend or retract 2 blocks in order to slip in behind the mining face of the final axis.

    You need a 6x6x5 or so "Engine" for movement in the middle, and then a "Front and back" of say, 9x9 each, but then to go upward, you need to be able to have those 9x9's retract by a couple of blocks. Then, to go sideways, both the 9x9's need to retract, as well as the roof and floor of the thing.

    I think it's doable, I have a plan anyway.

    Anyone else got any ideas? This will be my big target project once I have RP. Will initially be button controlled, then probably shifted to a Computer Craft computer (I really am not a fan of postfix and prefix notation languages).
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    Quote from Bluehorazon
    Stuff >>

    First basically all of our energy-transformation-system have losses of about 30%. Thats true for all unrenewable sources like nuclear power, coal-plants or oil/gas-plants. And that is also true for renewable sources like windpower or waterpower and well solarpoler is far away from reaching 70% efficiency.

    If you want to store one of them you propably don't want to store unrenewable sources. Nuclearpower is exspecially unappropriat since it isn't possible to regulate it, so it could only be used to supply the basic energy-demand (that is even there at night). Storing energy creates another loss, which is also around 30% (methan-transformation could reach up to 68% efficiency, but you lose another 40% burning the methan :P , while pump storage stations reach even a bit more). It is very easy to store large amounts of windpower, since you don't waste fuel producing the energy you store.

    Antimatter is just another fuel. An Antimatter plant and even a bit more reachable Fusion-Plants would never reach efficiency-ratios of current power-plants.

    Well 27% efficient means 27% efficient. Since Efficiency can only reach from 0 to 100% it's quite easy. You should know that efficiency is Energy-Input vs Energy-Output. Solar-Plants have an Efficiency of about 20%, since they transform 20% of the energy they absorb into electric-energy. So just to give you an idea over certain efficiencies:

    A diesel engine has an efficiency of 55%. So 55% of the chemical energy the fuel has in transformed into kinetic energy. Now if we speak about plants we have the following:

    Solar-Cells: 5 - 30% efficiency
    Nuclear-Power-Plants: About 33% efficiency
    Windpower: up to 50% efficiency
    Coal-Plant: 25 to 50% efficiency
    Gas-Plant: 60% efficiency
    Hydro-Plant: up to 90% efficiency

    So if you use a nuclear-power-plant the production of the fuel and the process of energy-production wastes 66% of the potential energy the uranium has. Since refining uranium to make it usable inside a power-plant is very complicated process nuclear energy is technically a bad idea, but since the fuel is a lot cheaper than most others it is economically clever since no country actually is prepared for working with the resulting wastes (which will cost billions in the future^^).

    I don't understand why people just can't use SI-Units... Normal gas has a value of about 43 MJ/kg or 57MJ/l, since a gallon should be about 3,7 liters (in america) or 4,5 litres (for the british... no idea why they even write liter differently^^). It would be about 4 times as much. So if you burn this a full tank of about 50 liters of gas you would expect to generate 2,8 GJ of energy. This would move a basic car a distance of about 1.400 km or about 900 miles. But since we waste about half the energy of our fuel we only manage about 700km or 450 miles. I used a car that uses 7l /100km as a basic most modern cars use even less, since you can only calculate driving in cities you propably use a lot more. My old Golf IV was cabable of driving about 730km with a full tank, which equals 5,8l /100km.

    And since we pay almost 2 dollars per liter not driving at all is even better^^.

    Wow, and I thought the mess in the toilets at work today was the biggest pile of crap I'd have to deal with.... There are so many things wrong with this, I won't be able to cover them all, but lets just pick a few choice tidbits:

    First, [Citation needed] on pretty much every single figure you posted.
    Nuclear energy is totally able to be regulated in its output.
    Wind generated power is no different in it's storage to any other form of generated power. It still gets stored the same way.
    Antimatter is no where near being a fuel. It takes way more energy to create situations that scientists THINK contain antimatter than it would be able to create as a fuel source.
    Antimatter and fusion reactors are all currently completely unattainable and thus moot.
    Your blathering on "efficiency" is laughable.
    The "Efficiency" of EVERY single one of those things is measured in COMPLETELY different ways, and are thus completely incomparable.
    WTF at litre and liter, both are exactly 1000mL, which is 1g water at standard pressure and temperature.
    One gallon is 3.785L, regardless of what country the litres happen to call home.
    America is the weird country when it comes to using imperial / metric / SI.
    You use , in place of . and vice versa over and over again.
    The best link for energy density of petrol / gasoline I could find puts it at 35MJ/L
    This would be 1.7GJ for a 50L tank, not 2.8.
    I have absolutely no idea how you translated this into a distance, especially as you made no mention of force, distance, work, newtons or other useful metrics, let alone the weight of the car.
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    Quote from okamon0823


    <English>There are changes coming, hopefully soon. Please speak English if you can.
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    Actually on topic post in bound....

    Quote from Golrith

    A block that I would love is a "randomiser" that sits at tube junctions, so that instead of an item always being sent to just the nearest available "container", it is randomly sent down a tube that has capacity to receive that item, similar to the way the Diamond Pipe works in Buildcraft. If I put 2 cobble on red, and 1 on blue, then I know that 33% of all my cobble will eventually go down the blue path, but I've not been able to work out how to do this with Tubes and Sorting machines, as they don't work with chances, just items and stacks.

    If you put 2 or more filters on the same piece of tube, items would be directed equally between them. So you could put 2 filters that merge into a single pipeline one way, and another going a different way.

    You could also use regulators, and soon, managers, to balance the load at the other end rather than at the tube.

    Quote from Nightmoore

    Where I'm from (America), that's called "squashing freedom of speech". If we're going to censor everything said here to a specific set of rules where nobody can even ask a question).

    Freedom of speech is the right of the people to question the government. It has no bearing at all on the rules a particular site, forum, or thread imposes on it's own members. You are more than welcome to go somewhere else and make your complaints. That is the freedom you have been afforded. There is no law stopping you from doing it at all, the rules simply do not let you do it HERE.
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    Requests and questions are directly proportionate to how long the mod has been without update. The nagging will go down, when people have information to work with. Until then unless this thread is locked, trying to stop it is a waste of time. Save your fingers some work.

    This thread WAS locked, because of that exactly. I can totally see it being locked again if people don't drop the whole arguing over what is happening issue and start talking about one of the following things, and only the following things:
    • News about the mod release
    • Cool things we made with 1.2.5 and RP
    • Interesting suggestions like the WallE bot.
    • News from DW20 or other mod streams of ForgeCraft showing new blocks/features
    Any discussion about "Oh I can't wait" "Stop bugging her" "Forge vs ModAPI" doesn't belong here.
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    Quote from unknowjondoe

    I used the words open source because I didn't want to quote the full terms that Mojang released.

    <Snipped Mojang stuff>

    And yes I realize it says "The code is yours." (I am paraphrasing) And yes Minecraft is open source becuase of this line "If you've bought the game, you may play around with it and modify it." (That is the deffinition of open source. Free to view and modify the code.)

    That is NOT the definition of open source. Open source means that the source code is distributed along with the finished product, NOTHING MORE. Any other rights that are explicitly waived by the IP holder can be included, but redistribution is the most commonly reserved right.

    Also, the line: "Plugins for the game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them"
    Means that the Mojang license doesn't even apply to mods. the expressly give those rights and their management over to the mod authors. The only thing you can't do is sell the mod. You could make your mod open source (buildcraft is I think, for instance) or you can choose not to. You have full IP rights over the mod.

    Quote from unknowjondoe

    The source code is in the .jar file. How do you think think they program mods that can change behavior of the game without having any access to the original code.

    Good thing you didn't become a programmer, at least not a Java one. The source is most assuredly NOT inside the jar file. That is compiled byte code, and requires decompiling (An action usually banned by the software license). Not only that, but Mojang deliberately obfuscates the code to make it HARDER to decompile (because java is inherently easy to). It took a concerted effort of many people to create the modding database and tools we have now.

    Quote from unknowjondoe

    So the mods I use to prevent creeper damage or user to change the game resolution or for example world edit don't touch the minecraft.jar at all. Wow they are more impressive then I thought.

    The bukkit api changes some of the stuff in the jar, purely in order to provide hooks for other mods to use. The mods you mentioned do not. You clearly haven't run a minecraft server, or you would know this.

    Quote from unknowjondoe

    A Minecraft server is a mod pack it is just distributed a different way. And I am not saying a library is free or public you need to have a membership and pay late fees.

    The person running mods on a server sets them up themselves. You can't find a "Server mod pack" with a bunch of mods set up. Most mod authors DO let people make single server mod packs for their users to use though. They are NOT allowed to then offer it up to the public.
    Quote from unknowjondoe

    I think Technic was doing something cool. Allowing fans of mods easy access to some of the best mods out there. And since the only way I found to get a hold of creator is to try and ask him on this forum (which is a million to one chance that he responds) then you go to plan B (just like you have undoubtedly done with your brother) "it is better to ask forgiveness then permission". And to say what he did was "pranked based" is an understatement. Technically what he did was plant malware (a virus) in his code and distributed it without the users knowledge affecting not just the people that wronged him.

    First, Sengir is often in this thread. Secondly, absence of consent is NOT consent. Third, they outright refused to remove it after HE contacted THEM. At that point it's not even asking for consent, it's outright intellectual property theft. Fourth, his code didn't affect a single person who did the right thing. Fifth, if "doing something cool" means you aren't breaking intellectual property law, then there is no case against Kim dotcom, providing a file hosting service for any file anyone cares to upload, nor against the piratebay, for hosting a variety of other people's works in a simple to search and easy to reach location. Nor any other piracy based website.

    As for the on topic-ness, no, we aren't. In order to make this back on topic:

    Thanks for the engine info, I've currently got an electrical engine running (2MJ apparently) but I just turn it on when I need it, as my IC2 power is purely from 7 solar panels at the moment.
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    I flipped through the last 3 pages and didn't see this, so I help I'm not terribly late to the party and reposting stuff.

    MS Basic ported to the RP computers. Needs a single 8k module (and leaves half of one spare for your code).

    Also, a suggestion:
    Project tables could use a lock button, preventing you from accidentally taking the items out of the "template" position.
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    Quote from iamsmudge
    A question, if I may. Does it matter what Id I assign to conflicted blocks. Is there a recognised range. If not, once assigned, do I need to list that id in some directory?
    Thanks again for your help.

    Pretty sure you have to stay under 255. At least until 1.2 hits. Then it will be under 4000.
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