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    So... I'm in a catacombs, and I'm "cursed" i guess.

    I read the front post, but I can't work out what is I'm doing/holding/not doing/holding that causes it. I found this crypt a while ago and an early adventure did NOT give this debuff, but now I am getting it. How do I avoid / fix it?
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    Quote from Dodge34

    You can personalize how much an instance use memory in java, the mmc settings apply if you don't modify them in the instance itself, I'm running a 157 mods modpack with the settings ram min 1024mb and max 2048mb and a 192mb permgen and never ever had any problems...

    Ah, I thought it might be a default fallback setting. Needs a tooltip.
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    Whats' the difference between the MMC Settings Java usage settings and the Instance Java memory settings?

    It seems I can drop MMC down as low as I like, and the max amount for instances depends on x64 or 32bit Java.

    32bit seems maxed at 1152. 1280 crashes after a while, and any higher usually doesn't finish loading.
    x64 I can crank to at least 2048 without it dying.

    MMC though doesn't seem to change anything. I can put it up to 1500 or down to 256, and nothing is different.
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    Any ideas on why when I pick a particular version, MMC downloads the latest snapshot? Then if I try to change the version, it looks like it does something real quick but then nothing has changed.

    I'm trying to use 1.6.4.

    Edit: And for no reason at all, making yet another new instance and telling it to use 1.6.4 worked fine. It also loaded damned near instantly.

    Also, is there anyway to play offline whilst still picking a username, a la MMC4?
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    Quote from NoMoreFelonies

    As ethically justified as your complaints are, I'm still compelled to challenge you to find me a single instance in which a court determined that this kind of behavior - stealing or misappropriating modifications to computer games - was illegal and someone was successfully prosecuted for it, in civil or criminal court. (Meaning, where the plaintiff won.) A case where such a dispute was settled out of court would also suffice.

    This just illustrates your misunderstanding of the situation. Mods are either derived or original works. All such works are protected by copyright. Literally EVERY copyright claim ever is such an example case.

    I'm absolutely positive that if China gave more than two craps about copyright, 300 heroes (Clone of LOL) and H.A.V.E and Final Combat (Korean and Chinese clones of TF2) would have been sued into oblivion.
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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Having the same issue where 3.0 doesn't run at all. Windows 8 machine.

    Downloaded the 3.1 beta, instead I now get "Error extracting JAR data"

    I downloaded the nomal MC launcher, ran it, downloaded packages, tried again, same thing.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Ran rebug version of 3.1

    Error is a FileNotfound exception for the minecraft.jar in the %appdata% directory. But I most assuredly DO have that file there.

    Edit: Closer look is it also can't find launcher_profiles.json in the same directory, which is NOT in that folder. (Or anywhere else?)

    Screen shot: http://i.imgur.com/UBwofYn.png
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    Quote from VandyMcnoob

    Use MCedit, and use the prune option. In short, lets you select chunks you want to keep, then "prune" the map down. When you explore those chunks again, will re-generate using the ores added in the new mods

    Edit: Make sure back up your worlds and watch some tutorials first :)

    It's a really effective method if all you do is cave and stuff. You have the disadvantage that you'll end up mining some stuff twice, but realistically, it's not a huge deal, so just prune back to the chunks you've built in (Make sure you're certain what these are) and depending on what you've done in the world, this could be as few as 20 chunks. (Or even less)
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    Quote from shanemiller89

    So as it stands now, I see it as very beneficial to only use Logisitics pipes for my storage network. At this point I'd only want redpower for the wiring, frames, and aesthetic additions. However, is there any advantages a redpower2 based sorting system could have that a logistics pipes system would not?

    Redpower is built around the philosphy of "No magic blocks" which logistics really, REALLY isn't. Logistic pipes are great, and the equivalent set up in RP2-6 will be managers and sorting machines. They just feel far more "Real" than a special pipe that's smart enough to do what it does. The overlap of chassis pipes with the original Logistics Pipes makes it feel kind of clunky, and personally the only really awesome feature it has over RP2 is the crafting pipes that communicate with an auto-crafting table, which is far harder than RP2 can do it currently.

    Hopefully one of the hidden bonuses or next projects that gets added to RP2 is an autocrafting solution in some form. Project tables new plans seem like the Tier1 version of something awesome that will be coming soon.

    Now, to the tosspots telling people that RP2 should be open source, the answer, as a dev, is a resounding "God no, please god no".


    From here:
    "Good software arises when one or more very good programmers work closely full time together over a period of time developing, maintaining and improving it."

    You open up a gargantuan number of problems by doing so, not the least of which involves taking something you've worked on extensively over a long period of time and basically giving it away for free to whoever feels like taking it. That is only one part of a large number of issues.
    • Elo would end up having to be a source code manager as opposed to a developer, making it harder to steer the project, add features she feels necessary and keep control.
    • MASSIVE amounts of time end up being dedicated to management and control instead of ideas and development. Given that time is already her biggest (And arguably, only) issue, this is a problem.
    • The Minecraft community is filled with a huge number of idiots who all think they know better than everyone how something should be done, filling the code base with pointless forks, commits and pull requests.
    • The gains are almost non-existant. What we would have now would be a version of 1.2.5 that has been ported up. Any other features would be user-requests, and implementing them would almost certainly be against the ideas that Elo has for the mod as a whole.
    To be honest, it would not surprise me in the least if she HAS been sharing code with the Forgecraft people.

    If you would push for RP2 to be OSS, then you should also push TC3 as well. And every other mod. And it simply won't happen. Becoming OSS is not a shortcut to quicker update times, and I would argue that it would in fact generally slow them down.

    Yes, you might (very big might) have a ported copy of 1.2.5 RP in your 1.4 world. But it would have a large number of bugs still, and would not have any of the new features. And then, when Elo DOES want to add a feature, she has to work around the hacks, coding conventions, mistakes, thought processes and more of the people who rushed through to get a non-crashing version out ASAP after an update.

    Not. Worth. It.

    I would also like to remind people that Elo is, in a way, responsible for nearly EVERY mod in existence working well together, as she is a core contributor (or at the very least, was) to the Forge project. It's her Ore Dictionary in there, and I'm sure other people could list many more things that she has added. In the 1.3 update, she helped with that BEFORE even beginning working on her own mods, which most other authors didn't need to do, so when they all got going, she had to start updating from scratch.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from buizerd

    is there something like a proximity sensor in redpower?

    Not as yet, but Elo has stated that a variety of sensors are on her list of cool ideas to look at. (The light sensor is the first)
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    Quote from TecmagDiams

    And just because I want to toss it out there, my two cents on the whole "Mod Pack" debate is this:
    If you can't use mods without permission, and permission is only given to well established packs (because otherwise it tends to open to the public for pack usage) then how will any new packs ever come around? Honestly, Minecraft mods alone are useless. If you could only have a single mod, no one would care about using mods.

    FTB is a perfect example of what a coordinated, high quality submission of a new pack is designed to look like. It's the very definition of the thing you claim can't happen.

    Why shouldn't people be encouraged to get as many mods that they like into one pack and distribute it so others who share similar tastes can enjoy them? No mod would be popular if people were not putting mods together. Not to mention, you are making a mod for someone else's game, don't act so entitled over something that can't even work on it's own. If you didn't want people to use it, why would you distribute it, and if you want people to use it, why should you care HOW they are using it, as long as the end-user is using it in the same way anyways?

    Because they are the one's developing it. They own the copyright, and as such it is their right to decide how the content is delivered. You have every right to disagree, but just because you disagree does not remove you from the system that is in place. If, for example, a mod author wanted to create a revenue stream from their mod, then they need to be in control of that delivery mechanism 100% of the time.

    If FTB is the only pack that ever uses popular mods, no other pack will ever be popular.
    Bollocks. Not only has FTB disproven this (With tekkit/technic being "the only pack of popular mods) but it simply isn't true anyway.

    I personally don't believe monopolies are moral, even more so when they are information monopolies. Information should be shared.

    Completely agree. However, mods are NOT information, they are content. Information is everything you can find on wikipedia. Mods, games, art, novels, movies and a whole bunch of other stuff is NOT information, even if it's made of ones and zeroes. There is no information monopoly going on here because this is not about the dissemination of information, it is about the rights of a copyright holder to disclose their content under whatever means they like. You may as well be angry at movie studios for putting stuff out at the movies for up to 12 months before releasing to DVD. That is their choice, with their content.

    There are much more proactive solutions then sitting around fretting about people using your mod in a pack, which is no different then them using it in a series of mods they found and installed manually except that it is easier for the end-user.

    It is completely different, for all the reasons I have already listed, but also because if it's in a pack, it makes it infinitely harder to get through the paywall and encourage donations or recover ad-revenue. The rules on the Technic forums have over 50k views. Assuming that for everyone who views it twice, there's someone who didn't even read it (And lets face it, a 1 in 10 forum member sign up would be generous) that's 50,000 people who would have instead seen Elo's download page and ad.fly links. That's a fair whack of change.
    To whoever it was that said Tekkit isn't making money, I laugh heartily at your naivety.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Schilcote

    Eh. As much as I hate to get into a technic argument, one must realize that Technic as we know it came about completely unintentionally. They published the pack as just a thing between friends, and then suddenly a whole bunch of people downloaded it. The modders, somewhat justifiably mind you, got ed at them for distributing without permission- for something they didn't actually mean to do.

    All true.

    So it's understandable, if not justifiable, that they wouldn't be very keen on begging for permission.

    But this doesn't follow at all. If you make a colossal screw up like that, you start getting down and licking boots. You beg for forgiveness and cry for permission. You don't set up a profit turning venture and continue to go against the wishes of those you have wronged.
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    Quote from simmareth

    pretty sad when you have to write down the page you last read to see if any REAL news about red power was posted, then having to come back and find out the in the last 15 pages it's all still a bunch of useless ­ that belongs in a chat room.

    Log in

    Click "Go to first unread post"

    Weep at the state of this thread.

    Quote from phoxy866

    please i must ask.
    why the big wait ? why wait for a massive update and not doing small updates ?
    i dont know much about making mods. thats why i had to ask :D

    Because 1.3 totally borked the mod, and by the time she was getting close to finishing the update, 1.4 had already come out, breaking more stuff. If it was finished, it would have been out.
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    Quote from Tybot

    I'm planning on something similar, with a couple of small differences.
    The forward and back heads will be fully extendable, which means they'll be like sideways mounted quarry heads. So as the main structure stays stationary, both forward and back extend out to tunnel bore. Hopefully this will be a lot more power efficient and it should help prevent having to chase down your tunnel bore too far after it's been running for a while. The only hurdle to figure out would be chunk loading for the mining heads, as I hear world anchors don't update the area they load if moved by frame. Haven't tested any of this yet for obvious reasons, so we'll see. Maybe chunk loading turtles?

    Side to side will be much like your top and bottom, will have to retract when not in use and extend 2 blocks when in use. Top and bottom gets trickier. You're forced to make a smaller head for it to fit right, so it will have to work similar to old school stutter heads, except it will have to move in 2 directions. This means it'll take a lot longer to dig up and down, but the way I'm going to build it, once it gets down to the desired y-level it's not going to be doing a lot of up and down anymore.

    And because this is going to take a lot of space, I'm not going to be doing any ore processing on the miner, it'll all get shipped home. I think power will have to be imported from an external source too. Even with just mining, I have no idea how large I have to build this. I know how to do caterpillar drives, but I need to learn more compact versions to keep it down to a manageable size.

    Sounds nice. Hadn't considered mining in two directions. I was gonna make this thing have a periscope up with the chest on it when it was finished :P Your idea definitely sounds doable.

    Quote from Stekenxu

    I'm sorry... but do you even know how the ore dictionary works on a technical level?

    Do you? While he might have made a tiny mistake, the rest of his post is exactly right.

    Quote from eculc

    umm...no. have you actually looked at RP's textures? Elo has made all the textures from RP2 by hand. the only (possible) exception to this is the shape of the ingots, though I hardly believe that counts as just a "modified version"

    Have you looked at them?
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    I'm trying to work out how I can make a fully 6 degrees of freedom mining box. I think the smallest I can make is 11x11x9 or so. The problem is that at least two axes must be able to extend or retract 2 blocks in order to slip in behind the mining face of the final axis.

    You need a 6x6x5 or so "Engine" for movement in the middle, and then a "Front and back" of say, 9x9 each, but then to go upward, you need to be able to have those 9x9's retract by a couple of blocks. Then, to go sideways, both the 9x9's need to retract, as well as the roof and floor of the thing.

    I think it's doable, I have a plan anyway.

    Anyone else got any ideas? This will be my big target project once I have RP. Will initially be button controlled, then probably shifted to a Computer Craft computer (I really am not a fan of postfix and prefix notation languages).
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    Wouldn't a better use of sorters in a "Too many things to sort" problem be to have them all lined up as a wall, with a filter pumping items into their shared input?

    Where S is Sorting machines and C is chests? Make the sorting machines have no default path, and they act as filters for 30+ items. You could have the chests at the bottom spread anywhere, as long as the lines going to them are painted properly.
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