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    posted a message on Mobs run away from meat
    If you hold wheat, cows and sheep follow you. If you hold carrots, pigs follow you. It is similar for most passive mobs. So you should be able to herd animals away from you as well. How about using... (Suspense and horror)... Their own flesh!!! If you hold raw beef, cows run away from you. If you hold a raw pork chop, pigs run away from you. So on with all other passive mobs. It would be like taunting them. They run away similar to how villagers run away from zombies.
    This is just a small idea btw, so don't say it's not enough details.
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    posted a message on [POLL] Potion of Gliding, made from "Bat wings" (updated main post due to the results of poll)
    how about Potion Of Gliding?

    I had a similar idea not too long ago, with the bat wing and all. But it makes you glide super far, like 3 blocks forward for every 1 block downwards. And you don't take any fall damage, or very little. This would bring parkour to a whole new leve.

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    posted a message on Lightning rods
    in the new 14w30a snapshot, mobs will drop heads if a charged creeper kills them. But a charged creeper is super rare to find, and the only way to summon lightning is to use /summon, witch doesn't work without cheats. So why not an item used to summon them?

    This is the crafting recipe:

    The lightning rod will summon a lightning bolt 5 seconds after it is placed, to give you time to run away. Then it will drop as a "slightly damaged lightning rod". If a slightly damaged one is used, it will drop as a "very damaged lightning rod". If a very damaged one is used, it won't drop anything. So it has 3 uses.

    When placed, it is one block tall. It looks similar to a brewing stand. The base has the texture of an iron block, with gold in the corners. The base is 2 pixels tall. The rest is transparent, except in the middle is an orange and white stick with light blue at the top (diamond). The blaze rod in the crafting recipe prevents people from making zombie pigman farms without going to the nether first. If you have lots of materials to spare, this is an easy way to make charged creepers and get heads.

    If you say that is is too high tech to be added to minecraft, they have been around since Ben Franklin invented them, back in the 1700's...

    BTW I did search it and found lots of results, but they suggest protection from lightning, or use lightning as a redstone power.
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    posted a message on HATS , NEW ORES, NEW TOOLS ,and NEW MOBS !
    This is a wishlist. Read the rules.
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    posted a message on Parrots
    I think they need to add more mobs to jungles, because basically the only mobs that spawn there are ocelots and sheep. And they also need to add more flying mobs. So why not a parrot? They have 6 half-hearts, and are passive, so they don't attack. They look like birds, are rainbow coloured, and about the same size as a bat. They fly around and when they die, they drop rainbow feathers, which I will explain later. You can tame them using cookies, so they actually are useful other than a useless food item. Plus, the main ingredient in cookies is cocoa beans, which you also find in the jungle. After giving them 2-3 cookies, they get tamed. Then, if you right click them while holding shift, they open up a little chat bar, and you can type something in it. Then, if you're close to them, they repeat what you typed in them. If you change it, then they say something else.

    <parrot> - Polly want a cracker!

    My other idea is that they repeat what you say in the chat repeatedly.

    <mr_enderman77> - Hi
    <mr_enderman77> - Hi
    <parrot> - Hi

    If you rename the parrot, the chat shows the parrot's name instead.

    The parrot only talks once every 3 minutes or so, to prevent spam.

    Vote and tell me what you think!

    The rainbow feathers are used to make special arrows called healing arrows. The crafting recipe is the same as an arrow, except using a rainbow feather. They heal 2 and a half hearts at a mob when you shoot it, and it makes a rainbow trail that stays for a few seconds if you have particles on "all",

    If you right-click on a parrot without holding shift, the parrot will perch on your shoulder. You can also craft a perch like this:

    If you right-click on a perch with a parrot on your shoulder, it will fly to the perch and sit there. If you right-click on a perch with a parrot on it, or if you destroy it, the parrot will fly off. If you have a parrot perched on you, sneak, and the parrot will fly off.

    I re-textured the bat and made this!

    Here's a banner I made:

    (I can't make it so that if you click on it, it brings you here).
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    posted a message on Coal Powered Excavator
    The game is supposed to give you simple technology to use to survive.

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    posted a message on Crocs and Croc lairs!
    Quote from estile606
    crocs would seem a bit out of place in MC, i mean, we have zombies, sekeletons, creepers, giant spiders, all of them clearly monsters. having a hostile animal though...

    What about wolves?
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    posted a message on Rain...why..!? WHYYY..!?!?!?!?
    You fish way better in rain.

    Place a cauldron in rain, and it will fill up.

    Fight hostile mobs in daytime.

    Kills endermen really fast.

    If you still don't like it, shut your sound off or sleep to make it pass.
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    posted a message on Ocean Brine
    Ever heard of the elder guardian?

    There already is an ocean boss, not an official boss, but a powerful underwater mob nonetheless.
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    posted a message on FlintLock Pistols (With exciting photos!) (and a Poll!)

    No guns on vanilla. They are used in mods. If you want a gun, make a texture pack and change bows to guns.
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