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    Welcome to the Distant Lands, a series of Complete the Monument maps designed for those new or returning to the genre, or to provide a classic experience to veterans!

    Come and check out the CTM Repository for more maps like these or join the CTM Discord to chat with myself and other amazing mapmakers, players and content creators. It's the best place to be to play maps or learn how to make your own!

    My difficulty scale:

    I balance around what I find to be enjoyable, which tends to involve a bit of resource gathering, a little bit of death, and a lot of loot to combat all the hazards and traps you'll find. The best way to phrase my difficulty rating is "how easy is it to complete without dying".

    Relaxed - Enjoyable challenge for less experienced players. A step up from vanilla minecraft.
    Moderate - Designed for newer or returning players looking for a challenge! Expect to find good loot to combat the tough environments and encounters.
    Difficult - Don't be reckless. Careful play and strategy will be needed to get through this environment.
    Brutal - You'll die a lot. It's part of the process. These maps are difficult.

    NOTE: Use a Vanilla server if you're playing any maps in multiplayer. Spigot servers sometimes interpret dimension files incorrectly, so manual adjustment of the nether and end files in the server may be needed. Play in the intended version of minecraft to avoid bugs.

    1. Nether Breached Caverns

    Ender Pelagic, a research facility researching interdimensional travel, had witnessed a disaster. Their Nether experiment had gone wrong, and now the subterranean caves have been opened up. With the dimensional link broken, going down into the caverns seems like the only promise of escape...

    Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
    Map Type: Open-branching (lots of areas accessible at once, but not as open as a pure open world map)
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objectives: 16 wool and 3 material blocks

    7000+ downloads!



    BSM & Eris (Stream)

    VintageBeef & Sl1pg8tr

    Oblyx (Stream)


    2. Starblight Desert

    A map, a compass and a ship is all you have - well... you had a ship. You find yourself on a desert island. The sun has long set and now a blood moon hangs in the sky. Can you keep your sanity while trying to bring the sun back?

    This map features no natural health regeneration. Food restores health directly. In addition, an optional sanity mechanic rewards dying less and exploring this densely populated open world!

    Minecraft Version: 1.16.5

    Map Type: Open World
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Objectives: 16 wool and 7 bonus heads.

    Download: https://ctmrepository.com/index.php?action=viewMap&id=476



    Additional Credits:



    BSM, KVT, RenderXR, Narfu - KVT Pov (Stream Highlights)

    BSM, KVT, RenderXR, Narfu - BSM Pov (Stream)


    Team Canada (Vintage Beef, Etho, PauseUnPause)

    Pho (Speedrun)

    Aurabolt (Stream)

    Wiccy (Stream)

    Strawberry Jam #32. Rekindle

    A small map I made for the 32nd Strawberry Jam event, a 72 hour map making jam.

    An icy valley was once home to settlers, fed by the warmth of a bird of flame. Those days have passed, and so have the residents of this quiet place. You awaken to reignite the flames of this land.

    This map features no natural health regeneration. Food restores health directly.

    Minecraft Version: 1.16.3

    Map Type: Open World
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objectives: 3 wool.

    Download. https://ctmrepository.com/index.php?action=viewMap&id=294


    Additional Credits:


    Anistuffs (Stream)

    BSM (Stream)

    IronmanBTW (Stream)


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    It is! Slowly but surely - new map dropping in a couple weeks :)

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