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    posted a message on we have decided to allow people from the public to join our small snapshot server

    Hi, me and my friend have a small (maximum of 12 players) server, which is a no bukkit survival role-play like server, with a small friendly community.

    it was originally created just for me, my friend, and a few other people, but we have decided to allow a few other people from the public, because the server seems a little bit too empty at times. if you would like to join, fill out the form below in a comment, and we will let you know that you have been added to the white-list. please only join if you want to be part of the small community, and not just so that you can troll and grief

    Your Minecraft Username:

    Have you ever been banned or kicked from a server:

    why do you want to join this server:

    thank you for your time, the server ip is:

    EDIT: oops, sorry, i forgot to mention that it is a snapshot server, sorry for any inconvenience

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    posted a message on When can we expect the first 1.9 snapshot?

    yeah, basically, by this Friday (my time-zone, if you live somewhere around america, then Thursday) if the snapshots are far too buggy to be released, they will hold it off until the next Friday.

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    posted a message on better slime blocks
    so, when i make slime blocks on survival and i break them, they break instantly, and make a stone sound, so i thought that maybe they break as fast as leaves, and make the sound giant slimes do when they attack you.
    3 more ideas i have are that when you place a slime block on the roof, and place a sand or gravel block underneath, instead of falling the sand or gravel will stay there as a normal block, but when the slime block is removed, the sand/gravel will fall, and that with a piston, pulling a slime block with another block next to it will pull that block too, creating a kind of 'chain' and torches or ladders that are connected to slime blocks will get pulled too. this is just a small idea i came up with that could help adventure maps and survival, which fits in with the 1.8 update, if you don't support, please tell me why, and maybe i could fix it.
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    posted a message on I got up to 3000010 without mods! ill tell you how
    ok, so i managed to get 10 blocks past the minecraft world limit, as you can see here:
    sorry if its too small, this is my first post with images in it, but if you look at my ordinates, I'm ten blocks past the world limit (30000000) and this is how:

    step 1: write this command: /tp (username) 29999998 64 1234
    step 2: run along the limit until you come across a village (this step may be a little hard)
    step 3: find a villager that spawned past the limit like in the picture
    step 4: get some ender pearls and turn to survival
    step 5: throw the ender pearls at the villager

    you will then get teleported to the villager!

    note: you will be stuck unless you kill yourself, so set your spawn point close by first!
    another note: throwing the ender pearls will damage the villager and kill it eventually, on tyne first time right click the villager with spawn villager, to create more baby villagers, so you can go past the limit more.
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    posted a message on Super Secret Settings Exposed! Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot
    if you keep playing it you will eventually come across galacticraft sounds!
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