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    I made this texture pack for myself, to fill a need, but a few of my friends liked it enough that I've decided to share.

    When I first discovered texture packs, I thought it was quite cool, but I felt that just about every pack was a complete divergence from the original feel of Minecraft, replacing Notch's style rather than complimenting it. To remedy this, I set out to create a texture pack that would enhance the feel of Minecraft, without turning it into Zelda, Halo, Generic JRPG XXVII, Mario, or Minecraft HD1080 XXTreme.

    Less is more. Minecraft looks great as is, and better with a few tweaks. Full on SNES rpg style conversion? Ew.
    If you agree, perhaps this is the texture pack for you. It is a compilation of bits and pieces from various packs that I found worked together well, in 16x16, with small tweaks here and there I did on my own. The goal of this pack is to slightly tune the original Minecraft look to be warmer, and more suited to long term play, without being an overhaul.

    This is a living modification, that will grow and update with Minecraft as I tune it to my taste.

    Base Terrain: Retribution Games' Quandary: July
    Item Sprites: Eld's Artpack + Kas' Painterly Pack
    Animals/Mobs: Kas' Painterly Pack
    Moon and Sun: Doku's RPG
    Minecart: Kas' Painterly Pack
    Torches: refinedCraft Original
    Boat: Doku's RPG
    Particles: Doku's RPG
    GUI Backgrounds: Kas' Painterly Pack
    Grass Modification: Messiah's Better Grass v0.3

    Stock Install:
    1. Find your minecraft.jar file
    2. Open it in winRAR
    3. Copy the contents of the refinedCraft archive into minecraft.jar
    4. Find the folder "META-INF" in your minecraft.jar
    5. Delete the two files prefixed with "Mojang" in "META-INF"
    6. Close winRAR, run Minecraft, and enjoy

    No Grass Mod: (Why would you do this?)
    1. Open the refinedCraft archive in winRAR
    2. Delete "my.class" from the refinedCraft archive
    3. Find your minecraft.jar file
    4. Open it in winRAR
    5. Copy the contents of the refinedCraft archive into minecraft.jar
    6. Close winRAR, run Minecraft, and enjoy

    Download it Here!

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