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    IP Address: morudias.com

    Website: https://morudias.com/

    Discord: https://discord.morudias.com/

    Dynmap: http://map.morudias.com/

    Store: https://morudias.buycraft.net/

    Morudias is a fantasy PVP server. Originally created in 2015, Morudias has been revived and is re-launching on August 15th, 2020.

    Morudias is set in the continent of Avendael, a custom world designed by myself. The lore is vague and largely undefined, allowing the community to try to piece it all together. There is a library in the spawn village, Everfall, where you can purchase texts to help you understand the lore better. (Players can even submit their own texts to be considered and implemented directly into lore)

    On Morudias, you can build towns and then nations. Using the brand new Siege-War addon to Towny, you can begin sieges against other towns to conquer and expand your territory, or merely loot them for supplies.

    Morudias also features popular plugin mcMMO, though it is disabled in combat, to prevent the unfair disadvantage given to new players seen on other servers. The alchemy skill is also disabled.

    Our unique HCF-like class system gives combat and war a much more strategic style. Classes are based on the armour you wear, for example, leather armour puts you into the Archer class, having permanent Speed 3 and dealing double damage with bows. Another important class is Bard, a support class that can give their teammates potion effects such as strength, resistance, and speed.

    Morudias is also going to have regular KOTHs (King of the Hills) with unique rewards, such as looting 4 swords and mending books.

    The economy is player-driven, with no adminshop, and features an official marketplace where players can rent stalls to sell their goods whilst offline. This marketplace is accessible from a ship in Everfall. Everfall also has another ship that gives players a one-time random teleport, meaning you needn't walk for ages to find a spot to build.

    There is so much more to explore in Morudias, and I hope you can join our strong community and establish a name for yourself. The rest is up to you.

    Join our Discord to stay in-touch: https://discord.morudias.com/

    >> Everfall, Spawn Town <<

    >> The Void <<

    >> Some nice terrain shots <<

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    Love the server. As an IRL friend of the owner and as a server admin I can definitely vouch for this guy - the server's really enjoyable and the experience there is great. Definitely worth the time

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    Hey guys! Today I cam up with a really cool way to make these quarries. Enjoy! =D

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