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    posted a message on 🏰 Morudias 🏰 - Towny PVP | Fantasy | mcMMO | Classes | KOTH | Economy

    IP Address: morudias.com

    Website: https://morudias.com/

    Discord: https://discord.morudias.com/

    Dynmap: http://map.morudias.com/

    Store: https://morudias.buycraft.net/

    Morudias is a fantasy PVP server. Originally created in 2015, Morudias has been re-launched!

    Morudias is set in the continent of Avendael, a custom world designed by myself. The lore is vague and largely undefined, allowing the community to try to piece it all together. There is a library in the spawn village, Everfall, where you can purchase texts to help you understand the lore better. (Players can even submit their own texts to be considered and implemented directly into lore)

    On Morudias, you can build towns and then nations. Using the brand new Siege-War addon to Towny, you can begin sieges against other towns to conquer and expand your territory, or merely loot them for supplies.

    Morudias also features popular plugin mcMMO, though it is disabled in combat, to prevent the unfair disadvantage given to new players seen on other servers. The alchemy skill is also disabled.

    Our unique HCF-like class system gives combat and war a much more strategic style. Classes are based on the armour you wear, for example, leather armour puts you into the Archer class, having permanent Speed 3 and dealing double damage with bows. Another important class is Bard, a support class that can give their teammates potion effects such as strength, resistance, and speed.

    Morudias is also going to have regular KOTHs (King of the Hills) with unique rewards, such as looting 4 swords and mending books.

    The economy is player-driven, with no adminshop, and features an official marketplace where players can rent stalls to sell their goods whilst offline. This marketplace is accessible from a ship in Everfall. Everfall also has another ship that gives players a one-time random teleport, meaning you needn't walk for ages to find a spot to build.

    There is so much more to explore in Morudias, and I hope you can join our strong community and establish a name for yourself. The rest is up to you.

    Join our Discord to stay in-touch: https://discord.morudias.com/

    >> Everfall, Spawn Town <<

    >> The Void <<

    >> Some nice terrain shots <<

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    posted a message on 1.16 PvP Patch (Fixes sounds & textures)

    Disables the weird sounds and sweep attack textures

    This pack is designed for use on 1.16 servers with 1.8 PvP mechanics.

    Originally designed for my server, Morudias (https://discord.gg/jJMxdk8vrs)

    Here is a YouTube video displaying the overlay:

    (Note that this was before the sweep attack effect was removed)

    Download at: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ulymw19r99ja5ie/1.16_PvP_Patch.zip/file

    To use, simply drop this file into your resourcepacks folder. Then enable it in-game, placing it above any other resource packs you are using.

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    posted a message on [NEED HELP] How to target all offline players, ignoring fake players?

    /scoreboard players reset * BnataUHC does not work, as it does not ignore fake players

    neither does /scoreboard players reset @a BnataUHC, as that only targets online players.

    Was wondering if there's a way to target only offline players? thanks

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    posted a message on [NEED HELP] How to target all players, online or offline, whilst ignoring fake players

    All I'm trying to do is reset the score of BnataUHC for every player, online or offline, whilst ignoring any fake players (so * cannot be used)

    I've tried /scoreboard players reset @a BnataUHC , but this ignores offline players

    also, /scoreboard reset * BnataUHC does not work as it resets fake players aswell.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    posted a message on [𝔑𝔦𝔀π”₯π”±π”£π”žπ”©π”©] NIGHTFALLHCF | HARDCORE FACTIONS | POTPVP | UHC | KITS (STAFF NEEDED)

    I am wanting a developer or head position. (I am sure this comes with an interview which I am prepered to do)

    IGN: Swxftty
    Age: 17

    Real Name: Yusuf

    Skype: yusufh9

    How long have you played MC: I think 6 years.
    How long have you played HCF: About 4 years.

    How active can you be per week: At LEAST 2-4 hours a day.

    Timezone: CAT

    Why we should choose YOU: I am a perfectionist if the server is running at 99% I will do my level best to turn that into 100%. I am more for maintenance than plugins (I can do both I just enjoy one more than the other). I work well with groups and hope to hear from you soon (even for an interview) Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    And some more things just for us to know your character better;

    Favourite food, animal and colour: Burgers Lions and Blue

    Gender: Male

    Prefered nickname: Swift


    ~You match all the criteria
    ~We would like to see a portfolio of past work regarding developing skills & and we would also like to interview you first
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    posted a message on | [𝔑𝔦𝔀π”₯π”±π”£π”žπ”©π”©] NightfallHCF Network | HCF | UHC | KITMAP | POTPVP | RECRUITING |
    Quote from SkullZionΒ»

    IGN: https://namemc.com/profile/xPkt/edc500
    Please link NameMC profile

    Age: 14. If you would like to confirm, speak to me in a voice chat.
    14 +

    Real Name: Preferably private.
    Skip if preferred to be kept private.

    Discord: tEMMIE#5169
    Our main form of communication

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3, roughly 4 and a half years ago, and went through a hacked client phase where I learned all about hacks (I have since quit clients).

    How long have you played hardcore gamemodes?
    HCF, UHC, Etc. Please explain your experiences with these gamemodes.
    I occasionally play HCGames PvP and used to play Mineplex and Hypixel UHC for 6 months. I believe I'll be able to pick these games back up easily.
    Experience as a staff member? Provide proof if possible. I was staff on a server named "InfernoPvP", which had an abusive owner, so I left. I believe my tag is still on the website.
    Why should we choose you over other applicants? What are your skills, etc. I'm very good at telling hackers from skilled players, having experience with clients. I'm also good at telling Staff Hunters from regular applicants, and I am good at background-researching players to see if they had past offences that got past /dupeip. And finally, I'm just enjoyable to be around - I can banter with others, and give people warnings if they've been naughty, but if they go too far I'll finish the conversation with a mute.
    How active can you be per week?
    Please provide a schedule.
    • Weekdays: Up to two hours, depending on homework.
    • Saturday: Up to four hours.
    • Sunday: Up to five hours.
    Note: This is not a fit schedule, I may end up having more time than I have put here. Timezone:

    - You have demonstrated some understanding of moderation
    - You meet the set age-restriction
    - You've had some past expierence

    Your assigned rank will be Moderator based on your application.
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    posted a message on Trapped [All versions of 1.8] [200+ Downloads]

    This map is nearly 2 years old, as I made it in 2015. I recently replayed the map for fun and have refound my desire to create maps after leaving the redstone community and becoming a PvPer. If anyone wants this map to be continued, as I never got round to part 2, please let me know.

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    posted a message on [𝔑𝔦𝔀π”₯π”±π”£π”žπ”©π”©] NIGHTFALLHCF | HARDCORE FACTIONS | POTPVP | UHC | KITS (STAFF NEEDED)
    Quote from BabyShawtyΒ»

    IGN: Babyshawty_
    Age: 14

    Real Name: Kylie

    Skype: babyshawty_

    How long have you played MC? 2 years on computer , 1 year on Playsation
    How long have you played HCF? 1 or 2 days

    How active can you be per week? Every day ; not during school hours

    Timezone: Mountain standard time

    Why we should choose YOU: I've have experience being staff on 3 servers now and i think it would be really cool for this to be my 4 opportunity , and to make the server better and fun for everyone !

    And some more things just for us to know your character better;

    Favourite food, animal and colour: Food - Nachos Animal - Walruses Color - Baby blue ;)

    Gender: Girl

    Prefered nickname: Crybaby

    Quote from HxckzΒ»

    Here are some tips to give you a higher chance on being staff on our server:
    I think that you should provide some proof (such as name of server, ip
    of the server) of the 3 servers that you were staff on in the past and
    what staff rank were you on there
    - You have some minor grammar mistakes in your application, but it's not a big problem.

    - Your HCF experience is not too high so you should probably check out some HCF YouTubers to understand more about what is HCF and how HCF works.
    - Your application is not as detailed so why not add some details on your application
    I will leave the final decision to the Owner of the server.
    Good luck on being staff!

    - Hxckz // Senior Moderator // Discord Administrator

    Thank you for dealing with this, Hxckz

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    posted a message on [NightfallHCF] NightfallHCF needs Developers!

    Main Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/2799837-nightfall-nightfallhcf-hardcore-factions-potpvp

    Nightfall is in need of developers

    To apply, simply log on to nightfallhcf.ddns.net, and speak to Pinqinq. Thanks

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    posted a message on [𝔑𝔦𝔀π”₯π”±π”£π”žπ”©π”©] NIGHTFALLHCF | HARDCORE FACTIONS | POTPVP | UHC | KITS (STAFF NEEDED)
    Quote from HxckzΒ»
    rong>»»-----------------------Β€Basic Info About MeΒ€-----------------------««​
    IGN: Hxckz
    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Timezone: GMT +8 (11 Hours Away From EST)
    Favourite Food: Japanese Cuisine, Chocolate
    Preferred Nickname: Matt1Skype / Discord: worldcraft117 / Hxckz#0961

    Currently Applying For: Server/Network Administrator

    »»-----------------------Β€Time SchedulesΒ€-----------------------««​
    How many hours can you play each day?
    Since I'm still a student, the amount of time that I will spend on the server each day is different, the full list of the time that I'll be on each day will be below (I only show because of different amounts of homework each day):
    Mondays: 2-3 Hours (5-7 PM GMT+ 8)
    Tuesdays: 1-2 Hours (5-7 PM GMT+ 8)
    Wednesdays: 2-3 Hours (5-7 PM GMT+ 8)
    Thursdays: 2-3 Hours (5-7 PM GMT+ 8)
    Fridays: 3-4 Hours (5-7 PM GMT+ 8)
    Saturdays and Sundays: 4-8 Hours(8-10 AM, 5-7 PM, 8-11PM GMT+8)

    »»-----------------------Β€More Info About MeΒ€-----------------------««​ How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing Minecraft for a little more than 3 years now.
    How long have you been playing HCF?
    I have been playing Minecraft for a more than a year now, I played on various HCF servers such as Velt, Hydra, Faithful, Kohi and Arcane.

    Have you had any past experience?
    No, I haven't had any past staff experience. I hope I can be staff of NightfallHCF so that I can have some experience as an Admin.

    Are you staff on any other servers currently? No.

    Why can you do for the server?
    Chat wise, I would do my very best of my ability to keep the server toxic-free and try to calm down those who are swearing obsessively, and I'll also help those who seek help asking anything about the server.

    Players wise, I would keep the server a hacker-free enviornment and make sure that the server has no hackers at all so everyone plays fair and has a fair chance on the server. I would also help the players who are in need such as ones who got stuck in a block and needed staff to help them.

    Server Wise, I would be able to help with setting up plugins, making the server as unique as possible from other servers, customize plugins, setup permissions and patch different abuses a glitches if there are any. I can also solve a lot of problems with plugins as well.

    Why do you want to become Staff?

    Well I want to be a staff member of this server is because of two main reasons.The first reason is that myself, I love to help people and I want to help those are in need.
    The second reason is like I said above, I see most of the applicants and accepted staff are US or EU. And that's not really good since then no
    staff would probrably be on at midnights as they might log off and go to bed, thus not as much or even no staff will be on line and that would be the "Golden" time for the hackers to hack, dupe, abuse glitches and Ido not want that to happen since it won't be fair for the other players.

    What puts you over other applicants?
    Firstly,I see that a majority of the staff team are from the US or EU. And whenthe times that I'm usually on, it is most likely to be Late Nights for the US or EU players, thus staff are not usually as active at those times. I think this can put me over other applicants.

    »»-----------------------Β€Final WordsΒ€-----------------------««​ Thanks for spending the little bit of your time in your day to read this staff application that took my quite a while to write and organize. I hope that you will accept me as a staff member so that I can do as I said in this application and make NightfallHCF a better place for players! Even if I don't get acceptedas staff member, I hope you can spend sometime on writing why did I get denied and how can I improve on my application.
    Thank you once again!

    ~ You match most, if not all of the criteria that we look for.
    ~ You have demostrated that you are organised and structures, something we strongly look for in staff members.
    ~ Your overall spelling and grammar is great, meaning you would be easy for players to understand.

    We will be giving you the Senior Moderator rank as we believe you are more experience than an average staff member but we do not feel comfortable giving people the Administrator without first getting to know them.
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