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    Me and my friend calculated that if each black in the game was 3 feet by 3 feet and you each slot in you inventory (excluding crafting slots and armor) was filled to the maximum with gold blocks your character would be carrying roughly 173.1 tons (non-meteric) of gold.

    Notch, please explain.

    Your calculations are off; the true number is far more awesome.

    1 m^3 of gold weighs 19.3 tonnes (21.3 US tons). One stack of gold would weigh 1235 tonnes (1362 tons). Twenty-seven stacks of gold would weigh 33,350 tonnes (36770 tons). To put that in perspective, that's as much as FIFTY EIGHT fully-laden Airbus A380s. Or, four hundred and seventeen thousand people.

    That's right, our hero can lift 417,000 times his own body weight.

    Thank you for redoing the math correctly.


    If my numbers are correct ($1390.98/oz this morning), our minecraft friend can carry $1,636,682,707,200 in gold.
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    What is your player's name?
    Will you contribute to the public cities?
    Will you grief?
    Will you be respectful?
    Do you like building on your own or with others?
    Why are you applying to this server?

    Of course
    Both/depending on the structure and what it is for
    Looking for a fun PvP server that isn't chaos
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    Heya, could I get on the whitelist as well?

    In game name is mootsfox.
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    Trading caste
    Buxville / maybe some wild
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