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    Hey everyone,

    Just got reminded of this thread while browsing Reddit and I just wanted to say thank you dbdii407 and everyone else for keeping up this pack. I lost interest in Minecraft a while back and as a result stopped working on this. With all of the new features being added though it's definitely regained my interest. I may (if I have time) work on a 'final' version once Minecraft is released, but I can't promise anything. Seems like you guys are doing great at keeping this up to date already :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [16px][1.4] moontrain's Lucid Pack! (WIP) v0.1.6

    Latest texture pack selector-compatible version (0.1.6) @ lucidpack.com. :Diamond:

    Or, if the website is down for whatever reason, you can get it here. =)

    Works with Minecraft Beta 1.4!

    A few screenshots:

    Current terrain.png:

    v0.1.6 Release notes:
      [*:3jij9gyi]Added bed, repeater block & other new things to terrain.png. The pack is now fully compatible with Beta 1.3.
      [*:3jij9gyi]That's it for now!

    Next up (for v0.2):
      [*:3jij9gyi]Improved iron, gold & diamond block textures.
      [*:3jij9gyi]Better mob spawner, obsidian & ore blocks.
      [*:3jij9gyi]Rougher red cobblestone texture.
      [*:3jij9gyi]New breaking animation.
      [*:3jij9gyi]Proper custom water & lava!

    This is a work-in-progress! The ultimate goal is to have a complete pack (with items, mobs, etc.) & a website with a customizer. Let me know what you think!
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