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    posted a message on WasteLand [Vanilla] [24/7] [Whitelist] [No Plugins] [Pranks] [Seasonal Events] [Alot like Mindcrack]
    In Game Name: comishaft246

    Age: I am 13

    Overall Skill lvl: i am skilled at mining and building

    Can you get along with other people?:yes

    Will you agree that you are NOT allowed to steal or grief?: yes

    What part of the Rules dont you understand?: I understand all of them

    What part of the rules do you Understand?: I understand all of them

    Why is it that you want to Join our Server?: I like that it is like the mindcrack server(that there is a joint effort in building an succeeding in the game. I enjoy multi player servers with pranks (not tnt,lava thought)

    Why Should We Accept You?: Because I am funny, a am a good asset to the server, I am good to be around with, I am good in the game, I am good with builds, and i will respect the property of others and only prank with what is aloud :) :)
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