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    Are you looking for a great way to spruce up your winter-y shelters? Want a pretty distraction for when the night comes? Look no further than a snowglobe! Snowglobes would be small items (around the scale of a flower pot) you can craft and place around the house. The crafting recipe would take 3 glass, 1 snowball, and 3 planks.
    After crafting a snowglobe, you can place it on a block. It'll appear as a small little, well, snowglobe, about the size of other aesthetic blocks. A small little glass thing with a wood base and snow inside. Right-clicking it would cause the snow inside to shake!I hope you like this idea for a small little item to make a house a home. I feel like a small item like this would fit well into the game among other decorations, and it's small enough to not significantly impact the game. I hope you've liked this short idea, and if you did, leave feedback for how this could be improved!

    • January 7 - Hexacore has made a great render! This should give you a good idea of how a snowglobe would look.
    • January 8th - I've made a simple banner with Hexacore's render. It's not the best, but I hope you like it!
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    Minecarts are pretty cool in Minecraft. You can make chains of them, transport goods, make a troublesome moving explosion machine, and other things. However, they can be taken down easily just by holding down your left mouse button. This led me to come up with the idea of adding trains.

    Trains would be similar in design aspects to minecarts, but with several differences. The model for the train is 5 blocks long, a block wide, and has varied height- in the four 'blocks' in the back, it'd be roughly 1.5 blocks tall, and in the front, it'd be 1 block tall. The outside of the train is wooden and reuses the plank texture, with the front having a metal (think anvil or hopper) 'round' piece in the front to make it look like a real train.
    The train would be a fairly simple crafting recipe. 3 wooden planks on the top and bottom rows, a minecart with a furnace in the middle-left, a minecart in the center, and an iron block in the front. With this recipe, you can make yourself a train of your own!
    Trains would work like a bigger minecart- with 3 slots instead of one. Unlike a minecart, which you craft items into to get things like storage carts, you place chests/TNT/hoppers inside of your train's seats. To do this, just sneak and right-click them into place. With 3 slots open, you can take friends for a trip, bring heavy loads on a long ride, or set up a dastardly dangerous trap with 3 blocks of TNT. Or you can just have fun pretending you're a cowboy in the west, or you're heading to Hogwarts or something. In addition to more space, the Train can take up to 18 hits- 3 times as much as a singular minecart!

    However, with these advantages come some disadvantages. Just like the crafting recipe implies, the back of the train has a furnace, which you have to power to keep your big old train moving. The stronger the fuel, the faster you move. As well, due to the train's size, it cannot make instant turns- there must be at least three rails between each curve in the track before a train can turn again.

    In closing, I think that trains would add a lot to Minecraft. Mass transportation of goods, a fun ride with friends, big moving explosions, or even a rollercoaster that can hold multiple people in one cart! I hope you enjoy this idea, and feel free to give feedback- I want this idea to become the best it can be!
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    posted a message on 13w18a is out!

    13w18a is out! From the changelog, it's mostly bugfixes, but they added...
    • New texture loading system
    • Coal blocks (seen above)
    • Horse armor in dungeons
    • Hay bale and lead crafting recipes!
    Just post your thoughts about it here, I guess, and if you find anything neat or figure out how new stuff works, that'd be great!
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    posted a message on Why Fusing Saddles Ruins Horses
    Quote from Conn1278

    While this is true, the rarity of gear encourages players to actively fight for it, increasing the quality of PvP play. And I don't know about you, but I normally obtain a dozen pig saddles easily after a week of play, between stealing them and finding them myself

    Edit: And like you said, pig saddles were a novelty, but adding this new level of usefulness will make them increasingly valuable and viable.

    The game shouldn't be skewed entirely towards PvP- while balancing all elements of the game is good, they shouldn't mess with balance for the sake of just one style of gameplay. Besides, pig riding itself is a novelty, and riding a pig from point A to point B can be done even better on a horse or with minecarts.
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    Quote from Cruncheon

    If we could just build a saddle out of easy materials, that would take the fun out of it. You find a saddle in a chest, and then you think "Wow, think of the possibilities!" Then you go on an epic adventure to find a horse, ride it back home and think to yourself "Yup, worth all the effort." If we could just make saddles easily it would be unbalanced slightly.

    Actually, under current circumstances, craftable saddles would still be balanced. Horses are very rare already, so really, it's just making half of owning a horse less rare, which is actually a good thing since horses and their gear are both/will be pointlessly rare. Pig riding is mainly a novelty, and carrots are rare for those who want to control it with a carrot on a stick,
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    I've been an avid player of Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3, and I love the game for its creative charm and expansive options- you can explore, mine, fight evil creatures, and more. When I first heard 1.6 would be adding horses to the game, I was reluctant, but upon playing around with them I found myself loving to race people and see what kind of crazy stunts I could pull off. However, Jeb has announced that there will be only 1 saddle from now on and all horse gear will be dungeon-only loot.

    These changes Jeb has announced, along with the crippling 1% chance of spawning for horses cripples the usefulness of the new mount. They're already rare enough (I'm op on a server with 20+ regular players and only a handful have located horses) and making the materials needed to maintain them exclusive to dungeon chests severely limits how useful they can be. While Jeb says they're supposed to be rare, there's a fine line between 'reasonably rare' and 'frustratingly hard to locate', and it's a line horses have crossed.

    While I understand that horses are supposed to be rare and for use in the endgame, i feel like if you have to run around in a plain biome for a while (not to mention the long journey if you live far from a plain) is tedious, and putting all the equipment for making your new majestic steed useful in randomly generated dungeons is just plain boring and makes getting such a mount a tedious process. Another thing I would like to point out is that in this game, we can kill abominations that beat you up if you even look at them funny, get teleporting pearls, go to another dimension, get some powder with the very essence of fire itself, and put those together to go to a floating island and slay a dragon, yet we can't make a simple saddle out of leather.

    I don't mean to be whiny, and I appreciate all the hard work Mojang puts into this game for the fans, but I feel like if you make one mob very rare and then shove all the equipment for riding it and keeping it safe in dungeons, you're making them more of a chore to maintain than a useful mount in the later portions of the game.
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    posted a message on Horses and their features are coming to Minecraft 1.6!
    Meh, I don't particularly like the addition of horses. We already have a fine mount with pigs- they're balanced fine. Adding horses will either be redudant because they're just bigger pigs without the drops or OP due to being better than pigs (who, as I said, are well-balanced with their fast speed but rough control), which is a lose-lose situation.
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    posted a message on Forged Swords! 430+ Supporters!
    I would like to suggest this for both the mod and the idea itself, but perhaps we could replace bone with Nether Quartz as an inset.
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    posted a message on Birds: Making Life A Tad Easier! [Unique Ideas | Big Ol' Update!]
    Now updated for the Big Ol' Update!
    Birds: Making Life A Tad Easier!
    Birds have been suggesting for far longer than many people here have played, and while you may think this is just another 'oh birds should be in da game and they should be pretty and things', well then you better be prepared to have your mind blown. Birds would come in various breeds, with each breed serving a purpose that makes surviving out in the big harsh world a bit easier.
    List of Breeds (in order of rarity)
    Raven (not able to be tamed)
    Part 1: Taming
    Taming the birds you find wouldn't be as simple as, say, taming a wolf. You would need to craft a new item- a Bird Brace (may be renamed). To craft it, make an upside down bowl shape from leather. Each bird has a different item used to tame them- Pigeons require bread, canaries require seeds, owls require gold nuggets(?), and hawks require raw fish. Once tamed, you right click the bird while holding a Bird Brace, and it sits on your shoulder. Right click again and it will do its thing!

    Part 2: Pigeons (credits to loulou_III for the inspiration)
    Pigeons would be the most common of the 4 breeds of birds, spawning in forests, villages, and plains, and would mainly be useful in SMP servers. Like the previously mentioned idea by loulou_III, pigeons carry messages such as books- right click while the Pigeon is on your Bird Brace and a GUI pops up- put in the book and coordinates. It then flies to said coordinates and drops the book on the ground.
    Part 3: Canaries
    Canaries would be slightly less common and spawn in forests. They would be useful in mines, just as they are in real life, but for another reason. Release one while in a cave and it will land and peck at stone if there is an ore vein nearby. It can only target one at a time, and has a 2.5 minute cooldown to prevent abuse.
    Part 4: Owls
    Owls are rare birds found in taiga and tundra biomes, and only fly out at night. Their special ability once released is hooting when a hostile mob comes in a 5-block radius of you. This, like the Canary's ability, has a 2.5 minute cooldown. These birds are probably the last most players will find, but there IS one more that's extremely rare...
    Part 5: Eagles (thanks to Kaiser Corax for correcting me on name)
    Eagles are the rarest of rare, being like the gold ore of birds. They only spawn in Extreme Hills, and will try to escape being tamed. When tamed, they can dive at any mobs you attack, doing 2 hearts of damage. This ability has a 30 second cooldown. But even with a bird as rare as this, a new bird enters the fray...
    Part 6: Ravens
    Ravens are rather rare new birds, being found with witches in their huts. They act like Eagles, but with a 5 second cooldown. If the Witch attacks, the Raven attacks. They are only found in roughly 10% of witch huts, and spawn one at a time.
    Part 7: Woodpeckers
    Woodpeckers are 1 of the 2 new birds in the Big Ol' Update, being rarer than Canaries, but easier to find than an Owl. Woodpeckers spawn in forests, and are tamed using sticks. When you used their ability, they will fly to the nearest tree, and mine the highest log they can without breaking leaves. This takes 3.5 minutes, but has no cooldown once the bird is done doing it.
    Part 8: Phoenixes!
    Phoenixes are by far the rarest bird, only spawning in the Nether. They require a new item to tame- Phoenix Dust, which is made by crafting a Blaze Rod, 1 Blaze Powder, a Magma Cream, and a Ghast Tear. When this bird is tamed, it gives you good fortune in the form of mini-buffs. Think of them as fractions of Beacon effects- common buffs are 1/4 Haste, 1/4 Speed, and 1/4 Resistance. Rare buffs are 1/2 Regeneration and 1/2 Strength. Phoenixes will reincarnate when killed, but can only die 8 times before being gone for good. Buffs are cycled out upon being reincarnated.

    So, I hope you liked this thread and consider my ideas before saying "birds, been done before, search bar, /thread". Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on Gemopyus- A New Realm of Mystery!
    Have you ever felt like the caves of Minecraft, while fun, could be more grand? Look no further than my suggestion for the new realm of Gemopyus, a miner's dream come true! In this post I'll go over my ideas for Amythest and Rubies(both important parts of entering Gemopyus), and Gemopyus and its various mobs and blocks.
    Part One: Amythest, Rubies, and the Gem Vortex!
    Amythest is one of the two new ores to Minecraft, found at about the rarity of Lapis Lazuli. It would be an essential part of opening the Gem Vortex to enter Gemopyus. While it is mainly used for your portal, it can also be used in villager trading as a substitute for 5 emeralds.
    Rubies are the next new ore to Minecraft, and are found at about the same level of rarity as Lapis and Amythest. It has the same property of 1 ruby = 5 emeralds, and is another ingredient in your Gem Vortex. Both of the new gems can be made into blocks, and are mined with a diamond pickaxe.
    To make your Gem Vortex, you will need a Gem Alter, which is made with a Gem Star, which is in turn made by made by putting a Nether Start in the middle of your 3x3 grid, and putting a Diamond above it, an Emerald below it, Amythest to the right, and a Ruby to the left. To make the Gem Alter, put it above an Enchantment table on a 3x3 or 2x2 grid. When you right-click it, a GUI appears with a small square split into 4 tiles in the middle, and 4 slots on the sides of it. To activate it, you put in 1 of each gem used in the Gem Star into the slots, which makes one of the tiles light up in that gem's color, then you click the lit-up tile. Do this with all 4 types of gems, and a Gem Vortex appears in front of the Gem Alter. It looks like the cheaper design for a Nether Portal, but made of gem blocks (ruby blocks on left, amythest on right, etc.
    Part Two: Gemopyus Boogaloo
    Once you jump in, you enter Gemopyus! You spawn in a tunnel, , and once you climb out, you can look out in awe. The whole realm is like a huge ravine/cave, with waterfalls, natural tunnels, and more! You may notice the new blocks around this time. The trees here have blue-ish white bark, and bright cyan leaves- these are Crystal Trees, which give you blue-ish white Crystal Planks, and on occasion, Gold Apples! The grass, while the same, has a biome shade of emerald-block green, with ponds of water and the occasional patch of grass around. The tunnels are made of plain old stone, but ore spawn rates are increased and ores spawn in all parts of Gemopyus, so you can come home rich! However, by now, you begin to notice the new mobs...
    Part Three: Tortoises and Ants and Ore Gremlins, oh my!
    Gemopyus is full of life! Mobs crawl, run, and traverse the land all day and night here. However, the mobs in this realm are special- being made of gems, they are best killed with a pickaxe, rather than a sword! There are 6 new mobs added.
    The first new mob is the Emerald Tortoise! It moves quite slowly, and has a shell that looks like an emerald block. It is a peaceful mob, trying to escape you if you hit it. It has loads of health, but if you manage to kill it, it drops 1 Emerald Shell! The Emerald Shell, when fired from a Dispenser, acts sorta like a Koopa shell from Super Mario Bros.- it goes at high speeds, and does 1 1/2 hearts of damage to whatever mob it hits. However, it breaks upon hitting 5 things, stopping it from being a viable grinding tool unless you have plenty of the shells.
    The next new mob is the Diamond Crab. They are found in the ponds of this realm, being neutral like pigmen- they won't hit you until provoked. They do half a heart of damage per attack, and when killed, drop Diamond Claws, which can be crafted into 2 Diamonds per claw.
    The next mob is another neutral mob, the Ruby Ant. Ruby Ants are giant insectoids, roaming the caves of Gemopyus. They can slowly break through blocks, instinctively making more tunnels! When you attack one, it calls in its buddies. They do 2 hearts of damage, and leave a poison effect every few hits. When killed, they drop Ruby Legs, which can be used to make Ruby Arrows which poison whatever it hits.
    Another new mob is the Amethyst Chameleon, a rather large, instinctively hostile mob. They spawn on trees, climbing the bark easily. They are invisible until hit, but make an ambient sort of buzzing noise while invisible. They will attack by jumping at you, which will do 4 hearts of damage. Killing one gives you an Amythest Eye, which would be used to brew Invisiblity potions (the current method would be removed)
    The final common mob would be an Ore Gremlin. Ore Gremlins are small hostile mobs, looking similar to a block. They stay in ore veins of diamonds, waiting for the moment you try to mine them. When you try to mine them, they hop out! They look like a block of diamond ore, but with small legs, and big light blue eyes. They run at you, doing 3 hearts of damage and lots of knockback. When in block form, they can be identified by their lighter shade of grey. They drop Diamond Bits, which are like Gold Nuggets but used to make Diamonds.
    The true final mob is very uncommon, less common than the coveted pink sheep or spider jockey. It is the Crystal Pig! Looking like a pig with pink gem skin, it is a bit larger than your normal pig. It acts like the pig, and when killed, it drops Crystal Pork, which can be eaten. It gives less health points than a porkchop, but gives you Jump Boost 1, Speed 1, and Regeneration 1 for 45 seconds.

    Hope you enjoy my little suggestion, +1 and give your opinion if you like it!
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