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    I like this idea- it fits nicely with my culinary ideas, and it's be a nice way to share food with your friends, a lot more convenient than tossing steaks across the house. +1.
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    +1, my good sir. This is a good idea, it's always bugged me that pumpkins spawn with those naturally carved faces.
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    Have you ever though "hm, these porkchops are good, but they could use some flair?" If so, this post is for you. I'll go over my ideas on how gourmet food can be implemented into vanilla Minecraft, and how you would obtain said gourmet food.
    Part 1: Salt
    Salt Rocks would be one of the first things you could find in this new update. It is a new ore-like block, although the texture is a bit less like that of ore. It is about as common as iron, and can be mined with a stone pickaxe or better. When mined, it drops 1-4 Salt, which can be crafted into a Salt Rock by filling a 2x2 grid with Salt, or used as an ingredient in the Culinary Table.
    Part 2: The Culinary Table
    The Culinary Table is a new block that is used to craft new gourmet food. When right-clicked, it brings up a GUI with 3 inputs, a furnace-like bar for how long it will take, and the output. You must put in 3 ingredients, and if they are in the correct order and compatible, it will make a gourmet food. It requires no fuel, and is made similar to wooden slabs, but with sticks on the left and right of the bottom row.
    Part 3: The Butter Churn and Cheese
    The Butter Churn is another new block that is used to make Butter. You put in 1 bucket of milk in the input of the GUI, and as long as you are in a certain range of the Butter Churn, the progress bar will go up, and when finished will provide 1 Butter. Butter is another ingredient in the Culinary Table. You can also now make Cheese from Milk by putting a bucket of milk above salt on a 2x2 grid.
    Part 4: The boring list of new foods you can make (needs spoiler, not sure how to add)
    • Pork Sandwich (bread, cooked pork, bread)
    • Steak Sandwich (bread, steak, bread)
    • Chicken Sandwich (bread, cooked chicken, bread)
    • Mashed Potatos (butter, baked potato, salt)
    • Sweet Potatos (sugar, baked potato, sugar)
    • Carrot Soup (carrot, carrot, mushroom stew)
    • Meaty Stew (steak, pork, mushroom stew)
    • Bacon Strips (salt, salt, pork)
    • Beef Jerky (salt, salt, steak)
    • French Fries (baked potato, salt, salt)
    • Nether Cheesesteak (cheese, steak sandwich, cheese)
    • and many more!
    Part 5: Why Gourmet Food is Useful
    By this point in the post, you may be scratching your head and asking "Mooch, why is all this necessary?". Well, I'll tell you why- for buffs! Eating any gourmet food will give you a level 1 Gourmet buff, which lasts for 1.5 minutes. During the time when you have this buff, your food bar replenishes itself, but there is a catch- once the buff ends, it auto-triggers a hunger status, meaning it goes down more, to balance it out. Gourmet food made from other gourmet food (such as the Nether Cheesesteak) will give you higher levels of the Gourmet buff, but also cause a higher level hunger status.

    Hope you enjoyed this post, it's still a work in progress, but comment with feedback, and if you like the idea, upvotes would be appreciated!
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