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    posted a message on New SMP Server: Looking for new members, primarily smaller youtubers/streamers.

    Discord: MontyFly24#3499

    Minecraft IGN: MontyFly24

    Age and Gender: 16 and female

    I do have a Twitch account, but do not stream (although I am thinking about it so I’ll keep you posted on that)

    I play on survival SMPs but have been looking for one like DreamSMP for a while.

    I have played Minecraft for a good few years, on Xbox and have recently started on PC (but I did used to play on my laptop a long time ago)

    Timezone: I live in the UK so I believe the timezone is GMT?

    Im not entirely sure but if anything, I’m definitely better at building than PvP

    At the moment, I’m on half term, so pretty much everyday, but when school kicks in again, it will most likely be only Friday evenings and weekends.

    Im a little shy at first, so I may not be too talkative. Other than that, I am looking forward to this! I hope to hear from you soon.

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