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    posted a message on ReinCraft Server [Vanilla] [Whitelist]
    IGN: monkeypoop227
    Age: less than 18 but I'm mature
    Skype: xavier.pichou
    Youtube channel: monkeypoop227 but I do not have any videos up
    What will you bring to the server: a dedicated community player that plays often. I also like to build community building like mob farms and shops
    Best minecraft talent: building, redstone and I can eat 5 puffer-fish before vomiting :)
    Gender: male
    Time zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours (Eastern Canada, Eih!)
    Anything else you think is important about yourself: I love the mindcrack server and looking for that kind of experience, please message me if I'm exepted or not. Looking forward to playing with you guys!
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    posted a message on Looking for a vanilla white-listed server to play on
    I have been looking for a 100% vanilla, white-listed sever with a small community to play on. I'm a good builder and redstone-person and play casualy. I want a server with active members and NO plugins/mods that ruin the game for me. My IGN is monkeypoop227 . If you are interested in having a dedicated, non-griefer/hacker/noob/annoying-12-year-old, please message me ! I have no probleme with skyping/doing a coop on someones youtube channel.
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    posted a message on Whitelisted Vanilla Minecraft Server [MATURE] [16+] [No-Plugins]
    First name:Xavier (my nickname is just X)
    In Game Username:monkeypoop227
    Timezone (for event purposes): UTC/GMT -4 hours
    YouTube (required): I have a youtube account but I don't have any videos up... Yet. Its: monkeypoop227
    Skype (required): xavier.pichou
    What you are good at in Minecraft (Redstone, large builds…etc.): I know the game well and I'm a pretty good builder and redstoner!
    What do you enjoy most in Minecraft:I love building, figuring out redstone and making building/shops for the community. And I love ICE CREAM!
    How often you will be on: Pretty much all of my free time (a lot)
    Can you donate (even one donation is fantastic!): maybe, depends on the price and, of corse if you choose me
    Why you should be allowed on the server: because I would be active in the community and help poeple out. I have no problem skyping and/or coop-ing in someones recording. Please informe me on your descison! I look forwad to plying with you guys!
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    posted a message on Whitelisted 1.7.2 [nonbukkit] no plugins ~Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server~ Accepting Applications
    Might be a little late to aply but I have been looking for a server like this for a while. take this application as you wish but please message me with your decision.
    IGN: monkeypoop227
    Age: under 18 but I know the game well and I'm not a noob.
    Have you ever been banned?: No, I follow the rules and don't grief or anything.
    How often do you play?: Pretty much all of my free time, but I'm getting bored of single-player.
    Favorite thing in the game?: Building, caving and doing redstone. And just derping around
    Where are you from?: eastern/ antlatic Canada, so you can trust me with your beavers and maple surup, Eih!
    Skype: xaver.pichou

    Again I would like to say that I would be a great player to be on your server. I allredy have Ideas for shops, bases and fun stuff to do on your server. Please message me you thoughts and/ or anser on thisapplication!
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    posted a message on C-Craft [Vanilla] [Survival] [1.7.2] [Whitelist] [Accepting!]
    IGN:monkeypoop227 Age (I wont mark you down for being young): less than 18, not a noob thought.
    Reason for wanting to play (Why do you want to join this server?): To play vanilla survival minecraft with a community and not with any mods and or plugins.
    Strengths in Minecraft (What are you good at): I'm a good builder and redstoner and would love to play in this type of server!
    Time you can be on (Make an estimate): Most of my free time.
    TimeZone (If you don't know it, look it up):UTC -4 hours, I'm eastern Canadian, so you can trust me, EIH!

    How long have you been playing minecraft: for about 2 to 3 years
    What do you do most in minecraft?: Build, go caving and just have fun.
    What can you contribute to this server?: I love building stuff for people to use (XP farms, shops, etc...) and also be involved in the server community.
    Have you been banned before, if so, why?: I have never been banned, and I do not plan on being! I have been searching for a server like this for a long time and hope to join soon. please reply as soon as possible!
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    posted a message on Mindcrack style server....Great community
    1. Minecraft in game name: monkeypoop227
    2. Age: 14 (I dont have to be babysat tho)
    3. Gender: male
    4. Willing to skype with other players: Sure
    5. What mindcrack server expirience do you have: I watch Vintage Beef and Etho alot
    6.will you be able to take a joke or a prank: If its well thought of and not burning any thing I'm fine (and if I can prank back :) )
    7.can any one on the server reference you: I dont think so sadly
    8.why do you wish to join this server: I have been looking for a long time a survival community server to play on
    9.Will you be willing to record or help out the server in any way: I dont have equipement to record but I would not mind skyping someone who those for a colab and I will be active on the server
    10.what kind of plans do you have for this server: I like to build stuff for other people (like games and what not) and build big bases for miself, I am a adaquite redstoner (not an Etho tho). and I like just goofing around with other poeple
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    posted a message on Revolution Vanilla Survival [Whitelist]
    Me and my friend would like to join your server, we play casully and are user names are ''monkeypoop227'' and ''niccyr''. JUst looking for a place to build and not get griefed 24/7.
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