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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    BOOOOM!!!: kill 5 enemys with a single TNT exsplotion
    Monster Slayer: Kill 100 enemys
    The Undead Can Not Rise: Destoryed a Zombie Spawner
    Necromancers Nightmare: Destoryed a Skeliton Spawner
    Like Money Spiders Now: Destoryed a Spider Spawner
    Can't Go Boom In The Night: Destoryed a Crepper Spawner ( i don't know if there is a Crepper spawner but who knows )
    Moon Walker: Walk 50 Blocks Backwords
    I can stay here for now: Servive a Night (Ingame)
    Welcome To MineCraft: Start A New Game
    Can't Touch This: Servive a night with out taking Damage of anykind
    Now All I Need Is A Gun: Have 25 GunPowder in Inventory
    Like The 4th July: Blow Up 5 Blocks Of TNT At The Same Time
    Man I Need A Day Job: Have 5 Hours of Total Game Play
    Working 9-5: Play Mine Craft at 9am and Exit at 5 Pm
    Enough to tack out a army: Have 64 Arrows in inventory
    Winter Wonderland: Start in a Snow Area
    Lets Make a Iglo: have 64 Snow Blocks in Inventory
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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    Check this list of achevments hope you like them:

    First Meal Of The Day : Cook 1 of any food
    Rookie Chef: Cook 10 of any food
    Expert Chef: CooK 25 of any food
    Master Chef: Cook 50 of any food
    OH SNAP!!!: Get Killed By Your Own TNT Exsplosion
    Kill All S.O.B's : kill 25 Zombies
    Not Creeping Anymore: Kill 25 Creepers
    Bag Of Bones: Kill 25 Skelitons
    The 8 Legged Freaks Are No More: Kill 25 Spiders
    Diamond FTW!!!: mine a block of Diamond
    Swords Man: kill 5 enemys with the sword
    Blade master: kill 15 enemys with the sword
    Bow Man: Kill 5 ememys with the Bow
    Be The Arrow: Kill 15 enemys with the Bow
    For The Sake Of Having One: make a Gold Sword
    Almost like Excaliber: Make a Diamond Sword
    I Need a Better Pick: Break 25 Pick Axe's
    Who Needs A Combine Harvister : Have 100 Wheat in your inventory
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    posted a message on Idea on Lights
    yeah i ment Bulbs i type fast so some times i don't see mistakes in my writing.
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    posted a message on Idea on Lights
    Hi, as you may know Notch will prob change tourchs in a later update so they will burn out after sometime. so i think what about light bulbs. i know i am gonna get some smart person telling me no it will not work but hear me out. it could work because to craft a light bold you could have glass in one square and steel under the glass or glass then red stone dust and then steel.

    it could also allow use for the Leaver or Stone Button Besides opening doors and setting of TNT from a distance. i know that it would prob tack some time to find Red stone dust to make a wire system or the fact that it would tack so many lightbolds to light up a Cave but just tack it into consideration. Thanks if you like the idea
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