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    Genetic Animals: Animal realism and breeding improvement mod for 1.14
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    This mod is obviously still in development but its 100% playable in survival.

    Every animal in the mod has lots and lots of genes! the genes determine the animal's shape, colour, patterning, their size, how much weight they can carry, what colour eggs they lay, how much meat, wool, leather, or milk they make. When you breed two animals together their babies get half of the genes of one parent and half from the other, so as long as they are the same species they can breed, and their offspring will look a little like both parents.

    Animals also graze on grass starting with tall grass and working their way down to dirt, This is how they grow wool, make eggs, produce milk, maintain pregnancies, and grow from a child to an adult. But you can hand feed them or feed them Unbound Hay Blocks if you'd rather them not eat the grass.

    Cows, Mooshroom, and Sheep make milk but they will not produce until after they have had a baby. Most animals have a 1 or 2 day pregnancy and once the pregnancy is half done the Cow, Mooshroom or Sheep will develop udders. Then once the baby is born the animal will have a full udder, for Sheep this is one bucket and for Cows this is between five and one buckets of milk, They can replenish this amount in one minecraft day if well fed. Lambs and Calves will consume some of the milk over time to grow, in the future this will be how young babies are fed exclusively. If the Cow or Sheep goes unmilked by you or a baby for too long they will eventually stop making milk. Mooshrooms make their soup out of milk, you can get between two and ten bowls of mushroom soup per day if well fed and collecting the mushroom soup will help keep them in milk.

    In the future they will have many more characteristics that will be determined by genes such as:

    • Personality types from fearful and/or aggressive to playful and/or docile.
    • Preferred foods and favorite foods.
    • Odd quirks to their behavior.
    • Egg production rates
    • Speed (for all animals) and gate (for horses&mules)

    We are also looking at adding more atmospheric AI such as (but not limited to):

    • Sleeping
    • Playing (and sparing)
    • Nursing
    • Dust bathing
    • Herd/pack/flock behaviors
    • Eating movements for the head and mouth

    We will also be adding Horses, Donkeys, Mules/Hinnies, Cats, Dogs, Foxes and Bees. Before then we are finishing some new stuff to make it easier to make lots of model shapes, more intricate types of texture layering, and working out the kinks in our AI.

    Now to have a look at the animals currently in the mod!

    Assorted Wild chickens! Plains Chickens come in classic white usually but I snagged these from a near by biome. They love all seeds (which is still how you breed them) but they will also eat berries, grass, wheat, dandelions, bread, and tasty spider's eye. Chickens unlike the other animals only hatch from eggs. Baby chicks will grow up after two and a half days if fed well.

    Assorted Chickens

    This is a flock of wild sheep gathered up from the plains, as you can see sheep can be polled(no horns), horned, or even have multiple horns. They can also be dyed like normal sheep but black sheep only become tinted colors and so only drop black wool even when dyed. Sheep make up to a whole bucket of milk per day, which is useful for when you need to feed orphan animals including kittens, puppies and foxes. Sheep love to eat hay and wheat, but also like grass, vines, pumpkin, melon, carrots, roses, dandelions, apples, and sugar. After two days of pregnancy Sheep usually have one to three lambs at a time which drink the milk the sheep makes. Lambs will grow up after three days if they are fed well.

    A few sheep gathered from the plains

    These are some rabbits enjoying some hay which helps to keep the grass green, As you can see in this picture there are dwarf rabbits, lionhead rabbits, and lots of colours of which you are only seeing a few. The angora rabbit can be sheared for white wool if it has enough food to eat and smaller rabbits make less meat. Rabbits love to eat dandelions and carrots but also like grass, roses and berries. Rabbits take just one day to gestate and they can have from one to twelve kits depending on the mother's size! Kits take two days to grow into adults like their parents.


    This is a pair of wild pigs, pigs unlike the other livestock animals pigs are neutral and will attack you if you attack first, half of all pigs have tusks which will give them higher attack so be careful. They also are much rougher on the pasture than your other animals and will turn up the dirt looking for food, its very messy but makes for great farmland. Pigs love carrots, beetroot and potato but they also like cooked meats and fish, grass, melon, pumpkin, hay, wheat, apples, brown mushrooms, oak and dark oak saplings, bread, and whole buckets of milk, they will even eat rotten flesh. Pigs take just two days to have piglets and they can give birth to as many as 14! Piglets will become adults after two and a half days.

    One without tusks and one with

    Llamas come in lots of colours, sizes, and even have different face shapes! Some llamas even have long wool that can be sheared. Lamas can be bred for better stats in attacking and carrying items, llamas benefit from hybrid vigor in the case of stats. To equip llamas with chests and breed them you have to tame them first, in the future this system will be a bit different. Llamas love hay only, but they also eat wheat, carrots, sugarcane, beetroot, and grass. Lamas are pregnant for two days and take five whole days to grow to an adult if well fed.

    Assorted Llamas

    This is a herd of interesting cows that have been gathered together, as you can see they come in a wide range of sizes and can also be dwarf. They have lots of colours and its rare to see matching spots. Cows are usually horned but can also be polled (hornless). The bigger the cow the more meat or leather they drop and the more milk they can make, however the thinner bodied cows make the most milk and the fatter looking cows make more meat. Some cows will drop more leather and less meat and visa versa. A top milk producing cow can make five buckets of milk which is handy if you need to bottle feed orphan sheep, pigs, mooshrooms, or even other calves but not kittens, puppies or foxes as it is bad for them. Cows love hay and wheat, but they also like melons, pumpkins, grasses, oak leaves, vines, carrots, apples, and sugar. Cows are pregnant for two days and their calf grows up in three and a half days.

    Herd of cows

    Mooshrooms are exactly like cows only they are infected by either red or brown mushrooms! Mooshrooms also have the ability to graze on mycelium and mushrooms. When struck by lightning mooshrooms can change from red to brown and from brown to red. Brown mooshrooms can be milked for suspicious stew if they have been fed flowers and otherwise make mushroom soup like the red mooshrooms. Mooshrooms can make 2 bowls of soup or stew for every bucket of milk they can make.

    Some mooshrooms

    Using the random genes in the wild you can selectively breed your animals for characteristics you like and to create real life breeds, here are some examples of chicken breeds created in the mod:

    Chicken Breed Exxamples

    We've added two items to help with preventing your animals from eating up all the grass and making things look terrible. Unbound Hay, and Sparse Grass.

    Unbound Hay is created when you right click on a Hay Block with a sharp tool, eat can be eaten from 9 times before it disappears, If you harvest it it drops however many pieces of wheat are left in the block. Its also effected by gravity so you can stack your hay for longer feeding times, and dont worry, the hay wont cause suffocation if it falls on you or the animals but it does take a little while to climb out. Make sure you dont leave your hay out in the rain, the wet deteriorates the hay and it falls apart slowly.

    Unbound hay and how to make it

    Sparse grass is only created when an animal eats a grass block, it turns back into grass faster than dirt and can also spread to near by dirt blocks. Its also consumable by animals helping to prevent dirt blocks just a little longer (unless you have pigs).

    Sparse grass

    We've also added perches for chickens called Posts. When it gets dark chickens will attempt to perch on one for sleep, but minecraft chickens are bad flyers so they will need some help climbing up. They come in all shades of vanilla wood and are crafted with three matching slabs placed in a horizontal or vertical line.


    Because chicken eggs are laid in 14 colours we added an egg carton container to hold them. Egg cartons are made from 2 paper and will hold up to 16 eggs even when in your inventory. We are working on adding more features to them so you can use it in your inventory similarly to a stack of eggs. They do everything a shulker box can do but only hold eggs, useful for farming automations.

    Genetic Animals: Animal realism and breeding improvement mod for 1.14
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    Dude, host your images on imgur. Everything you had up is gone.

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    Just keep in mind its still very early in development, so i will be a while before the horses are even started on. But it will be added eventually.

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