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    I am a bit of a noob with redstone but managed to cobble together an item collection system that uses a single minecart line. It runs in a loop with side stations for unloading. Any number of minecarts can run on it depending on expected number of drops to be collected preventing loss. The number of unloader stations is also tileable - you can add as many unloaders as minecarts to ensure smooth operation.

    I had a big challenge (for my level of redstone...): I had to make sure minecarts don't meet at any point to avoid issues.

    I had to resolve the following issues:

    - I had to make sure that when a minecart is nearing a station it will only go in when there is any stock in it: I installed comperators that switch the track

    - I had to make sure that when a station is occupied no other minecart goes in: occupied stations lock their in/out rail in exit position

    - I had to make sure that when a minecart is released from the station it does not block any other carts running on the loop: I installed fence gates to block exit until coming cart passes

    For all the different kind of solutions I came up with for the different kind of problems, eventually I ended up with a bit bulky and very much spaghetti redstone (see below pic)

    I was wondering if anyone has a similar system using the same principle (single rail line, line multiple minecarts, tileable) that is less of a mess. I would like to build this in my survival world - I have tried to design this for my top of the nether gold farm as it has so many drops in a so little area that I keep loosing a lot of it as minecarts are always full - hence the need for multiple minecarts on a single rail line...

    I tried fast unloaders but I thought it would be cool to come up with this tileable design.

    It works as much as I can tell but I did not try it in survival yet...

    Thanks for any replies

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