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    posted a message on [1.3.1 or Higher] The M3C (Moety's Map Making Company)
    Hey guys! I decided to make a Company called the M3C! (Moety's Map Making Company) This company is for People who Want to make maps with other people or talk about maps and Ideas! The current people Involved in the Company are:

    Moety5 =(Me) Head-Map Maker
    Forceguy = Co-Map maker
    Kiddfunction13 = Head Plotter
    Captinfuzzy = Red stone Mechanic
    Minyin3 = Co-Plotter
    Joker1kf3 = Plotter
    Dimamansell = Builder
    Evobrian = Plotter

    That's Pretty much it. I'm currently Looking for people to join the M3C. However, You must fill out an application which may be posted bellow or Private messaged to me.

    The Application should be in a form like this:

    Maturity level: (1-10)
    Skype user: (You don't need 1, but it will help you join if you do)
    Map making specialty: (Builder, Plotter, Etc)
    The # of times your on minecraft a week: (We don't want people who are only on once a month -_- )
    How long your on minecraft a day?: (In hours)

    Copy and paste the application in your post or message if you want to join! Remember, were looking for

    If your looking for pictures if the M3C, Here it is!

    Like the texture pack in the pictures? (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU GET THE TEXTURE PACK)

    Want the map??? Wanna see the M3C in first person? Go ahead! Its not like our DIARY's are There! Especially on the TOP FLOOR!;)

    M3C: https://dl.dropbox.c...ery Compony.rar

    Don't know how to install?

    Well do this:

    Extract the folder in the rar file to your desktop! (Or your documents or whatever, as long as you know where you extracted to)
    Take the folder you extracted to your .minecraft folder. (can be found typing %appdata% in start or run program)
    go to the folder that says saves after clicking the .minecraft folder.
    Take the folder in the rar and drag it into your saves!
    5. Play the map and ENJOY!

    So thats it! If you wanna join, follow the application and this post it here on this page OR you can message me!

    Since we are a company, we have our own website! Check it out here!

    Support us by using this banner =D

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