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    posted a message on [1.4.5] revenge of steve map (NEED CUSTOM NPC MOD)
    Not bad... But I feel The map could use more Ironing out. I could Help you If you want/need it. Just PM me about it.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1 or Higher] The M3C (Moety's Map Making Company)
    Hey guys! I decided to make a Company called the M3C! (Moety's Map Making Company) This company is for People who Want to make maps with other people or talk about maps and Ideas! The current people Involved in the Company are:

    Moety5 =(Me) Head-Map Maker
    Forceguy = Co-Map maker
    Kiddfunction13 = Head Plotter
    Captinfuzzy = Red stone Mechanic
    Minyin3 = Co-Plotter
    Joker1kf3 = Plotter
    Dimamansell = Builder
    Evobrian = Plotter

    That's Pretty much it. I'm currently Looking for people to join the M3C. However, You must fill out an application which may be posted bellow or Private messaged to me.

    The Application should be in a form like this:

    Maturity level: (1-10)
    Skype user: (You don't need 1, but it will help you join if you do)
    Map making specialty: (Builder, Plotter, Etc)
    The # of times your on minecraft a week: (We don't want people who are only on once a month -_- )
    How long your on minecraft a day?: (In hours)

    Copy and paste the application in your post or message if you want to join! Remember, were looking for

    If your looking for pictures if the M3C, Here it is!

    Like the texture pack in the pictures? (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU GET THE TEXTURE PACK)

    Want the map??? Wanna see the M3C in first person? Go ahead! Its not like our DIARY's are There! Especially on the TOP FLOOR!;)

    M3C: https://dl.dropbox.c...ery Compony.rar

    Don't know how to install?

    Well do this:

    Extract the folder in the rar file to your desktop! (Or your documents or whatever, as long as you know where you extracted to)
    Take the folder you extracted to your .minecraft folder. (can be found typing %appdata% in start or run program)
    go to the folder that says saves after clicking the .minecraft folder.
    Take the folder in the rar and drag it into your saves!
    5. Play the map and ENJOY!

    So thats it! If you wanna join, follow the application and this post it here on this page OR you can message me!

    Since we are a company, we have our own website! Check it out here!

    Support us by using this banner =D

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    posted a message on [PAUSED] Kingdom Argon
    Quote from PyroPoob

    Wow this looks so fun! I would download but im not into singleplayer that much, An improvement would be that you could make a huge abandoned castle in the nether and it is filled with goodies. Although its still such an amazing mod/world!

    WELL, I would add the nether castle and all but I JUST FINISHED IT! I spent half the day on it! Im gonna update the post when my buddy Forceguy is ONLINE! :D
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    posted a message on [PAUSED] Kingdom Argon
    Quote from Artemis10000

    Awww.. I really want to download this map, but my minecraft somehow does not accept mods (I tried 50 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Well maybe you can't download mods is because your downloading the wrong versions of the mod. Not to mention that certain mods need ANOTHER mod in order to work such as modloader, which you need the correct version for. (The correct version of minecraft is 1.2.5 if you didn't know ;) )
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    posted a message on [PAUSED] Kingdom Argon
    Quote from MrBerlinCraft

    Hey, im a fan of RPG free roam maps, they are cool, I also do youtube, SO, I was wondering if I could get a beta test of each Version and make a video of me playing through it? If possible, mabye a little bit of a secret room in it? Please contact me on youtube or on here if I could do this for you! This sounds amazing and I cant wait to see, even possible, I make small skins and I could make some skins for your bosses?

    Please contact back!

    Hmm, I can send you the map without the NPC's because the only thing really stopping me ARE the NPC's which are a pain to add. ESPECIALLY if you have like 30 of them with certain dialogs and text.
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    posted a message on [RPG] [ADV] [PUZ] [PARK] *Imperial Regions* (Pictures Uploaded)(An Open World RPG map, with NPC's that give quests.
    Very Very impressive map! I would be very pleased If i could Help You! This map sounds good, but I wanna see some pics bro!
    This is the link to my map! I think you might find it interesting!

    My Map! http://www.minecraft...__fromsearch__1

    Its not done But Definitely in the making!
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    posted a message on [PAUSED] Kingdom Argon
    Quote from Spikycat

    This looks really cool! You should totally keep working on this! It would be awesome when it's done. Good luck!
    Oh, and for ideas, You could make a quest with the dialogue thing, that tells you to go attack a small bandit camp, and at the bandit camp, there would be like a prisoner, and you could make him an item giver so he would give you some coins for rescuing him. That's just a weird idea though, I wouldn't be surprised if you ignore this comment, haha.

    Good luck!... Again...
    Not a bad idea! as a matter of fact, I think I will put this idea in! it might be a side quest though if that's Okay with you. Thanks for you opinion! I can also send betas to you if you'd like! ^_^
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    posted a message on [PAUSED] Kingdom Argon
    Okay, Kingdom Argon's construction will be paused because of several reasons.

    1. My server No longer functions properly. Therefore Me and Forceguy cannot work together.

    2. After my server broke, Forceguy made his own. However, he... Vanished.

    3. Since Forceguy's Disappearance, I have to remake the map in my single player world.

    Now I know some of you guys are becoming very impatient or Disappointed. So, thats why I'm pausing this map. Pause? Yes, Pause. I'm not stopping Kingdom Argon, I'll get to it... Eventually. Anyway, I'm working on a new map called Divanation. Now You guys may have a few questions already, however, I am not gonna release the post until It is COMPLETED. The mods that are REQUIRED are:

    Custom NPCs mod

    Divine RPG

    The map can be played with just those 2 mods. But if you want some extra features or improved game play, then the mods you can use to unlock them are:

    Animal Bikes(For faster movement on land/sea)

    Rei's Minimap(Birds eye view of cities and routes. North, West, East and South are also shown)

    Optifine(Reduces lag and increases frame rate)

    All REQUIRED and OPTIONAL mods require Minecraft Forge. Except for optifine, but It works with forge too. Forge NEEDS to be installed before any other mod. Also, All the mods listed above ARE compatible with each other. Just remember to follow each mods instructions for installation when the map is out. I will continue Kingdom Argon once I finish Divanation. Kingdom Argon will then be a Sequel to Divanation, In other words, A part 2. So Thanks for reading this. Sorry about the inconvenience, though I hope you guys look forward to Divanation!


    How it Started:
    I have been trying countless mods and maps in minecraft. They were all good but I need a more RP feeling.The maps were adventure and survival. The mods were used to add more life to minecraft. I then decided to manipulate the two! A minecraft map with a mod installed! I know i'm not the first to do this but It feels like the maps could use a little boost with the mods. The map I'm in the process of making is called...

    KINGDOM ARGON! v 0.6!

    Follow this topic so you can receive the latest updates to this post!

    I have decided to skip the nether because Every time I go there, There's a new nether map. It got annoying and I couldn't stop the construction of Kingdom argon, So I had to do what was best and decided to leave the nether out of Kingdom Argon. That means I destroyed all nether portals and deleted nether pictures. This way I don't have to deal with the stress of building a new nether over and over!


    The story:
    Kingdom Argon is about how a child (you) becomes a great warrior. You are told you are born destined for greatness. You fight your way to stop the evil intentions of the AC (Assassins Clan) and conquer their 6 bases.

    Old Pictures!:

    As you can see in the pictures, The map has a castle and shops and villages!

    (I only showed 2 because I still didn't get the 3rd boss's Texture)

    The Griefed Herobrine Bridge!

    Demor City's Town Hall!

    And some More Secrets...


    1 Of the side quest

    Tree top Village!

    A sky Ruin!


    Exchange from 64 gold coins for 1 diamond coin and 1 diamond coin for 64 gold coins!
    A castle in your own village!
    Missions and quest!
    Mini boss battles and Full on Boss battles!

    Second city!
    2 AC bases!
    1 new side quest!
    3 AC Bosses

    Demor City
    Herobrine's Bridge
    Herobrine's Peek
    Cave of Forbidden

    Survival in the Cave of Forbidden
    Huge Story plot
    Herobrine as 1 of the prime foes
    More Cities!
    3rd AC Base
    AC HQ
    The Wizard Side Quest!
    ALL NPC's will be removed and added when 90% of Kingdom Argon is complete!

    0.6 CONTAIN:
    No more nether!
    Tree top Village!
    Side quest! (2 added)
    The sky express! (Just skips the nether and goes to Tree top village and Mistic City by mine cart!)
    AC base 6! (The final AC base!)

    The Trailer for Kingdom Argon!

    Kingdom Argon is
    Currently PAUSED because of issues...

    This is the link to the custom NPC mod made by noppes!(Thank noppes for the mod!)

    You may have notice the WE I put! Yes, that means I am now working with A partner! His user for minecraft is Forceguy!

    I would try to update as much as Possible! And also make sure to check In daily because I might add something!

    I want this map to be the players map! Tell me what you want to this map, I just might add it!

    It would really help motivate me if any body with a youtube channel went to this link and subscribed to me.


    ALSO, Here is my website, Register and you can contact me and stuff


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